Talking With Syllable Lisp

The colossal shrimp
Where served in a flaming pan
Much to our surprise.

The "Going Merry"
Not the first name I would pick
To name a punk club.

Forget the prep class
Your SAT scores are found
At your fingertips.

Off to a wedding
My first one in Korea
Should be a good time.

Sit On Strange Toilet Seats

"Futuristic" is the theme at PhotoFriday this week. While I was in Switzerland this spring, I came across this futuristic public toilet. For some reason I was impressed enough to take a photo. Guess it was the fact that the toilet bowl also served as the sink, plus I'm pretty sure it was self cleaning too. What more could you ask for?


On The Road Again

I might not have had the best paying jobs in my life, but the vacation time has not been bad. I have been fortunate to have jobs that have allowed some good travel time during the summer months. The only downside is that my wanderlust is always wanting crazy adventures, fancy destinations, and epic journeys. Last year I was able to take a train from Beijing To Moscow with two good friends, and then spend a few weeks in Europe visiting friends. The question is how does one top that adventure?

I've decided the answer is a great American road trip. In the spirit of the The Muppet Movie, National Lampoon's Vacation, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and Long Way Round, I am hoping for some crazy adventures while seeing the country. The journey will be from Los Angeles, California to Marquette, Michigan, only stopping to visit friends and random road side attractions. Thanks to a good friend, I will be adding about four thousand miles to the odometer of a 1989 Toyota Camry wagon. There are no guarantees that the car will even make it, but my return flight to Korea departs from Marquette. That alone adds to the adventure that is ahead.

The Rough Itinerary:(Google Map of the trip)

June 25 - Arrive in Los Angeles, CA
June 30 - San Louis Obispo, CA
July 1 - Hume Lake, CA
July 3 - Fly to Ontario, CA and begin the drive east.
July 5 - Austin or College Station, TX
July 9 - Dallas, TX
July 11 - Siloam Springs, AR
July 14 - Springfield, MO
July 16 - Newton, KS
July 18 - Kansas City, KS or MO - still debating
July 21 - St. Louis, MO
July 22 - Morton, IL
July 24 - Janesville, WI
July 25 - Republic, MI
July 27 - Marquette, MI

So why should you care? A large part of this trip to reconnect with some friends. And since most of the people who read this blog are friends, that probably means you. If you are in or between any of these cities, drop me a comment or email and hopefully we can meet up. If you are on Facebook, there is a group dedicated to this trip, where you can be kept up to date. Speaking of date, if you are a single gal on the route, perhaps you can get a free meal out of the deal by filling out this application. Oh, and if anyone wants to go along for part of the trip, let me know. There is room in the wagon.

Well, I looking forward to seeing some of you out there on the open highway. Stories will be told, good times will be had, and memories will be made.

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A Weekend Warrior

Went to the tailor
To have a suit custom made
Hope ZZTop's right.

Two weeks for seniors
Three for the rest of the school
Another year gone.

At the baseball game
The team mascot did a flip
And its head popped off.

A summer road trip
Going from Los Angeles
To north Michigan.

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Water Under Another Bridge

The PhotoFriday theme is "Large." I give you the Mackinac Bridge.


Treat Her Right

I pity the fool who doesn't take Mr. T's advice.

Happy Mother's Day.

Beatlemania Has Bitten The Dust

Hello Europe, this is Taejon calling. First I must say great job tonight to Finland for putting on a great show. But what in the world were you all drinking tonight? A little too much absinthe? Ukraine as the second best song? I'll admit that the Serbians did a better job live than I predicted, but I still wouldn't have voted them the best. No, I am not bitter that I only got five right of my top ten. I should have thought more about some of the former republics sticking with their early suppressors. Did not think the Stockholm Syndrome was going to come into play. This can be the only reason that the UK received twelve points from Malta and the seven points from Ireland.

The funny thing is that before the contest only one band emailed to encourage me and my friends to vote. That band came in last. Sorry Ireland, don't blame me, I was out of the EBU's range. Perhaps you can join Iceland in blaming the Eastern European mafia.

Again, don't get me wrong. It was a great show, including the appearance of Apocalyptica and Joulupukki. I look forward to next year's show from Serbia.

