Happy New Year

Want to wish all who are reading this a happy new year. I'm heading out the door to shoot off some fireworks purchased at the local grocery store . Dang, you got to love Germany. Where else can you pick up turkey breast, dish soap, Swiss chocolate, and a two and a half foot Roman candle that shoots 210 shots in 45 seconds?

Well, pyromania is calling, plus it is almost midnight here.

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Home Shopping Bloopers

I remember a few years ago a friend and I were watching one of those home shopping networks, out of pure boredom, and the lady could not get an electric train set to work. She even derailed it a couple times while on the air. Now that was nothing compared to this ladder fall. I know it is an older clip, but I still find it somewhat funny.

Currently listening to: MTV's 22 Years of Video marathon - So far I've seen U2, MC Hammer, Bobby McFerrin, and right now "Luka" by Susan Vega.

What Would I Do Next?

You know it is funny, occasionally people ask me what I would do if I returned to the United States, or what I'm planning on doing next. It is almost like they don't expect me to stay long, although with the turn over rate in missions I can understand. But still, it is a little odd at times.

I've often said that I would probably find a job outside of the "professional Christian" industry. I might find some used CD store to work at for a while, try my luck at stand up comedy, or might even get back into radio. The question has always been what kind of radio might I return. Well, recently I read of a pioneer in radio that I think would be fun to work for. This guy found a nitch and ran with it. Check it out.

Also check out their collection of signs, including this one.

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About Time For A New Christmas Hit

Ok, I've talked about German television from time to time on this little blog. Well, tonight's little rant is about how one song from 20 years ago appears to be the most popular Christmas song. Even five days after Christmas, I have seen the video, not once, but twice in the span of ten minutes - although it was on two different channels. But come on, they don't even play the new Outkast or Black Eyed Peas' songs that much, and they are only about a month old at best.

What song is this you ask. Well, Andrew Ridgeley and his band mate tell the sad tale of how they gave their heart away on Christmas, only to be broken hearted on Boxing Day. For those who were not around in the 80's (or Europe every Christmas since) the song is Last Christmas by Wham. Not a bad tune, but come on, there has to be better Christmas tunes from the last five years at least that could be overplayed.

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Excited For A Moment

Well, I was shocked when I read the headline "German Firefighters Rescue Flock of Seagulls," but when I read the article I found out that some crazy haired guys singing "I Ran" were no where to be seen. Oh well.

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Those Crazy Missionary Kids

I've worked for six years now with what some call Missionary Kids, and others call them Third Culture Kids. I just call them what ever their parents named them at birth, except a couple that have cool nicknames. Well, if you don't know much about "missionary kids," they are youth that put their pants just like normal kids, but they live in a culture that is different that their passport country. See mom and dad moved to a foreign country to serve God, and either took them with them, or had them while they were there.

Often I am asked if the students are ever bitter about this. I usually respond by saying that some are, some are not. But then again I know just as many kids who were not happy in the fact that their parents raised them in Corn, Oklahoma, Tremont, Illinois, or Republic, Michigan. Heck, no kid gets to pick where they live as a child (except maybe child actors - but see the below blog entry for more on those.) Well, finally some of those missionary kids are doing something about it. As one who has many friends who were raised in foreign countries, I found this article very funny. So enjoy. While you are at Lark News be sure to check out some of their other "news" reports as well. You'll be glad you did.

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If It Hasn't Gone Too Far Already......

I've often wondered when the stupid lawsuits will end, and if there will ever be one that just pushes it too far. Well, I would think that a two year old suing for injuries on a playground might be that case. Come on, for goodness sake, a two year old is supposed to get injured playing from time to time. That is what band-aids are for. If these parents really want to cash in on their child, they should create a room in their home with no sharp objects, only purified oxygen pumped into it, and a healthy, yet not extravagant amount of sunshine provided. They could keep their child (or as I might guess they call him "sugarbaby") until they take him out to audition, so they don't have to have real jobs.

Part of me does hope they win a little cash, as their child will be needing some money to pay for therapy and bail money down the road.

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Free Money?

