Get Hooked Day

Tomorrow has been officially named "Get Hooked To A New Drug Day," as some drug dealers and Starbucks will be offering free samples of their latest addictive products. Enjoy.

It is good that they are offering a light version of the drink, as the full fat version compares to the Big Mac.

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Still Shakin

I guess I should have waited a little bit on yesterday's post. Because as I was up late working on some packing, I again felt and heard the effects of another tremble. What freaked me out more was that it was almost exactly a week (to the hour) of the first quake I felt. Makes me want to get out that tin foil hat, and begin coming up with ideas as what the Swiss are up to.

According to a friend, this one was centered near Zurich, about an hour away. As I've done some checking, there are more that have happened in the area recently. First the one in Switzerland last week, and one nearby in Germany. Plus a couple in France.it has happened before.

Now there are some who are claiming a big one will hit Basel soon, well at least in terms of eternity. Man, I'm glad I'm leaving now.

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Shake It Baby

Today in my home state of Illinois there was an earthquake. As I read about it, I was a bit saddened, as I want to experience an earthquake. My older brother got to experience the big San Francisco, but I was still back in Illinois. I remember back in high school when they were predicting a major one to happen. But did it, no.

But then again, I began to think about a little event last week. While up late, trying to pack up all my stuff, I heard two loud bangs, and felt something shake the apartment. At first I thought it was my neighbor down below doing something crazy. But then again it was pretty late. Well, guess what kids. I've officially been through an earthquake.

So now bring on the monsoon and tsunami, as those are the natural disasters I would like to experience next.

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We Love This Song

If you check the German Singles Chart you will see that the top song is an Italian tune called "Dragostea Din Tei." Before you ask what is an Italian tune doing on the German chart, you might first want to ask why it holds the top two spots. Yep folks, things in the music world have gotten so crazy that one song performed by two different groups can hold the top two spots in Germany and Austria, and two of the top ten in Spain, Switzerland, and France.
Heck, I guess the whole world has gone crazy.

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What a Game

As a resident of Europe, I've felt obligated to watch a few of the matches of the Euro 2004. I've seen a few on the big screen at a local pub, but tonight I chose to watch the England-Portugal match at home. I was enjoying the fact I could get other stuff done while I watched, but as the game went along, I wished I was in the company of other sports fans.

Well, for those of you who don't follow the match it was quite the game, going into penalty kicks to determine the outcome. As I know at least one of my readers is an English fan, I have one question to ask... How about that Beckham?

It is interesting that the bookies are not only taking bets on the game, but they are also betting on how many English fans show up for work on Friday. As the game when late into the night, and the tough loss, I'm betting more will "call in sick" than expected. I wonder if the good Dr. Lee will make it to work?

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The Cheese Stand Alone

You know I never really understood that phrase, but I think that is what is happening now. I've said goodbye to most of the people who have played key roles in my life over the last few years. It has been a rough couple weeks as it felt like every couple days we were taking another friend to the airport. But I guess that also gave us reasons to get together every couple nights to have another going away party. There were a few "final" meals at my favorite hangout in the area. In fact last night as I was there with a group, one of the waitresses asked if they should just make a bed for me.

Now I am beginning my packing process. I've got several boxes of CDs scattered around my apartment, several bags of clothes have been donated to charity, and I've got a huge stack of stuff to take to the recycling center tomorrow. I know I've still got a few weeks before I too depart this place, but the sooner it is done, the better. Anyone want something from the Cordell collection of random junk?

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Rock's Most Influential

I guess all of those anti-rock people, including Jack Chick and David Brown were right. According to a new survey Satan is the second most "important person" in rock. The funny thing is that he was beat out by a woman. Come on, how do you thing that makes the dark overlord feel? He got beat by Sharon Osbourne, who is rumored to have sold her soul not to Satan, but to MTV executives.

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Getting Tippy

Sometime I link to interesting stories that are found on various satire sites, but this story sounds way too real to be satire.

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And The Winner Is

It is now time to announce the winner of the Gmail invitation. With so many great offers, how does one decide? Here is a brief look into my head as I sorted through the offers...

Lynn - Thanks, but you offer me something I already have access to. Unless you are committing to removing the phones and leaving the cell phones at home.

Peter - Again, another offer of something I have. Thanks to the very generous people at Yahoo, I actually have 200MB of space divided over two accounts. But it is still no 1GB

Doug -
Creative idea
but I own many haikus
or is it haiki

Beck - wow, while toilet paper is handy and useful, I have stocked up on a large supply of Happy End Toilet Paper. Plus, knowing you, you'd probably buy that one ply stuff. And nice try sneaking in an extra entry. Although the haiku about not having a haiku was good.

Heidi - While a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana is the dream of many, a Harry Connick Jr. is the nightmare of many. Personally, I have Right Said Fred, David Hasselhoff, and Milli Vanilli on the list of artists I would see before Mr. Connick Jr.

Maestro - Mmmmm, Mashed Potato. While this would be flattering, I saw what happened to Roy Neary when he began to mold things out of mashed potato. I would hate for you to snap, quit everything and head to the location of my head.

