The Final Countdown

Tonight was the senior tribute at HBR, the dorm I used to live at and still hang out quite a bit. It was such a great evening of giving some honor to a group of guys who I've come to know quite well. Some of these guys I've known since they were junior high students, and the most recent additions to the crew have been here at least two years. One of the guys has been a part of my life for the last six years. Amazing when you think that he is not yet twenty, thus about 1/4 of his life I've been a part of. The evening consisted of a dinner, then a time of sharing stories, feelings, and thoughts about each of the seniors. As I sat there a rush of thoughts and memories came back from the past six years. At times I questioned why I am leaving. Other times I knew that this moment was one of the final steps of my time here. One thought that crossed my mind as I saw them all sitting at the table together was that of the Fellowship of the Ring. I saw this group of strangers brought together for a common purpose. They came from different tribes. Individually they could not accomplish the task at hand, but together they would become a team. Sure on their journey they would have to separate, and unfortunately would fall away. Likewise this group of guys came from different countries to this place for a common goal. And while they have become a team, they are hitting a point where they must separate for a time. And as unfortunately as it might be to think, some might fall away. But for this brief shining moment, they are warriors, they are heroes, they are champions of a cause. They are graduating.

I am proud, honored, privileged, and extremely thankful to have been able to share in their lives. I'm also a better person for what they have shared in my life.

Two of my friends, Bah and Jodi, have written excellent posts about their similar feelings. Check them out.

One final thought- I kid you not, as I got in my car to come home from the dinner, the song on Radio Regenbogen was The Final Countdown by Europe. I had to laugh, as the opening lyric is, "We're leaving together, but still it's farewell." How fitting.

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Musical Suggestions

I'm in the process of making a year in review slide show to be shown later this week. Besides the fact that some of the photos have gone missing, all is going as usual. Everytime I try to put one of these together, I reach the quagmire of selecting music to go with the show. As I listen to my CDs I feel like I'm almost auditioning them for the covetted three or four spots to compliment the slide show. Some artists do not even get a time slot in the CD player, as I know that David Hasselhof, Buckman and Garcia, or "Weird Al" Yankovic just would not be appropriate. But that doesn't cut down the selection process down too much.

So I ask you the reader, what song or songs do you suggest I use for the slide show. Leave your suggestions in the comments. I will warn that there is one song that will warrent a severe beating (verbally or physically) to anyone who suggests it.

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Parenting Tip #443

After working with kids for so long, I've come to the conclusion that some kids are just spoiled. Their parents have done everything for them, bought them what they wanted, and forced the school to get them into the clubs they need to be to pad their college applications. But if you are a parent of one of these spoiled kids, there is one thing that your kid does need you to provide for them. And those parents out there who have brought your kid up in a proper environment, don't think you don't have to check out this link. See every kid needs the tools to survive in the fierce world that they will soon face. How as a parent are you going to guarantee that they have the know how and training to be a success? As I see it, this might be the only good option you have. So go check out how you too can get your kid (or niece or nephew - for concern aunts and uncles) a bully of their own.

Oh, and if you ever get a song stuck in your head, you might want to bookmark this great service. Using the latest technology, they can let you know the title of that song.

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Free Agent Missionary

Well folks, if you haven't heard yet, I have been named a free agency missionary and can seek other opportunities in misisons around the world. After six years of devotion to the school I work at, it has been made clear to me that there are some in leadership here have expressed in poorly chosen words that I am not appreaciated here.

So, if you are connected with a ministry that could use someone who will serve above and beyond the call of duty, someone who realates well with youth as well as adults, someone who has communicaiton, development, and web design skills, please feel free to contact me. I've got over six years of missionary experience working with youth. Previous jobs that could be incorporated in future ministry include radio announcer, substitute teacher, and butcher. I can cook, drive, type, make stupid jokes, and have many hours of cleaning laundry and toilets. If you are looking for someone who several of his coworkers are begging him not to leave his current position, you can reach me at webmaster at this here website.