Hey, I'm as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to free money, but the people over at Save Karyn claim that if you sign up for an INGdirect account you can get $25, if you have been referred by someone. And that person gets $10 for referring you. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. In fact, so far, it appears to work. So if you are looking for a couple extra bucks for Christmas email me at webmaster at my website.

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Who Knew The Man Could Run, Hide, and Update His Weblog? ...until now

Unless the Geneva Convention allows for wireless access, I guess Saddam's Cyber Palace will not be seeing much activity soon. Well, I guess he had some fun posting his thought while it lasted.

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Saddam Captured

Well, I'm assuming that you have heard the news by now, but I' still want to know what was Saddam doing in Montana? And for the record, this puts him in third place in the Global Hide and Seek competion. The top prize is still in a dead heat between Osamma and D.B Cooper.

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Way To Go Oprah

You know, she could have had the Police, Toad The Wet Sproket, or I would have even settled for the Monkees, but why did she have to have the Backstreet Boys on her show? They are now saying that it was partially due to that experience that they are working on their next album. Hey, if she can get those guys back together, why don't we send her to the Middle East, Northern Ireland, the India/Pakistan boarder, or anywhere else there is strife in the world, and let her use her reunification powers for good, not to help bring about more cheesy pop songs. Just my $0.02.

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Christian Music

I think by now, most people who visit this site know that I have some respect for some artists, and not so much for others. While I once worked in the CCM world, I never fully embraced it. I prefer artists who are making stands for their convictions, not selling them on bracelets. I could go on, but I found another blogger who says it pretty well. Plus he recommends some artists who I fully recommend.

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Max Headroom Had Nothing On This Guy

Ok, I came across the coolest thing tonight. It is a virtual person who will say what ever you type. So I've been playing with it by typing in various song lyrics. Might I suggest one of the following songs.
1. Rappers Delight by Sugar Hill Gang
2. Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) by Scatman
3. We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel

I'm telling you this is too funny. That and I need to get out more.

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Here are the old comments.

Why I've Kept the Facial Hair

You know some people have wondered why I don't shave off my facial hair that often, and I flip flop between a goatee and beard from time to time. Is it because it is a styling look? Could it be that I'm just too lazy and those extra minutes of time could be used sleeping? Or perhaps I think the ladies dig it? No, no and no, the real reason is because Big Brother is watching. Yep, there are people out there tracking us men to see what we looking like and how often we purchase shaving equipment. So I have decided to do something about my privacy and let my facial hair grow.

Actually, it probably is more because of the lazy aspect. But the Big Brother thing makes you wonder. What you wonder is up to you.

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What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down?

Hey folks, as one who's work is based partially online, I often wonder what I would do if there was no internet. Often I actually secretly wish that the internet would self implode so we could go back to a more personal way of life. What ever your take on the whole thing, as one who uses the internet (and I know you do, don't ask me how I know) you should copy these tips on what to do if the internet should crash.

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Toys Selling Movies, Movies Selling Burgers, Burgers Selling Toys....

Ok, one of the perks of living overseas, is that the commercial tie ins with movies is not that big of a deal. Although I think part of it is that there is not a McDonalds or Buger King every twenty feet hocking some movie toy surprise in their meals. But as I surf the web from time to time, and find things like this I wonder if some of the merchandising has gone too far. Especially when there are already action figures from Lord of the Rings, do you need to get these too?

Currently watching: Wetten Dass? - one of my favorite German television shows. Tonights guests - Elijah Wood, Ozzy and Kelly Ozbourne, and Katarina Witt, and Kylie Minogue - plus lots of stupid stunts and contests.


Did We Have To Import It All

Ok, I have a problem with bumper sticker theology. What is that you ask? It is when people think that a cleverly worded bumper sticker can save the soul of some guy stuck behind them in traffic. I have yet to hear a case where this has occurred. Usually it just shows the other drivers, that the idiot that cut them off also goes to church.

Well, now it appears that these stickers are not just all over America. No we had to export them. And they are not working in the powerful ways some might have expected.

So here is my idea. Take the sticker off your SUV, car, or Big Wheel, and just live out your faith before those who don't believe. Give it a try and see what happens. Plus you won't feel as guilty speeding and cutting people off.

