Teacher, I'm Confused

Ok, putting the below maps on the site, I got to thinking about Greenland. For some reason, I've been confused as of late, in regards to where it is placed in the grand scheme of continents and all. So I did a search in Google for "Greenland Europe or North America." I had to laugh at the first few entries. The blurb under the World66 entry says, "North America consists of three countries, the United States , Canada and Greenland." While the next entry for a Google regional search/North America/Greenland has the following phrase in it "Greenland - http://www.mapzones.com/world/europe/greenland/index.php Includes..." Notice the word in bold.

So, after a little more searching I am happy to report that I believe Greenland is part of North America, with Canada and a bunch of other countries north of the Panama Canal. But at the same time, Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, which is part of Europe. Greenland has home court advantage, or home rule so they are autonomous, not decepticons. So to sum it all up, geographically Greenland is North American, politically they are European.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

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Welcome Visitors From Around the World

I was doing a little bit of stat checking, and since this little website started a three years ago, over 28,600 people have stopped by for a visit. Believe it or not 3,500 even came back again, and 866 have visited 10 or more times. For you math geeks out there the average person spends just under 2 minutes on the site (118 seconds to be exact), so if you do the math, that is a whole lot of seconds people have spent on this site.

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The Boy Gets Around

I found this little site tonight and found that I've seen over 80 percent of the states. Not doing to bad for someone who has spent most of the last six years in Europe.

create your own visited states map

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Blogger Idol - Week Two - My picks

Well, it has taken me a while to read all the entries, and I did at least skim them all. Here are my favorites for the week. Again, in no set order....
1. The Connexion
2. Onion Boy
3. K.I.S.S.
4. Legally Blond
5. Eyecant

Check them out, and be sure to come back in a couple days for the next posting in the Blogger Idol saga.

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Here are the old comments.

Exciting Music News

If you are a fan of Vigilantes of Love or Bill Mallonee, some exciting news came out yesterday. The following is from the press release:


A new folk-rock record featuring all new songs will be released in May. In something of a return to form, Bill has 26 brand new tunes to choose from (in the Americana vein) as he enters the studio to record in March. Currently he and Jake are fleshing out the songs, and assembling a studio band for the project, which will include many Athens luminaries. Buddy & Julie Miller will also contribute musically, perhaps also in a producer's role! The CD will bereleased this May. If you pre-order this album before March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) you'll also receive a special 4 song EP.

Some of these tunes if not all will feature the contributions of Buddy & Julie Miller. This fully produced EP will only be available to those who pre-order "Pin My Hope." The EP will not be outtakes or extras, but songs from the sessions created especially for the EP – never to be replicated ever again!

The price is $15. Shipping and Handling is extra. Go to the Mall at www.billmallonee.net for more information.

Also, to keep up with the most current news on Bill you might want to sign up for the discussion list.

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Finally, My Car Has Arrived

Ever since my childhood I've been waiting for one of the many cars that I saw on television to make it beyond the screen. How I longed for the day when I had a car that would talk, and even drive for me. Or how 'bout one of those fun vehicles that B.A. and his team would put together. I would even settle for one of those 'suped up Viper's from the show of the same name. Well, swing by the Mazda website and then click "Transformers RX-8," and you will see many boys dream come true (almost). But then, if we can put a small robot on Mars, why can't I get one of these cars to drive down the street. Then again I would bet that a car like that would cost as much as putting a robot on Mars.