I'm open to relocating to anywhere in this world.

Even if you are not connected with a ministry, but want to offer a nice paying job, I'm entertaining all offers.

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A Job Done Well

I wanted to share with everyone what was read about me at the Staff Appreciation Dinner the other night. I share them mostly so my momma and my supporters can see what was said. I don't really like getting praise, as I'm just doing a job that needs to be done, with the work ethic that was taught to me by my parental units.

"I remember when Ryan came to BFA. I will never forget your long flowing red hair. Ryan has always had a servant's heart. From the start he was always willing to do whatever and whenever. When you came you actually lived in the Palmgarten before it was a dorm and helped in construction/maintenance. Later you moved into HBR as an RA. Ryan is the model RA - there for the kids. Ryan also came to BFA with some amazing training and talent in the area of commmunications and we needed those qualities and so he joined our communications team. All of you know the high quality of our webpage and the credit for that goes single-handedly to Ryan. In today's world, an organization's public face is often first seen through its webpage. We can be proud of ours. We have gotten glowing reviews and comments about how good it is, how usable it is and how it stands as a model for others. Thanks Ryan. When Ryan moved over to communications, he never lost his love for the residence program. Most nights and most weekends he is in our dorms helping out. The man just never stops. For Ryan it is all about the kids. It is all about being there (no one takes more pictures to document their lives at BFA), and pointing them to the Lord. Your contribution and example is a model to all of us. Thank you Ryan for sharing your passions with all of us and for wanting the very best for BFA. I can only hope and pray that we will be able to continue to meet the high standartds you are levaing behind. Thanks you Ryan."

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Thems A Lotta Kids

Wow, there is a lady who gave birth to her 15th kid, and she herself is 38. The amazing thing is not that she has had that many kids, or that she was named "Arkansas' Young Mother of the Year" this year. No the amazing thing is she and her husband are responsible for a large portion of the population of their hometown. I know, as I used to drive through Tontitown many times during my college days. And believe me, it took about forty five seconds to drive through that town. Although if you are in that area, you must eat at Mary Maesti's for some darn fine Italian food. And if you are in that area, turn your radio to 101.1 KLRC, the first radio station I worked at.

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Two Concerts and Two Ladies

The other night, a friend of mine offered me four tickets to see Gordon Sumner in concert. Not being one to pass up an opportunity to catch a concert, especially free, I took the tickets and three students to Zurich to catch the show. As concerts go, this was one of the better I've seen in a while. The lighting and graphics behind the band were stellar. And as expected the band was composed of great artists from across the globe. The only down side to the show was the opening act, who was a great piano player, but came across a bit bitter, not to mention attempting a song in German in front of a mostly German speaking audience.

But what does that all have to do with the title of this entry? Well, I thought back a four years ago when Mr. Sumner's tour passed through this area. A small group of friends went up to Freiburg to see the show. In the group were two females, both coworkers. One of them I was interested in at the time and even bought her ticket to the show, so she could go. The other was just a good friend. So now, four years later, I found myself thinking how the one that was just a friend still keeps in touch with me, and we still have a friendship. The other, well let's just say I haven't heard from her in years, and don't expect to this side of heaven.

Just thought I would share. If you get a chance to catch this tour, do so, but show up late. If you get the chance to take a girl you are interested, go dutch. You will thank me for it.

Easy To Impress

Today I sent out some email from my newest account. Within minutes two students were in my office asking me about my email. Later a few more came and wanted to know about my email account. Now call me crazy, but email is email, right? In fact I have over eight different email accounts that I check on some regular basis (3 at bfacademy.com, 2 at yahoo.com, 3 at ryancordell.com, and this new one). But then again, if you start comparing them, there are some differences. The ryancordell.com have more space, but have pop up ads (which can be fixed), the yahoo is old school, but limited space, and the bfacademy.com address will soon be revoked. So I guess this new one is pretty decent, it has a fair amount of space, the ads are pretty harmless and not annoying, and the feature that sold me was that it can go for many months (nine I think) with out having to be checked. Most email accounts are deleted if they are not active after a month or so.