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The Godfather in Germany

Toinght as I was flipping channels, after seeing enough boxing for the week, I discovered that the Godfather of Soul, James Brown was performing on on of popular German talk shows. He was performing Sex Machine and I Feel Good. And even though when I started watching watching he was performing sitting down (he is 70, and is only second to Elvis for number one hits, so give him a break), he did get up and do some of his signature dancing moves.

The kicker is that right after he was done, they showed some clip of a some sci-fi festival with someone dressed up as Gallium.

Again proving that German television is so cool and bizzare. Reminds me of when I saw Lenny Kravitz and Dustin Hoffman performing a duet one night.

Just thought you might like to know.

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Safety First

If there is one thing I love it is a good safety video. And there is nothing better than a German forklift safety video. Even if you don't understand what they are saying, I think you will think twice before getting behind the contols of a forklift again. Watch it for your sake, and your coworkers.

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Hymns V. Worship Music

I like to check out other people's blogs to see what they are writing. I came across one girl's take on worship music, and had to agree. Check it out.

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Innocent or Guilty, Who Cares?

Well, I don't know what kind of a media circus is going on in the states, but I do know that while bombs were going off in Turkey, CNN broke away to cover "Breaking News" regarding Michael Jackson. Over here in Europe all I've seen is a few news clips, most showing various people standing outside Neverland Ranch offering support for MJ. I did read one good take on it.

Now, as a fan of the music of the 80's, I have to admit that I own some of his music. As a human, I hope the truth comes out. As a person of the world, I wish the news would not put some much time regarding this issue.

But if you want my two cents, guilty or not, I do wonder about the parents who drop their kids off at Neverland Ranch for Michael Jackson's day care, including the mom in this story. (Also check out the photo for a good laugh) I'd bet if Charles Manson were set free, there would be parents letting their kids hang out at his place if he owned a small zoo.

I do find it funny that I've heard more of his music on the radio over here in Germany lately. Some of the lyrics take on different meanings in light of it all, like "tell them that it's human nature." Also ironic in the whole thing... on his newest album is a song written by R. Kelly.

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We hear the playback and it seems so long ago

OK, you 80s lovers out there (those who love the eighties like me, not 80 year old..., well you get the point.) You need to swing on over and check
out this 80's music quiz. I scored an 89, but I think I should have gotten about five more points, as I put an "s" on a couple answers. So be specific. Good luck, and let me know what your score is.

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You Are Getting Sleepy

OK, sometimes you hear (or read) something that you just can't believe is possible. Well, there is a guy out there who claims that he can hypnotize you over the internet. Well, I checked it out, and I can only say, it is worth a visit. Even if it only to read about him, while you hear him talk. So turn up the sound, and let the good doctor put you under.

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Surfing The Midwest

As one who learned to ski in Iowa, I was not totally surprised to read this article about Surfing in Sheboygan, but it still is rather funny. First of all, yes, I said that right, I learned to ski on a valley between a bunch of farms in Iowa. Needless to say, I've come a long way, as I've been known to ski between some farms in Switzerland, but they are seperated by Alps.

But getting back to the story, there is a group of people who feel that Wisconsin provides a good place to catch some surfing. And I'm not talking about surfing the internet, but the waves of Lake Michigan. Think I've got another reason to visit my sister, so see all those people frozen to a surf board crashing up on the shores of Wisconsin.

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Hell Is Breaking Loose Tonight

Alright folks, toinght on the Wheaton College campus students will be attending a dance!!! Yep, you heard it. After 143 years of no dancing, they will be dancing, and oh how will they dance.

Now go read the article real quick and answer me one of my questions
1. It mentions "sinfully erotic or harmfully violent" dancing. I question is there a way to dance in a non-sinfully erotic way? That and how many mosh pits break out at a swing dance?
2. Also what is with the phrase "ready to deal with the real world," especially with the links to real world stuff? Are they getting the students ready for an MTV show that should have been stopped a few years ago?

Well, if any of my Wheaton friends are reading this, drop me a line or leave a comment to let me know how the dance went. Were you a wallflower, or did you shake your grove thang? And did they play the YMCA?