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Blogger Idol - Week Two - Submitted For Your Approval

Well, week two is upon us in the Blogger Idol web event. Last week's subject was the 80s, this week is "Freedom." Since I went way too far back on the 80s last week, I thought I would stick to the 80s for this weeks entry/rant. So here goes:

As a music fan, when I think of "Freedom," one person comes to mind. George Michael. Why George, well, not only did he pen "Freedom" back in the 80s, but he released it on three albums with the superduo, Wham! You can find this hit tune on Make It Big, The Final, and If You Where There. Now, if I remember one thing from my school days it is that if a person repeats something over and over, it must be important. So, what is so important about "Freedom"?" You know what, I don't think there is anything socially, globally, economically, or politically important about this song. But you do have to admit that it has a catchy tune, that if you have heard it, has already made it's way from the deep part of the brain where it has been sitting idle for so many years. And with catch lines like,"I don't want your freedom, I don't want to play around, I don't want nobody's baby, Part-time love just brings me down," you know it will stay lodged in your brain's internal Ipod for at least a day.

Before we go, let us not forget that once George and Andrew Ridgeley separated ways, and George started making a solo career for himself, he recorded "Freedom 90." Wham! fans were confused at first, how could you release a song with the same title (with the addition of two digits referring to the year), but have completely new lyrics and tune? Sure both tunes had a similar theme of boy who is losing/has lost girl (but isn't that most of pop music?), but couldn't he have called it something different? Oh well, in the grand scheme of things who really cares. Although if you are a big fan, you will be happy to find out that he is releasing a new album soon. Ironically it is on the Sony label, the same label he fought so hard and paid so much to get out of a contract for. And who says the music industry is messed up? That would be like me applying to get a job at the radio station I quit on New Years Eve 1995/6. Oh wait, I did try that, but that is another story, for another time.

That is all for me for this week's Blogger Idol, I really have no idea what the above is all about, but hey it could have been worse, I could have wrote about the first time I heard "Philadelphia Freedom," by Elton John. Be sure to check out the other entries by clicking the box below.

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Internet Free Day

Wish someone would have informed me about this before I turned on the computer. Guess I'll have to wait until next year.

Currently listing to: Randy Stonehill - Take Me Back off Edge of the World I just foud the clip of this song on his website, and it is well worth checking out. Makes me want to buy this album.

All Systems Go Michael

It is odd how sometimes a theme runs through your world for a couple days. The other day, there was the Blogger Idol thing on the 80s, although I took a different angle on the whole thing, then in chapel on Friday the speaker spoke about the 80s, and even walked into the Knight Rider theme. Today, I stumbled across this fun little Kitt dashplate simulator. Check it out.

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Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay

According to one source, twenty teenagers who are being sued for illegal downloading will be featured in a Pepsi Super Bowl Ad. What a great message to send to the kids. Here are people who have willingly broken the law, usually under the excuse that "the record companies make so much and the artist is being exploited anyway," and what do they get, their shot at 15 minutes of fame on the most watched sporting event of the year. Why didn't Pepsi search out 20 teenagers with large music collections properly obtained to use as an example?

What else is slightly wrong is that they are using Green Day singing, "I Fought the Law," which proves that Green Day has officially sold out - please cross them off the Punk rock list. But then again, did any one still know they were together?

In the spirit of Pepsi's thinking, might I suggest some other commercials and spokespersons....

United Airlines - Richard Reid saying he now only travels barefoot, and only on United.
Matchmaker.com - To tie into the football theme, former Carolina Panther, Rae Carruth, could talk about how he now plans on using Matchmaker.com to find a better match, that is when he gets out of prison on charges for trying to kill his last girlfriend.
Ford and Budweiser could split their advertising costs and have Jarrod Cooper, safety for the Carolina Panthers, talk about how he enjoyed enjoyed both their products, but will try to use them separately after having to miss four games this year, not to mention a drunk driving conviction from two years ago. At least he gets to be at the Super Bowl.
PETA - Armin Meiwes could talk about the evils of eating animals.

Well, that is all the creativity I can handle right now. Maybe more later. By the way, I found a cool comedy troupe called, A Cast of Thousands the other day and it is worth checking out. Be sure to check out their clips for the Howard Dean Campaign Ad, News From Middle Earth, and The Bible In Record Time. They made me laugh.