Felix - An hours worth of scribbling on a napkin? I have sweatshops of kids that will do that for me. And I would never subject anyone to either the singing or listening of 99 Bottles of Beer. But thanks for the offer.

Bah - You gave me good advice, and you made me laugh. So you win, but as per your advice, I think I will offer the invitation I was going to send to you to the gal who sends in the hottest photo. Cause as Bah says, "a smile from some eye-candy can keep you going for a long time." Actually check your email.

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Please God, Don't Let This Happen

Once again, I am amazed at what some in the Christian world are hoping to do to spread the word. This time it is a show called, "Gifted, which is billed as the Christian American Idol, like this world needs another "reality" show.

Now there is way too much to be said about this. First it is brought to you by a joint venture of the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the management company that works with P. Diddy and Britney Spears. Let that sink in for a minute. Makes you wonder about Biblical commands like 2 Corinthians 6:14 are ever read at the TBN?

Will contestants have to fill out documents before hand stating their faith, end times stance, and their take on tongues? Because how will be able to know if they are true believers and not just some attention hungry Godless person?

I also ask how will these people be judged? Will they wait for a sign from God to show them the best performer? Will they take have a bunch of atheists in the audience, and then the performer who causes the most to come forward at the end of their song be deemed the winner?

What I'm really trying to say is, if anyone from TBN is reading this, I'm going to be available this summer if you need an extra judge. I've got experience in religious broadcasting, have a wide range of musical tastes, and am willing to travel.

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Join The Club

Alright, I've mentioned that I have been using Gmail for a few weeks. I'm loving the extra space, the limited ads, the way it keeps your conversation together. And it doesn't hurt that it has 1MB of storage space and will not be deleted after a couple months of inactivity.

Well, I've now gotten to the point where I've got some invitations to give away. I've already checked out Gmailswap and gave a couple away. But it takes too long to find some good offers. My last one I gave away was in exchange of a donation to one of my favorite charities.

So here is the deal. I'm going to offer one invitation to Gmail to the person who makes me the coolest offer in my comment section. I'll give until Friday night until I decide. Remember this is for the coolest offer, so it might not be the one that is worth the most, but the one that might make me laugh the hardest, says "dang that's what I need" or is the only one in my comment section when I go to decide.

So leave your offer in the comment section below.

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A Day in Basel

Today I spent a good amount of time in Basel, Switzerland, a city I've come to love and appreciate for many reasons. It was a beautiful day, but I think the Swiss have made some deal with God. They get the great weather, in exchange they just have to suffer with all the different dialects of German.

From my day I've got a few observations or stories to share....

1. There is a guy in the United States who has a girlfriend, approximately 18 years of age, 5'7", currently has blonde hair, and is spending some time in Switzerland. If you are that guy, I've got some bad news. You know how you think she might be cheating on you. Well, I don't want to say I saw her walking arm and arm with another guy, but I did. It is amazing what you will over hear when people forget that just because they are in a foreign country that no one will understand them. I learned all that, plus some other personal information I don't feel like sharing.

2. I am on an emotional rollercoaster right now. Last week I said goodbye to the students. Monday we dropped Andrew off at the airport, and later this week a couple other friends depart. I know it is hard to say goodbye, but I thought I had a pretty good control over my emotional outbursts. Until today. See I'm standing in MediaMart listening to some CDs, when the dam began to crack. Unfortunately I didn't have Hans Brinker around to help. The funny thing is that it was while I was listening to Baptism by Lenny Kravitz that it began. It was the song, "The Other Side" that pushed me over the edge, with the lines:
"Where do I live
Where is my wife?
I am alone
What's life worth living for?
Where am I going and what am I looking towards?...
...So father can you tell me again
Father can you tell me again
That I'm livin'
'Til I meet you on that day
On the other side"

After that I put in Wonderful Life by Lara Fabian, and it was all over. I had to get out of the store quick before I subjected to many people to a grown man crying.

3. Before I was alone in the CD store, I was hanging out with three lovely ladies, who let me tag along with them for a while. It has been a while since I have been in that many shoe shops. But it was worth it to hang out with some friends, although two thirds of them will be leaving this week. We did spend some time on the Rhine river. Thanks to Bah leaving me his leftover Swiss change, we were able to take a cruise on the river. Well, actually it was just the ferry across the river, but we splurged and took it across the river twice. Here are a couple photos.

Me and the ladies.

The Rhine River

Well that about covers the events of today. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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Go To Hell

Yea, you heard me. Actually you read it, as I typed it. No, I'm not trying to upset the three of you who read this blog. I'm actually giving you some good advice that not only do I agree with, but a small community of people who are hoping to get more visitors. In fact there is a whole article about how Hell is hoping to become more family friendly.

As one who has been to Hell several times, I do recommend it. It is a lovely spot. And if you are a missionary, it is a great place to mail out one of your prayer letters. Because there is nothing funnier than getting a from a "professional Christian" postmarked from Hell. Or so I'm told...