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I'd Hate To Have This Title

Ok, just a couple weeks ago Mitoyo Kawate was declared the world's oldest person. You have to know that is a title someone can hold on to too long. Needless to say Ura Koyama is now the world's oldest person, for now. I continue to search for a way to get into the Guinness World Records, and be able to enjoy my success for more than a month.

Currently listening to: The Best of David Hasselhoff Video Collection. No joke, if you have not seen any of his videos, you must get your hands on this tape. It is so stupid - it is funny.

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A Single Person's Identity

As yet another person has made some comment that I should consider getting married, I thought I would track down this article from John Fischer, an author who I admire. It is called A Single Person's Identity. Check it out. You might also want to check out one of his many books, like Fearless Faith: Living Beyond the Walls of Safe Christianity, 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (Like Me), Real Christians Don't Dance or Saint Ben/ the Saints and Angels Song. You will not be disappointed.

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Down Here It Is Our Time

It could be a happy day for fans of classic 80's movies. According to the news, Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg are working on Goonies 2. And it looks like they will be reuniting the whole crew. Heck, I'd almost camp out for tickets to the opening for this film.

Now if they could only make quality sequel to these other fine 80's films: The Last Starfighter, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Red Dawn.

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Light The Fire In My Heart Again.....

That phrase is alright in a praise song, but just don't light the fire in my apartment again. See last week I had a small fire in my bedroom due to a candle that got out of control. It caused very little damage, basically just some nasty smoke and melted my record player, which it was sitting on. The big loss was my 77's self-titled record from 1987, and a tape by a central Illinois based band named Rope. (If anyone has a copy of either they would like to give up, you know who to contact.) The plus side of the whole ordeal is that my room now looks cleaner than it has in a long time.

Needless to say, tonight I warn you to be careful with fire. And kids, keep the vinyl far away from it, as it melts quickly.

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Seen One, Seen Them All

Ok, since the invention of email, I think there is are several things that this single guy has found rather annoying. Besides the everyday things like spam, I have on my list of annoying things the photos of babies of friends. Don't get me wrong, I really like my friends. And I am excited about them having a child. But as a single guy, I'm not that concerned about what the child looks like minutes after birth. To me, they all look pretty much the same. Also, I can say without much shock to many that weight and length of the child don't mean much to me either. Just give me the date of birth, the name of the child, gender (if it can't be determined by name), and the health status, if it is something that is of concern.

Speaking of babies, here is a really cool story of twins born during Daylight Savings Time. So technically one is older than the other, but not really. Wrap your head around that one.

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Naked Chef Meets The Queen

Recently the Naked Chef received a royal honor. Don't worry, I'm not promoting anything sketchy, but if you haven't seen the Naked Chef or Jamie Oliver's other shows, you are truely missing out. This guy not only can cook, but he is actually quite funny. I've found myself watching this show just for the laughs, over many "sit-coms" out there. Check it out.

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Just When You Thought You Had Read It All

There is a new report out warning of the dangers of second hand gas. So go easy on the chilli this winter.

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Too Lazy To Update My Own Site

Hey, for a while I've been thinking about putting up some new photos from the last few months on my site, but dang it, I've just gotten too busy doing things like breathing. But if you are hoping to see some photos of my recent trip to Italy, and just can't wait for me to post them on this site, please feel free to stop by that other little site that I help operate and check out the photos from the trip. I promise that I'll get more up of me on this site soon.

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And You Didn't Expect This?

So a family has had to move because the street they lived on for the last 15 months has become butt of too many jokes I just wonder, didn't they take that into consideration when they moved in?

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The Rerun Has Finished

Sad news from the world of entertainment from my youth, Fred "Rerun" Berry has passed away. What the article fails to mention is that he released a Christian music album back in the late 80s. The other cool thing is that he was working at Hollywood Is Calling a service where you can get various actors to call a friend or family to give them a seasonal greeting, motivational speech, or just say hi. How cool is that. And if anyone is interested in dropping some money, I'd love to have Todd Bridges or Ron Palillo give me a call. Email me for my number.

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Is Stupidity Illegal?

Well, this week a man was the first to survive going over Niagara Falls without any safety device. What I'm curious about is why police were seen walking him away in handcuffs. Is it illegal to go over the falls? Did he cross the Canadian/American boarder without a passport? Or was he drinking and swimming?