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Childhood Memories

While, the last entry was about the death of Captain Kangaroo, I was thinking about some of the other shows I used to watch as a child, and how there are few comparisons on today's television line up. Unless you really think kids are learning from Fear Factor and Punk'd. So I was doing a little web surfing on some of my favorite shows, like the Bozo Show, Captain Kangaroo, Soupy Sales, and then I remembered a local show that I used to watch called The Captain Jinks Show. It was on a local station in Peoria. Don't remember a whole lot about it, other than it had some cool cartoons, a couple of wacky hosts, and my brother got to go to a taping of the show and even won some prize. But, if he stumbles across this entry, he will probably be upset with me for bringing that show back into his memory, as I don't think it was one of his favorites. Oh well, at least I didn't bring up his fear of the Umpa Lumpas.

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The Captain Has Left This Ship

Well this has been a tough year for some of the positive role models of my childhood television viewing. First Mr. Rogers passes away, now today the news of Bob Keeshan, aka Captain Kangaroo passing away hits the news. I can still remember sitting in the basement of my house as a child watching his show, and unbeknownst to me, I even was learning stuff. And I thought it was just fun entertainment provided by Mr. Moose, Mr. Green Jeans, and the Captain. Well, I guess the ping pong balls have fallen for the final time. In my opinion, this great big ship we all travel on with be a little less without the good Captain.

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Movie Trailers On DVDs

Tonight after getting back from the dorm, I put in Finding Forrester in the DVD player to have some inspiring entertainment. After the movie was over, and while I was catching up on some email, I decided to check out the special features. In the list of special features they have "Theatrical Trailers," as do most DVDs that you can now buy and rent. I began to think about this concept, and now seriously wonder why do they put the Theatrical Trailer on the DVD for that specific movie? I could understand if they put trailers of movies that have similiar themes, actors, directors, or the likes. But how often does one sit down and put in a DVD of a movie to watch the trailer of that film, and not just go right to the meat. To me this would be if CDs started coming with one track that was a collection of ten to twenty second clips of the songs that are on that album. Oh well, in the big picture, it just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter.......

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Blogger Idol - Week One - My Picks

Ok, so here are the top five entries on the Blogger Idol list that made me laugh, think, cry, or read the whole thing. In no real order....

1. What in Tarnation?!?!?: The Classroom
2. Joshua.Michael
3. Downtown Chick Chat
4. Bryan
5. Brother Phil

Be sure to check 'em out. And come back next week to see what I post in the second week of the Blogger Idol.

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Blogger Idol - Week 1 - Entry 1 (aka Teacher I Don't Think I Understood The Assignment)

I preface the following post by saying I'm jumping aboard a little web experiment called Blogger Idol. Don't worry, it is not a cheesy competition to weed out the most popular, but least talented blogger like some ______ Idol shows. And even if I won, I don't think I would settle for a contract where I would get less than the janitor at the recording studio where they would over sample, mass produce my latest (and only hit), but there I go rambling again.


Wow, I can remember the early eighties. Some would have considered it a time of lawlessness. I mean you can almost still hear the shots and celebratory whoops and hollers as the outlaw Billy the Kid is shot down by Sheriff Pat Garrett, and later that same year Wyatt Earp and family have a little rumble at the O.K. Corral. Heck, it was just a year later that Jesse James caught a bullet in the back that seriously ended his outlaw days. I can only imagine what the times would have been like if the gun control advocates would have had more power.
But it was also a time of surrenders, with both Sitting Bull and Geronimo laying down their weapons and picking up their reservations.
And to top it all off, right before we hit the 90s, Washington, Montana, and North and South Dakota were welcomed into the Union.
All in all, I would say that was one kickin' decade, one the likes of we will never see again.

Teacher, I think I might have misunderstood the assignment.

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You Can't Take My Name Either....

