Insignificant Little Things

Time for another PhotoFriday entry. This theme this week is "insignificant." I took this photo on the way home the other night.


Start The Day Tomorrow

It keeps falling down
There are puddles all over
When will the rain end?

He plays the glass harp
Made with cups filled with water
On the streets of Prague.

Finished season six
In my quest to watch them all
Talkin' bout X-files.

Two go head to head
Only the strong will survive
M&M battles.

Song to go with this post: Start Today Tomorrow by Youth Group


A Personality Loaded With Ability

Most people know Alyssa Milano from her days on Who's The Boss? Some might know that she is also a musician. (This blog entry's title comes from one of her songs.) She even has a blog covering her love of baseball, where she recently quoted Gandhi. Too bad she is a Dodger fan.

Well, I recently read that Alyssa has been named the ambassador for Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases? This raises so many questions in my head. Does not bringing attention to the neglected tropical diseases make them non-neglected? Would this not create a vicious circle where the current non-neglected tropical disease would then become the neglected ones that would need Alyssa's assistance to bring them to the world's attention? And by getting a former child star to be your ambassador does that help keep the neglected status intact?

Why did I devote a whole post to Alyssa? I did it to set up one of my favorite jokes. What are my favorite kind of cookies? Alyssa Milano Cookies. (Follow that link to the question about what her fan's don't know about her) If you do not get the joke, this might help.

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A Haiku Poem Inside Of My Head

An addicting game
Testings geography skills
Keeps me on Facebook.

Dorm closed this weekend
Some old students visiting
Should be a good time.

Only back three weeks
Already making some plans
For the next big trip.

These are getting lame
I need some inspiration
Or they might end soon.

I see you reading
But you never leave comments
Are you a loser?

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Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

This week's theme at PhotoFriday is "Unfinished." Here is a photo I took this summer of a snake snacking on a frog. At this point, he is about to enjoy some tasty frog legs.

If you want, here is a video of the event.


If You're A Redhead

As I scanned the news this morning, I came across some disturbing news. According to this source, I could only have about fifty three years left to live. Some scientists claim that redheads will be extinct in less than a hundred years, and as early as by 2060. That kind of puts a damper on things, now doesn't it?

Currently less than one percent of the world's population has red hair, a fact made very clearly to me on a daily basis right now. I am thinking I need to see if this allows me to have some kind of federal protection. This does give me a new excuse for avoiding certain things, "I am an endangered species, dang it."

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Party On The Positive Side

A couple weeks ago, I had the displeasure of flying on Northwest Airlines. While I might tell more about that later, I will go on record saying I found my overall experience on Uzbekistan Airways last year far superior than any I have had with NWA (with I think stands for Numbskulls With Airplanes).

As we were preparing to disembark at the Incheon, Airport, one of the flight attendants paged one of the passengers on the flight. As she did she stuttered and messed up a little, or at least appeared to, and thus this is what the announcement and following comments sounded like:

Flight Attendant: Would passenger Marky Mark (mumble mumble) please contact...
Me: Wow, I thought I saw a funky bunch on the plane, but didn't know their leader was with them.
Other Passenger: So that wasn't some bad turbulence we hit, it was just "Good Vibrations."

And that my friends was the best part of the NWA experience.

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Back To School For You

Been back for two weeks
The suitcases are still out
Still have not unpacked.

First week of school done
No major violations
Hope it stays that way.

At batting cages
Three balls shot out at one time
Felt like the Matrix.

I love Last Christmas
But I agree with this court
That guy went too far.

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If You Are The Big Tree

"Old" is the theme of PhotoFriday, not to mention how I feel some days. Here is a photo from my summer adventure. It is of my head and the General Grant Sequoia. The tree's age is estimated at 1650 years old, myself around 34.


Driving Down To The Sidewalk

Earlier tonight a few of us were discussing the insanity that is driving in Korea. Some might think it is just a stereotype, but I have seen how those stereotypes are founded. Even today I watched from the front seat as my cab driver clearly ran a red light, and not just a recently changed one. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in my experience. This is why I haven't purchased a motor scooter, and why my bike has spent a good amount of time in the storage closet. I still keep an eye out for the car with a me sized dent from my bike accident.

As I walked home tonight I noticed a few people gathered around a car parked on the sidewalk. At first I thought it had broken down and they were trying to fix it. Upon closer examination, the car was jammed up against the tree and the was a man trapped under the car. I stood watching the crowd size increase as more people came out to see what had happened. From what I could gather the car had driven up onto the sidewalk for some reason and began to do some damage. It collided with a large crane game which ended up over a hundred feet away. Sixty feet from where the car ended up where a pair of shoes that I assumed belonged to the guy in socks pinned under the car. Before I headed back to work in the dorm, I watched officials load three or four guys into the ambulance and at least one guy into the police car. As I walked back it dawned on me that if I had started home a few minutes earlier, it could have been me riding to the hospital tonight.


Driving My Life Away

It has been a while
And this one is slightly late
Here come the haiku.

A donated car
Five thousand miles were added
On the open road.

Texas police man
Thought he had a big drug bust
But he was so wrong.

Saw the Beach Boys play
Two original members
They sounded so old.

Went to a concert
Lots of ladies came to see
Ani DiFranco.

Fireworks and floods
Just two of many hazards
My car had to face.

Used my college skills
Recording a commercial
Promoting 4-H.

They loaded the plane
Knowing the air did not work
Northwest Airlines stinks.

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Lonely Soldier Go Home

"Oddity" is the theme at Photofriday. On my road trip across America, I stopped in Springfield, Missouri to visit a friend. We were hanging out at Steak and Shake around midnight when in walked a young boy. With a lisp, he asked for water. When he received his water, he thanked the waiter and walked out. Oh yeah, he was also dressed like a Roman soldier, complete with sword and shield.


Last Night At The County Fair

Anne Murray sang, "How I wanna hear the anchor man talk about a county fair." Well, I hope I can help make Anne's dreams come true. Here are a couple commercials that aired last week in Kansas. They were recorded at one of the stops on the road trip.

Unfortunately the fair has past, but the commercials will remain in our hearts, not to mention stuck in our heads.

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