The other interesting item to the story is that it talks about a dozen daredevils who have attempted the plunge, and the unknown numbers of suicides. So what separates the daredevil and the suicidal person, besides a fancy outfit of course?

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Song Stuck in Your Head?

Who would have thought that someone actually is doind studies on songs getting stuck in one's head? well, they concluded there is no cure for songs stuck in your head. To most people this could be a frustration, but I see it as a welcome thing. In fact, I'm always looking for a new song to get stuck there.

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There Are Signs

What do you do if you have posted speed limit signs and no one is obeying them? Well, a N.J. town is having fun with speed limit signs, but will it work. It kind of reminds me of one sign I saw when I was driving that said, "Please obey road signs." If I failed to obey all the rest, why would this one make me start?

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Big Lights in the Big Sky

So, I'm reading about lidar testing going on over the skys of Montana. Which in itself sounds cool, but then I gets to thinking, as I am sometimes prone to do. I ask myself a few questions, which thankfully, I have not come to answer - Cause then I would just look like I'm crazy.

But really, if crazy lights are being shot into space over a major city in Montana, don't you think more than 50 people would show up. Isn't this the same concept as a used car dealer putting a giant spotlight in their lot to attract people?

Also, the first line says, "if you saw a strange light in the sky over Bozeman Tuesday or Thursday night it's OK to talk about it. Your weren't hallucinating." Does this mean that people in Bozeman are prone to hallucinate and see strange lights on a regular basis, but Tuesday and Thursday they had a real reason to see lights?

And finally, how big is the campus of MSU, if they won't give a specific location, to make the search for the lights "more fun." Haven't they taken out some of the fun already by narrowing it down that much?

Wait, I have one more question. I was re-reading this, and it says, "Bromenshenk has trained bees to detect mines, and the laser can detect the bees..." Could we not just skip the bees, and train lasers to detect mines?

I guess in the end, that is why I didn't study science, but radio broadcasting. Not too many brains required to play music. And speaking of music.....

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Knock Knock. Who's There? The Artist Formerly Known As......

Imagine if you will, you are sitting at home watching some "Must See TV" and there is a knock at the door (although who knocks in our high tech world of doorbells?). So you go to see who is there and low and behold it is a Preacher formerly known as Prince. He is there to convince you that the Jehovah's Witness way is the way to go. Although I don't agree with the system of belief, I would think it was cool to have him at my doorstep. In fact, if it happened, I would probably "party like it was 1999." Makes me wonder when the last time Amy Grant went door to door.

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Makes you wonder?

Read the second paragraph of this article, and then ask yourself Who leaked the story about ending leaked stories? Doesn't this pretty much defeat the purpose?

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Cub Fans Unite - Boycott Holiday Inn

Ok, I'm upset as much as the next guy that the Cubs got so stinking close, but then blew it. And yes, it was upsetting that a Cub fan might have had something to do with the demise of the team in some peoples opinion, but I don't think that guy should be hunted down, targeted, or made to feel shame the rest of his life.

At the same time, I don't think he should be able to profit on his mistake. Yet, Florida, and their leader Jeb Bush have offered asylum to the guy. In fact the Holiday Inn has offered free airfare, lodging, meals, and more for three months. Three months for what? Hello, get me tickets for any major game, and I'll disrupt play for that.

But at the end of the day, I don't think Cub fans should be upset with the fan, but with Holiday Inn, Florida, and Jeb Bush for rewarding this guy. So, do you part and avoid any or all of these, to show your support of the Cubs.

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More Proof Cloning Must Be Stopped

OK, if you have not already thought the cloning of humans was a potential danger, there is new news that will make you think so. Rodney Dangerfield seeks Clonaid's services. Sure you may think "Back To School" was funny, but that was the eighties. And if he is successful, just think what other entertainers will jump on board. Can we (not to mention future generations) handle clones from people like Carrottop, John Tesh, the two guys from Right Said Fred, or I even shudder to think, Michael Jackson? So I say do what it takes to stop this trend before it gets out of hand.