Today I read about web designer Mike Rowe and his website www.mikerowesoft.com. I guess that the folks at Microsoft feel that this seventeen year old is some serious competition, and that he is infringing on their copyright. First I must ask, how many illiterate and stupid typers actually head to this guys site, when they really want to purchase some software known for having some serious security flaws. Man, this kid designs websites. He is not out trying to monopolize the computer industry like Microsoft is. Either way, the boy is getting a lot of attention from around the world.

If he loses the domain, which I hope he doesn't, I will be afraid that other companies will soon follow suit. Before long, I guess I should expecct notices from Dell, as people might be confusing ryancordell.com with dell.com. Or maybe the people at Cordell.com will want to lay claim to my name. To these two, and the many others who might come after it, I say bring it. The only way I'll give up ryancordell.com is from my cold dead fingers, or a good amount of money. Actually, a small amount of money would suffice, I really don't like the sounds of my cold dead fingers, especially if the rest of my body is still warm and living. But now I've began rambling, so I must stop.

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Always Carry Your Camera

So today's tip for all you digital camera owner/operators out there, is always keep it near and fully charged. See, tonight I went to Walmart, yes there are a few of them here in Germany, and as I pulled into the parking lot, the car next to mine had stickers all over it regarding the Athens Olympics, and that they were some how involved with it. They then listed their web address under it, www.ass-team.net (don't worry, it is kid friendly). I only wish I had my camera with me at the time.

Now, regarding above mentioned car logos, as one involved in the world wide web, I know the importance of picking a catchy, memorable website name. But at the same time, you might want to make sure that your name couldn't be mistaken for something inappropriate.

By the way, they now sell Cookie Crisp here in Germany. I had to buy a box, just because as a kid I was never allowed to eat this cereal. But now that I'm living on my own, I might just have a bowl for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Just because I can.

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Safe Surfing

One can never be too careful when surfing this thing people call the internet. Luckily some Canadians have come up with some safety tips that could save your life. Take the time to read through these, print them out, and post them everywhere loved ones might be using the internet. They will thank you for it.

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It is What is For Dinner

Up until today, I never worried about going to my Swiss friends homes for a meal. I mean, some of them are pretty decent cooks, and it is usually cheaper than going to one of the local diners in Switzerland. But after reading this little article about animal consumption. I will think twice when I am offered some strange meat dish. Although at the same time, I'm thinking about taking some of those darn stray cats in my neighborhood for a little ride soon.

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Best of 2003

I have decided to join the many others who complile a list of the best of the last year. But unlike many, I decided to wait until the year was over, just incase something good made it in the final minutes of last years shot clock. So I present to you my list of the five best of 2003 in the following catagories:

CDs - Released and Purchased in 2003

1. Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter
2. Over The Rhine - Ohio
3. Train - My Private Nation
4. The Thorns - The Thorns
5. Sting - Sacred Love

CDs - Purchased in 2003, but not released in 2003

1. Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
2. Bill Mallonee - Locket Full Of Moonlight
3. Will Kimbrough - Home Away
4. David Wilcox - Underneath
5. Martyn Joseph - Don't Talk About Love

1. Bill Mallonee/Will Kimbrough
2. Coldplay
3. Buddy Miller/ Bill Mallonee
4. King's X - although the opening band (a Swiss AC/DC cover band) was a bit of a let down.
5. (tie) Klonakilty - A local Irish band, but worth catching a show if you can. Their CD almost made my top list.
5. (tie) Travis - You have to love an open air concert (yet not free), that you can see without having to pay.

Movies: Viewed in the Theater

1. Lord of the Rings - All three back to back
2. Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl
3. Anger Management
4. Phone Booth
5. Master And Commander

Movies: Viewed on DVD for the first time in 2003

1. Daddy Day Care
2. The Big Kahuna
3. Signs
4. A Mighty Wind
5. Count of Monte Cristo

1. Celebration of Discipline - Richard Foster
2. The Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
4. Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser
5. Saint Ben - John Fischer

1. Arsnic and Old Lace - starring Michael Richards (aka Krammer or Stanley Spadowski)

Well, that is all for now.

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