In the end, I'm hoping to get down to two or three email accounts. I do know this new one will soon become a primary account. What is this new service I'm using? GMAIL

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Random Blog Stuff

I've spent a little time in the last week doing some behind the scenes work on this blog to make your experience here the best that it can be.

If you look to your left, my right, you will see that I've added a
"Catagorized Archives." By clicking that link you can see the posts in various catagories, so for the obscure person who might want to read all my random thoughts, or see all my posts regarding my life, they can do it a bit easier.

If you look down, unless that post is not there anymore, you will notice a big grey box that says, "Play This Audio Post." This will appear now and then, as I experiment with AudioBlogging. Someone asked what the purpose of this was. I can give a few reasons as to the audio blogging.
1. It will allow me to be lazy at times. No typing, just a simple phone call.
2. I can post things that most students and RAs at BFA dorms can't access from their computers due to a lacking in sound cards.
3. It will give you the reader a more complete idea of who the man behind the curtain is, as you will now be able to put a voice to the rest of the picture you have.
4. It is a free service that my blogging service offers that other blogging services don't offer.
5. No spelling errors or having to do spell check.
6. And yes Erich, sarcasm will be easier to express in vocal patterns as opposed to typing it out. Not that I ever use sarcasm.

If there is anything else we can do to make your visit better, please let us know.

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Surf and Grass

Last night I saw Handsome Hank and his Lonesome Boys and Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle in Basel. I wasn't too sure what I was getting myself into, but Handsome Hank came quite recommended by a friend of mine. I was a little concerned when before the doors opened, I was surrounded by a weird mix of Emo kids, a few European dressed like cowboys, and a few metal fans. All in all, it was actually a pretty decent show, although I was a bit more impressed with Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the bluegrass renditions of Daddy Cool and Paradice City.

If you get the chance, catch one of these bands in concert. Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle will be bringing their Surf music sound to the Kandern area this fall. I'd organize a group to see them, but I won't be here. Oh well.

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Ooga Chucka

It has come to my attention that it is a requirement and civic duty as a German resident to include a link to one of Germany's favorite artists somewhere on my blog. Just doing my part. Ooga chucka, ooga chucka.

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For those of you who have followed this little blog, you know I've been taking part in a little thing called Blogger Idol. For those new, it is a little thing where every two weeks a topic is tossed out and a community of bloggers post something based on that topic. Well, I missed the last one, so I decided that I better get back up to the plate before I miss a whole month of this. The theme this week is "HOME."

This topic comes at an interesting time in my life. I am just a couple months away from a major move. Currently it is a move into the complete unknown. Many people around me have asked me if I was going to move home. An interesting question. What is home at this point of my life? Most assume that is the town that I grew up, and my parents still live in. But is that really home? Sure I spent part of last years Home Ministry Assignment in that area, but most of my friends and family have moved out of that area. Perhaps home is the cabin out in the middle of nowhere in which I spent many of my summers? I have told several friends that I might end up there living a life that is a mix between Thoreau and the Unibomber, with out that bombing violent streak. Could home be this apartment I sit in now? It is the place where I've lived the longest on my own since college. It is where my books and CD collection is located, not to mention the location of one of the greatest balconies is. It is where my silverware, my cups, and my electronic system is. Might home be the dorm where I lived for two years? I was hanging out there earlier this evening, and I still know where everything is. I know how the various machines work, the neighbors still recognize me, and I always feel welcome there. (I also know where all six alarm clocks set to go off at various times tonight are at in Terrell's room, but that is another story for another time. Payback is sweet.)

Maybe I'm coming again to the conclusion that a few friends of mine have struggled with, that there really is no such thing as home on this planet. Sure we can have places we are familiar with and enjoy hanging out in from time to time. Maybe we are just "aliens and strangers.... longing for a better country--a heavenly one." I do look forward to that heavenly home. But at the same time, it would be nice to know where to ship my stuff while I wait for that home.