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On the Road Soon

Well, I just found out that I'm going to be taking a trip to Rome in a few days with a group of students from the school. Kind of cool, although I know it will be more work than the last time I went to the ancient city (see the photo on the front page of my website.) Don't have much to say tonight, but wanted to give you all a chance to see a little bit of what I'll be viewing. And since cameras are a no-no in the Vatican Museums, I figured this is the best way.

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Space Elevator: Next Stop, Earth Orbit

So earlier this week I had to speak at a chapel at the elementary school. The topic was
Genesis 11, and the Tower of Babel. As I was preparing, I was reminded of a news report I had read about a space elevator that had just been discussed at a conference. Well, you really should read this article and see what questions you come up with. Some of mine include:
1. Can I really expect in my lifetime a 31 mile skyscaper, let alone a 22,000 mile transportation service attached to it?
2. Will I actually know people out there I want to ship something to? Heck, I barely ever ship anything to my friends across the ocean.
3. Who is really paying for this? And can I come up with some crazy idea like this to get grant money from someone?

I actually never used this as part of my talk, but I do find it interesting in light of the Tower of Babel. Could we have gotten to a point where mankind is no longer scattered by languages, and are going to return to building a tower to the heavens?

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Who Owns One of These Cars

So I was doing a little surfing around Ebay tonight, and came across this add for a part to the Batmobile. In the ad it uses the phrase, "IF YOU OWN A BATMOBILE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS PIECE." Now call me crazy, but are there a lot of people out there that have a Batmobile? I thought Batman was the only one, and I'm assuming that he has all the parts to it he needs. And if there are more people than just Batman who have a Batmobile, why don't I see more of them on the road? There are so many more questions this product causes to appear in my head, but I'll leave it at that.

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Two Fun Sites

Well, I first must say I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" this weekend, and I do like it. How much do I like it, enough to want to be a pirate. Ok, not that much, but it sounds good right. And if you really want to be a pirate, be sure to mark on your calendar International Talk Like A Pirate Day which is coming up later this week.

And speaking of the future, how would you like to get an email in a few years. Thanks to the kind folks at F u t u r e M e . o r g you can send yourself an email in a day, a week, or even twenty years. I've already sent myself one to remind myself to get some courage to do something, or the me from the past will beat up the me in the future. And I think I'm going to send myself some other quality notes way in the future to shock myself. You can also read some of the emails people are sending themselves. I'll warn you, some are funny, some crude, some are rather depressing. Either way, an interesting concept.

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I'm Richer Than I Thought

Have you ever wanted to know how rich you are? Sure, you are not Bill Gates at the top of the rich scale, but I'll bet you are in the top 15%. Do me a favor and swing by theGlobal Rich List and see where you wind up.

Me personally, I'm in the 667,000,000 range, with over 5,000,000,000 people poorer than myself. Makes you really think about what we have, and what others don't. Actually I hope it does more than make you think.

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Good-bye Johnny

Bono from U2 once said, "Not since John the Baptist has there been a voice like that crying in the wilderness. The most male voice in Christendom. Every man knows he is a sissy compared to Johnny Cash." Well today there is one less voice in the wilderness.Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies at 71

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Music Worth Listening To

I could say a lot, but tonight I'm just going to point you to an interview with Bill Mallonee, an incredible artist who just released a great CD titled "Perfumed Letter." Check out the interview, and then go grab the CD.

Currently listening to: Bob Ross talk about painting a wave on his tv show, which is shown every night on a channel here in Germany.

Listen to the Radio in Your Car

Well, today I learned that I should stop practicing the tuba when I drive on the German autobahn. Luckily I learned from the internet, when I read about German police nabbed a flute-playing driver. Who knew you couldn't drive and play an instrument at the same time?

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Man Ships Himself To Save Money

I know I've joked about shipping myself to save a few dollars on the travel expense, but I didn't think anyone would ever attempt it. But this week some man shipped himself from N.Y. to Texas.

The kicker is that at this point he has yet to be charged with anything, except outstanding Texas warrants!! Hello, if you have warrants for your arrest in a state, do you think it is wise to enter in a spectacular way?

Well, gotta go find a large box for my next adventure. BTW, if a six foot box shows up on your doorstep with German markings on it. Please open it quickly. I might be hungry.