Speaking of next year, might I beg Lichtenstein, Italy, and the Vatican City to submit a song. If the Pope does not want to sing for the Vatican City, I'd be willing to give it a shot. Think about it. You know where to reach me.

I hope I am not too harsh to my European friends, but remember you are the ones who supported Hasselhoff's singing career and made "Dragostea Din Tei" a hit song before Gary Brolsoma made it a phenomena, or make that a pheNumaNumena.

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The Judges Will Decide

After the final votes were in, I picked six out of the top ten for the semi-final round in the Eurovision Song Contest. The stage is set for the final showdown of twenty-four countries. I now give you my votes for the top ten in the final round based on my extensive knowledge of European music tastes, geo-political alliances, and attractive lead singers. Let the record show that I have not been swayed by any emails I've received from bands in the competition.

So here is how I think the final votes will be at the end of the show.

1. Hungary - "Unsubstantial Blues"
2. Moldova - "Fight"
3. FYR Macedonia - "Mojot Svet"
4. Latvia - "Questa Notte"
5. Romania - Liubi, Liubi, I Love You
6. Belarus - "Work Your Magic"
7. Bulgaria - "Voda"
8. Finland - "Leave Me Alone"
9. France- Amour a la Francaise
10. Russia - "Song #1"

The winning country hosts the following year's Eurovision Song Contest. This makes me wonder if the Ukraine and United Kingdom were trying their hardest to avoid having to foot the bill for next year's party. All I can say is those countries should be banned for a year for those sorry excuses for music.

Give a look over the full contestants and let me know who you think will win.

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Feeling Good This Friday Afternoon

I'd say not too bad
On my Eurovision picks
Got sixty percent.

Dreaming of the road
Can't wait to jump in the car
And just drive for days.

It's May already
This school year has flown by fast
Five weeks left to go.

Right now on TV
Students are really watching
Home Alone the Third.

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Little Seas Can Be Big Seas

Once again it is time for another PhotoFriday, and the theme this week is "Amber." This photo was shot on a trip with the BFA seniors to Italy.


See My Dealer For Contest Rules

As my dream was ending the other morning, I was in a subway station and listening to a song I had never heard before. Yet in my dream I knew it was a great song, but when I woke I couldn't remember the tune or the lyrics. Unfortunately, it will never be a hit. Interestingly right before I went to bed, I had listened to what could be one of the worst songs ever. But I think I will discuss that in the next post.

I'm writing tonight about what could be my favorite music competition ever, the Eurovision Song Contest. This year forty two countries will be represented my musicians hoping their song will be named the best. In about a days time twenty eight of those will be in the semifinals. Ten will move on to final round where they will join last years top ten countries, plus the big four (U.K., Germany, France, and Spain).

Last year, I picked my top ten from the start. This year, I'm going to break it up in two parts. Today I'll give you my picks for who will move on to the finals, and then in a day or so, I'll give you my picks for the winner, or at least top five. So based on viewing all the videos and my fine judge of music, European tastes, and attractive female vocalists, combined with a little chance, I give you what I believe will be the ten countries to move on to the final round:

1. Andorra - "Salvem El Mon"
2. Israel - "Push The Button"
3. Hungary - "Unsubstantial Blues"
4. Turkey - "Shake It Up Sekerim"
5. Moldova - "Fight"
6. FYR Macedonia - "Mojot Svet"
7. Latvia - "Questa Notte"
8. Bulgaria - "Voda"
9. Belgium - "Love Power"
10. Denmark - "Drama Queen"

Before I close this out, I give you my top three lyrics found on the Eurovision site:
1. "Itch people will gnaw our wishes" - translated from the Moldova's entry.
2. "You colour me blue, run my passion to read, It's feeling like I've become indigo" - Malta's entry
3. "If there were a hundred women there, I'd ask her to dance, even though I don't dance." - translated from the Czech Republic's entry.

Who do you think is moving on to the next round?

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Smoke Against The Sky

Time for another photo in the PhotoFriday collection. This week's theme is "smoke."

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I Get Up Friday Morning

Hey you want to go?
Don't think I'm heading that way
For sure not with you.

Saw Spiderman 3
Before the US release
Take that Davey-boy.

No room to complain
Sure some things could be better
Yet they could be worse.

A broken hard drive
Better than a broken heart
Easier to fix.

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