Be sure to check out all the other entries for this topic by clicking the little button.

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Help Me Out

Hey kids, as part of my creative and outside the box thinking here at BFA, I've decided to do an online auction to raise a few bucks, as well as a little awareness. So, if you are so inclined, go and check out the items we have for sale. And if you have an eBay sellers account, and have some junk laying around, feel free to "sell on behalf of this nonprofit." That way, I'm not the only one tossing things out there for the world to bid on.
If you bid, I'll be your friend. And if you win, you will have the satisfaction of helping out not only your friend, but a decent charity as well. So, what are you waiting for. Go bid on something.

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Sucker For the Music

As many of you might know, I am a bit of a music fan. Call it a product of growing up in the Eighties, call it a misguided youth allowance spent on the new technology of CDs, or just call it a fascination with a powerful medium. Either way, one of the things I like about music is the way it can bring people together for a cause. We all loved
We Are The World, we sang along with Band-Aid, heck there was even a Christian version and a Canadian version of the whole movement.

With the power of the internet, this tool is even more powerful. Today there is a live broadcast of We Are the Future. It is a concert from the Circus Maximus in Rome with the intent to raise money and awareness for the needs of children in war torn areas. Check it out.

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200 Posts

This is post number 200 for me on Blogger. You would think I would say more in this monumental post. Oh well.

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New Look

Well, I've done some searching, and found that part of my problem with comments was my stupidity. I did actually load another blogging tool, and even loaded it to my site, but due to all the work it would take to switch all the blogs over, change many links and stuff, I decided to stick with Blogger. But while I was doing some searching I found this very cool Risk template. If you need a new look to your site, might I suggest checking out Migraine Designs. I dedicate this look to Dan, a friend who I spent many days and nights discussing the great issues of life over a risk board.

I've got a few bugs to fix, or at least I think I do. The main one right now is that links are not appearing differently (other than the arrow cursor turning to a hand). If anyone has any suggestions, or sees anything wrong with this page when it loads, please let me know.

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Blogging Blues

Well the other day Blogger changed some stuff around in a way to be fresh and exciting. Well, they have messed up some stuff, and are about to lose a user. See my comment system is not working with their new programs. Sure I could use their comment system, but then anyone who would want to comment would have to go through two pages and a registry system. And I care about you the reader, and don't want to do that to you.

It also appears to feel like it takes twice as long to post an entry, as well as do a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.

So I'm trying to figure out should I stay with this system, or find another one program/service. Any suggestions, either go through the hoops to comment, or email me at webmaster@ the website that this is on.

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By the way, my friend Drew got hacked last night. Check it out.


Are Christians Getting Dumber?

I'm sorry, but when I read stuff like this, I have to shudder, and hope that it is just a few nut cases out there. I was going to write a response, but as it is late, I figure I should just show you someone with an intellegent approach to the whole thing.

Banquet photos are up on the BFA site, but I will be putting mine up soon. Until then, here are two shots that I took yesterday (May 9) about ten minutes from my house.

Yes, it really is some snow/sleet..

And I leave you with another quote from Postmission by Richard Tiplady

"But leaders who acknowledge their weaknesses, who show themselves to be trustworthy and approachable, who prove in more then mere words that they are ready and wanting to learn from younger colleagues (whom they count as brothers and sisters in the Lord, as opposed to sons and daughters, or expendable junior soldiers), and allow themselves to be held accountable for their behaviour, can almost guarantee the loyalty, support and affection of their postmodern co-workers."

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Dorm Weekend

Well, I'm helping out in the dorm this weekend. It is always an enjoyable time, plus lots of cheap entertainment. Imagine, if you will, thirty high school aged guys living in one building, and you will get an idea as why this place can be a load of fun.