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Visiting Old Friends

I'm going to admit something here that might change some of your opinions of me. On occasion I like to visit the local art museum. See the first Sunday of the month is free entry day to most of the museums in Basel. So on the first Sunday of the month, when I remember, I like to stop in a wander around a museum. At times I go for inspiration, at times just to get lost in a large building, and other times just because I have nothing else to do, besides rush back for my Sunday afternoon nap.

Today while I was walking around the museum, I began to think that after about four years of visiting this same building, some of these paintings are becoming like old friends. I can walk around and recognize some of the faces, like we have met several times. Over on one wall is Picasso's painting of Malers Jacinto Salvado, around the corner and up some steps is the sad gal who Lichtenstein titled, "Hopeless." As I wander the halls there are many familiar scenes, many crowds I've entered in before, many hills I've dreamed of running up. Sure there is always some new and interesting things to check out, but I think I discovered today, I go back many times, just to feel like I belong to a place and a time.

Well, if you follow the link above you can take a really cool virtual tour of the museum. I highly recommend it. In fact, try it and see if you can find "Hopeless", Picasso's "Arlequin assis", and a some of the modern art that makes me wonder why I can't be an artist.

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Asteroid danger in 2014 downplayed

Now I don't want to alarm everyone but there is a chance we could be hit by a large asteroid in 11 years. But don't worry the scientists tell us, there is only a 1 in 909,000 chance it will hit the planet. But then I began to search for other odds out there, and did you know that you have a
1 in 685 chance of drowing in your bathtub. Or if you check out this table you will find that in 2000 you had a 1 in 914,638 chance of dying due to exposure to excessive natural heat or a 1 in 5,506,120 chance of dying by being hit by lightening.

But you have nothing to worry about because you are still alive, you've beaten the odds, and what kind of person would even bother with something with odds like 1 in 909,000.

By the way, the odds of winning PowerBall are 1 in 120,526,770.

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The Heart Sometimes Disconnects the Brain

As I guy, I can admit that we do some pretty stupid things in the name of love or attempting to gain the attention of a member of the opposite gender. It is a fact that I've walked my dog way out our neighborhood in order to "just happen to pass by" a girls house. I can say that I've also tried snowboarding, began listening to country music, practiced slight of hand magic tricks, and even relearned to dirve stick shift to impress or not look stupid in the eyes of various girls I've been interested in. A few years back a couple of my students made a multi-country bike ride just to ask a girl out. But none of those compare to this poor pathetic love sick boy. What lesson can we learn from this poor guy? I would say we could learn not to be an idiot when it comes to the area of the heart, but I think the only thing we really can learn is to have a comfortable shoes when hitchhiking, and possibly to phone first.

(for those too busy to click the link - a 15 year old hitchhiked 1250 miles to find out he has been dumped)

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The Passing of a Popcorn Popper

Tonight I bring you sad news. My hot air popcorn popper had passed on. Later this week I will take it on one final voyage to the recycling center in town. For those who think this is just a simple little appliance, well, you don't know me that well. This device was used in my house just as much as any other kitchen appliance, except the fridge, he is a workaholic. And I was so excited about making some popcorn and watching a film.

Speaking of films, if you want to see a great little short film I recommend one called "Me and the Big Guy." It is a spoof/take-off of the classic Orwellian book 1984. It will make you laugh, and think. Check it out, you will be glad you did.

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`Zingers' land Kent woman in jail

Here is a fun little news story. kingcountyjournal.com - `Zingers' land Kent woman in jail They don't give the names, but I got a funny feeling that the attacker was Little Debbie.

Why Are You Still Single?

Ok I'm glad that people are concerned with my well being, but lately, I've taken one too many jokes about the fact that I've been, how shall we say it, with out a date for many a moon. Is it my fault? Well, yea, it probably is. But that is not the point. The point is, why is it that married folk think that everyone that is not married is unhappy or not complete? I'm not saying that I want to stay single the rest of my life, but at the same time I'm not really suffering with singleness. In fact it has allowed me to have more time for ministry (as well as travel, goofing off, and many other things.)