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Blogger Idol 17 Picks

Here are my top three on the theme of "The Rhythm of Life:"

1. Connexions
2. Living Room
3. The Found Sheep

Be sure to read the other entries, including my own.

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What In The World?

Ok, many of my friends know that I enjoy a good conspiracy theory probably better than the next guy. I've made my share of tin foil hats and occasionally will randomly use goofy codes and various key words when talking on the phone internationally.

Today I came across a disturbing event where the Reverend Moon spoke to many congressmen and world leaders in the halls of a Senate office building. In the speech given he even declared himself to be the messiah. He was even crowned during the ceremony.

I guess that whole seperation of church and state only apply to some. And I guess some people overlooked Section 9 of that Constitution people so like to quote from.

There is so much in these pages that is disturbing, but I'll leave the rest of the questions and concerns up to you. For me, I need to go see how much foil I have left in the kitchen.

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Public Service Announcement

The following audio post is directed to a couple people who have recently finished high school, but didn't take some common knowlegde for the real world.

this is an audio post - click to play

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God and Grub

This morning I read this article about the new fad of Christian diets. Interestingly enough, they are all fruit and veggie based. Which begs the question why have all the tasty animals been put on this planet. If God didn't want us to eat them, whey did He make them taste so yummy when battered, breaded, fried, baked, or grilled? That and was there not some simple straight forward in Paul's vision?

I actually think the real reason was summed up with the final quote of the article, "When God gave me this health message I knew it would have a major impact on the world," he said. "Just as the Bible is the best selling book in history, I see no reason why 'The Maker's Diet' can't be the best selling health book in history." Do you hear the "God wants me to be rich" mentality that is destroying the church?

Well, I thought this was going to be the only Godly food thing I was going to see today, until Sportophilia pointed out the wonderful world of Cheesus. Now there are way too many jokes possible here. I'll give you a couple. Do they only make these from the milk from a sacred cow? What is the proper wine (or grape juice) do you serve with Cheesus? Will students at Christian colleges start living on Mac and Cheesus?

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The Rhythm of Life

It is time for another Blogger Idol entry, and I highly recommend all who have a blog of their own to join in the fun of Blogger Idol. This week's theme is "The Rhythm of Life," and here is my spin on that theme (you might need this page open for the definitions of some words):

When I first thought of "The Rhythm of Life," I could not help but think about my friend who is a Ricky Martin impersonator. For it was Ricky who brought us the song by the same name as the theme this week. But as I pondered on the subject longer, I thought how many people think of the rhythm of life as a song. Just as Ricky gave us this upbeat tempo that makes you want to get off your seat and dance with reckless abandonment, many would see the rhythm of life as a fast tempo tune.

This may come as a shock to many of my friends, but I think it is a shame that most people don't listen to classical music regularly. See I think the composers of old knew about the rhythm of life. They knew that there were many facets and emotions. A complete song, just like a complete life, has its fast tempo moments, but they also contain the slow and dark movements as well. The allegro and adagio share the same page. Sometimes the rhythm is labeled by words like "vivace", or "scherzando", yet other times it is "placido" or "pesante." There is a completeness to it.

Right now, I feel my rhythm of life has hit the retard. The ending of my time here in Germany has brought about a sadness felt in my heart. I feel the need to be alone, to be quiet, to listen to Johnny Cash's voice singing about the pains and struggles of life. I know that like the great compositions of old, that this is just a phase. Ahead is a sign that says "animato," but for now this is my rhythm of life.

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Blogger Idol 16 Picks

The theme for this Blogger Idol was "Home", and here are my favorites on the subject:
1. What A Beautiful Day
2. Harmless Thoughts
3. Indian Stallion

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Winding Down

After last night's graduation and post-grad cruise with the seniors, I'm pretty well all tapped out on emotions. It was a good time to say farewell to the senior class, who I have spent a good amount of time with both this year, and over the last six years. I can't believe that this chapter in our lives is over. They off to college, I off to somewhere other than here. As I said to many of the students and parents who I spoke with, I am just honored to have been a part of thier lives these last few years. I am a better person because of the students I've worked with, and I only hope they are likewise.

I'm getting ready to head off to the all staff potluck for the last time here at BFA. This will be the last time I spend with the majority of staff here. All I can say about it is that I just hope it doesn't turn out like this church picnic.

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Who Will Take Me Higher?

Well, kids if you haven't heard the news, Creed breaks up after 3 albums. If you are like me, this news has brought hours of tears, anger, questions of why, and thoughts of how can life go on. Oh wait, those are the feelings I would have if they didn't break up. My bad. Please go about your business.

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Early or Late?

Well kids, I just finished the year end slide show that will be presented later this evening. It actually took me less time this year, as I made an amazing discovery early on. I could actually use some of the photos that I already used on the web, as they are sized right, and I already picked out the best.

And the songs... I am not going to announce those just yet, as I want it to be a bit of a surprise or shock. I can tell you that I will not be using Friends or Closing Time, although one of those was being seriously considered.

Now I must get a little bit of sleep. For tomorrow is now.

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