Last night was the Junior Senior banquet, and I know you all waiting to see the fun photos, but you will have to wait. I won't be able to upload anthing until Sunday at the earliest. Monday many of the photos will hit the BFA website . But be sure to come back here, as some that will not be posted there for various reasons might hit this site. If you are really itching to see some photos check out the sites of two guys who were sitting at my table, Drew and Andrew Speaking of Andrew he has some big news that he is sharing on his blog. I guess that means I've got to cross another gal's name of the list. And boy, have a lot of names been crossed off that list this year at BFA. I think something is in those Nalgene bottles they are all drinking from.

I leave you tonight with a quote from a book I've begun to read. The book is on Generation Xers and their place in missions. I've got a feeling that I'll be sharing a lot from this book with you all in the next few weeks. Tonights quote...

"It is not power that we want. Postmodern ideas have given us the tools to see power for what it is, and frankly, it's not attractive. We don't want it. What we're concerned about is justice and the equality that we believe will come through an honest commitment to diversity."

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A Few Random Thoughts

Ok, there is no real connection between any of the following thoughts, just thought I would share.

1. You know it is going to be a weird day when one of the only words you recognize on the radio while getting ready for work is "schnee" and it is the first week of May.
2. How can U.S. officials, including Donald Rumsfeld, push the Geneva Convention's policy that "it's not permitted to photograph and embarrass or humiliate prisoners of war" one year ago, yet have we not seen enough photographs lately of US troops doing just that, not to mention all the photographs of Sadam's capture.
3. In the grand scheme of things, why are people still concerned about these friends? Don't you think it is about time people made some real friends, and quit living their life vicariously through that little (or huge in most cases) electric box in their homes?
4. Today (May 7th) is No Pants Day and Tuba Day. As a former tuba player, I don't think these two days should be combined.

Alright, now pick one or more items and discuss. I'm going to bed.

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Good Times, Good Tunes

Well, I just got back from a little trip to Freiburg where I saw Fools Garden perform an unplugged show at the Isle of Innisfree. I went on a whim, as I liked their song "Lemon Tree," but man was I surprised. These guys did a great job and had the whole crowd singing along. And not only did they do a lot of their own songs, they did covers of some personal favorites including "Angels," and "Weather With You." One could tell these guys enjoy what they do, and they do it well. If you get the chance to see them live, I highly recommend it.

While the show was great, I was a little disappointed that the Isle was not serving their full menu. I was so looking forward to getting my regular meal there. I had to settle for a hot dog and brotchen. The other disappointment of the evening was when I discovered that they have dropped a new Burger King in the downtown area of Freiburg. Before any of you BFA people get all excited and ask me where it is, I will let you find it on your own. It won't be too hard, as while the McDonald's in the city center sort of blends in to the surroundings, the BK sticks out like a sore phalange.

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Two Videos To Enjoy

Alright, tonight as a treat I present links to two different short videos for you to check out. The first video is a 30 second reenactment of The Shining, one of the most frightening films I've ever seen. Don't worry, this version is not that scary, as it is acted out by cute little bunnies.

The second video will be truly appreciated by those of you out there who grew up in the days of Commodore and Texas Instrument computers .

Well, I know I only said two, but I'm feeling generous tonight. So here are some fun clips out of Canada including one of GWB talking about "our most important neighbor to the north of us, the Canadians."

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From the Atari to the Streets

Here is a very cool idea. Some grad students have taken a game many of us loved as a kid and adapted it for the real world. In guess this means games have come full circle, as the first video game, Pong began by mimicking ping pong or tennis. But think of the fun this concept could generate, not to mention the chance to get all those couch potato kids outside and moving around.

If I could pick any game that I could play in real life, I would have to say Joust. What game would you like to play in a real life situation?

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A New Career

I was reading this article, and think I've found my new gig. This guy gets paid $1000 tell you what music you should listen to, fill your iPod, and basically make you audibly cool. So I'm thinking I could do that for a whole lot less. So if there is anyone out there who has some extra coins to spare, and is still listening to the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, I will gladly help transform your musical collection into one respected by friends and family alike. Give me a call or drop me an email.

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