But to satisfy some of those out there, I've decided to be a little more proactive in my search. Yep, I've set up an online application to be my girlfriend. It is about 98% joke, but hey you never know.

Well, that is all for now.

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Where are the Recipes???

So for some reason I was looking up kabobs. Oh yea, I know why, I was a little hungry and was wondering about what I was going to have for dinner. So I found a site listed near the top of the listings that had the following title:CHICKEN KABOB RECIPES :: The Best Chicken Kabob Recipes Online :: Grilled Baked Fried Sauted Braised Roasted Broiled Low Fat Free Fresh Quick Authentic Traditional Well, if you click the link you will find some ads, links to other pages with more links, and a couple photos of food, but NO RECIPES. Can we begin suing internet sites for false advertising, if all they do is provide links to other sites, that might provide links to other sites with recipes? And it is all so they can try to make a buck by selling space or claiming that they get so much traffic. Stop giving me links to other sites, just give me the goods I'm looking for. Well, that is my rant for now, and I'm still hungry, and with out a great recipe for chicken kabob. Oh well, guess I will have some more spaetzle soup, one of my new creations I might tell you when I perfect the recipe.

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I Must Be Popular

Either I'm one popular guy or there is a nasty computer virus going around. Why you ask? This morning I checked one of my email accounts and I had over 700 emails! Too bad only six of them were for me.

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On The Rollercoaster

Well, tonight is the last chance to catch my breath before the school year starts in force, as tomorrow the students arrive back. Right now I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. Sure I know the ride is a fun one, otherwise I would have not gotten in line again. But right now is that part where you are buckled in, and the cars are slowly going up, and up, with that click, click, click sound. There is a little tension in the air, and the fear of the unknown (even if you've ridden the ride before.) But deep down you know it is going to be a wild ride, so you put your hands up and enjoy the ride. So here goes....

Tonight I also give you two links. The first one is for you if you are looking for a challenging read regarding religion, war, and leadership. If that is your cup of tea then head over here. If you would rather just have some light and trivial information, then there is nothing better than learning how to put a diaper on a monkey Enjoy either way.

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Six Items Or Less

So I went to Walmart the other day. (Yes, they have them here in Germany.) While there I saw a sight that I thought was only common in American stores. The weasels who take more than the allotted number of items in the express line. Here it was six items or less, and I saw people with ten, twelve, and even more items in line. Now I know some people fuzz the line claiming that multiple quantities of an item, only counts as one item, but this I think is clearly against all that is understood by the phrase, "x items or less." I can't walk up with 500 Snickers bars, because that is more than the six, ten or twenty as is common in most store express lanes.

So what do you do about it. I think stores should be able to charge double for every item above the limit. It would be a stupidity charge. The store employee would just have to say, hey stupid, you have more items than the sign above you says, so you are going to be charged for being stupid. You could also replace the word stupid for rude or lazy, as that is sometimes the case. I think it would work, the express lanes would go back to what they were intended for, or the stores would make a higher profit, either way someone is happy. Plus I wouldn't get as frustrated with the idiot with sneaking ten extra items through, knowing he was going to pay way too much for his bag of Doritos.

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I Love European radio

Yesterday while I was driving around I not only heard several classic 80's songs along with the hits of today, but they played the extended mix of the Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats. Yes, the extended mix. Find me a station in America that will play that along with current hits.

And after five years of searching the radio dial for something to go along with my driving, I found a Christian radio station out of France. It actually caught me off guard, as I was kind of praying about some stuff as I drove, and jokingly said, I'll just wait for a sign from you God from the radio, as I flipped the dial. Then as it scanned the dial, the next thing I heard was Rich Mullin's song, "Hold Me Jesus." I basically laughed the rest of the way home. It actually is a really good station, the only downside is a few of the songs are in French, oh, and they play way too much Bryan Duncan. But that is just my opinion.

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At The Starting Line

Greetings and welcome to my newest venture, the weblog. For those of you completely out of the loop, here I will post random thoughts and ideas. Maybe a good or interesting website I come across, or just some random letters I hit on my keyboard. So keep checking back from time to time. Each time I post, I'll make sure I tell you what I'm listening to or watching at the time.

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