Loch Ness Would Come Out For This

This week's iMix comes from Scotland, an area I've had the pleasure of crossing a couple of times. I actually got to thinking about Scotland this week after reading Moby's Diary. He was talking about King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. It was in that club that I had my first Scotch, right before a Vigilantes of Love concert. Oh, what a good time, and after the show I was invited to travel with the band to their gig the next night in Edinburgh.

So, to celebrate good music from a great country, I've put together my From the Highlands iMix. Take a listen to some of the great bands who have called Scotland home.

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Another Country, Another Adventure

Well folks, spring break has arrived, and I'm almost packed. In the morning I leave for Bohol, Philippines. I'm helping lead a team of TCIS students work with Habitat For Humanity in the town of Tagbilaran. We will be spending a week there building houses, as well as spending some free time experiencing local culture, visiting the smallest primates in the world, and wandering around the Chocolate Hils.

I'm looking foward to this trip. Although it will be funny watching a few Americans, leading a group of Koreans as they work with Filipinos. And I just hope that the building we do turns out a whole lot better than the fence I helped build on my mission trip to the Czech Republic a few years back. Don't worry, I'll be bringing back some good photos to toss up on the site.

And while it was snowing here in Daejon today, the weather is looking nice in Bohol. So I've got the sunscreen packed. See you all in a week.

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You Learn Something Everyday

Tonight I learned that there is no daylight savings time in Korea. The funny thing is I was thinking it would be funny to remind some friends here to set their clocks back a week earlier then they should. So I guess I just need to tell them to check their American calendars and set their clocks back. So if you are in Korea and reading this, want to join me in playing a joke on some people? And if you are my siblings, please help mom figure out that soon the time difference will soon be changing.

The other day I learned what my Scrabble score is:
Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 19.
What is your score? Get it here.

And finally, after all my years working in the meat production industry I felt this was the right thing to do:

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So That Is What It Was

This morning in church I noticed the words on the screen were shaking in a way that usually doesn't happen with a stationary object. Had I been drinking the night before, I could possibly use that as an excuse, but that wasn't it. It wasn't until I got home and read this, that it all make sense. And if you look at this map, it appears that I'm closer to the epicenter than many Japanese. So now I've experienced quakes on two continents, neither being my home continent. How 'bout that?

In other news, it has been a good weekend so far. Went and saw Hitch the other night, or Mr. Hitch as they like to call it here. Pretty funny film. Chris and I washed the chick flick down with a viewing of 28 Days Later. I found it to be interesting and unique as horror/end of the world films go. I loved the scenes of an abandoned London, as it reminded me of some of my late night wanderings of that town.

Yesterday had lunch with a friend. I'm enjoying trying all the Korean dishes. Yesterday it was Bulgogi. (I think - I'm still learning) And luckily for me, I had more kimchi yesterday than I've had so far. I'm working up a taste for the fermented cabbage. Why did I say luckily, well it looks like kimchi can cure just about anything.

By the way, check out the redesigned RyanCordell.com. Now I just need to figure out how to get this page to match the rest...

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Irish iMix

What better way to get you ready for St. Patrick's Day that with a Made In Ireland iMix

Ok, I guess I could turn your beer or river green.

While getting this iMix ready, I was saddened that I could not include great artists like Klonakilty, Goats Don't Shave, Booley, or Christy Moore or even Dustin the Turkey.

I was also saddened to think that I would not be returning to Ireland anytime soon. It is easily one of my favorite countries, and the many stamps in my passport can confirm that.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from one of my last visits...

Kilkenny Castle

Oh to be on the banks of the Liffy again...

This was taken on the coast of the Irish Sea.

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A Case Of The Mondays

Today, I was suffering from a case of the "I stayed up way too late working on my computer only to have it completely freeze on me" mixed with a case of the Mondays. It was rather frustrating, as I thought all my work was completly destroyed. The worst part was I was having a great time working on the stuff, as my creativity was working overtime. I almost didn't go to bed, I was in such a groove.... until the computer decided to stop.

Luckily, several hours after my panic, the computer mysteriously regained full strength.

All this to say, look for some changes around this place soon.

That and today I finally looked at a website I clicked on three days ago. Yes, I had a window on my computer opened up that long, yet never really read it. I'm nerdy like that. Either way, I needed it to cheer me up on this Monday, and I'm glad it waited for me. So if you need a little something to get you through this Monday, head on over to YogaKitty. While you are there, make sure you watch the yoga videos. This kind of stuff should be manditory to watch on a Monday, as you will be laughing so hard, you will forget that you are going to be stuck in a cubical for five more days.

On a serious side, I found this article funny yet thought provoking.

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Two Videos You Must See

If you only watch two videos online today, I sure hope they are these...

1. People wonder why televangelists get a bad name. Could it be people like this encouraging people to get a "holy ghost enema."

2. On a completely unrelated note, there is a new Star Wars trailer out. You gotta watch this, especially if you are a nerd living in your parent's basement. And don't give me that "I don't currently live in their basement, as I living outside of the local theater until the final Star Wars movie comes out" excuse.

(edit - if the Star Wars link doesn't work, click here for more places to find it.)

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iMixing It Up For You

Ok, as the music elitist that I am, I've decided to help you, the common person. How might you ask? Well, I've signed up with iTunes to serve as an affiliate, which basically means I provide them with advertising and promotions, and they might in turn give me cash. But that is beside the point.

What I am going to do for you, the everyday reader of this site, is on a weekly (or more if I feel like it) introduce you to a special iTunes iMix that I have created. All music I recommend has been tested in my iPod or computer speaker system, and has been approved for your listening ability.

This week I have chosen to celebrate (late) the International Woman's Day by creating a list of Female Solo Artists who I enjoy. In this list are some classic artists and some new artists. There is a hint of country, but mostly some folk and rock. Oh, and I tossed in my favorite of the Spice Girls, just because I can. But don't let that scare you. And don't be afraid to buy a song or two.

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I Can't Think Of A Cool Title

I think Hulk Hogan is in trouble. The funny thing is that shortly before I came across that site, the song "Hulkster in Heaven" was playing on my iTunes. I kid you not.

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Happy Birthday

Today is my little brother's birthday. Being the great brother I am, I have searched the world over for the ideal gift for him. I found a store in Seoul where I might be able to get the perfect gift for him, but they were closed.

I also debated giving him the perfect gift for music lovers in your life - iTunes gift certificates or even a membership to Netflix.com

In the end, I headed over to the world's largest garagest sale and picked out something I hope he enjoys.

So bro, if you are reading this. Happy Birthday. Hope you get the gift soon. And just be glad I didn't get you some of these....again.

And to all the ladies who are reading this, Happy International Womans Day. Now go bake my brother a cake.

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Good Day Out

I had some time off today, so I hopped a train to Seoul, where I met up with two former students from my time at Black Forest Academy. As I had not seen either one of them for over four years, I wasn't too sure what to expect. But immediately when each of them arrived, I knew this was going to be a good day.

My hosts for the day:

After a little wandering around and short trip on the metro, we found a place to eat a Korean dish I hadn't tried. Let me tell you, I found yet another dish that I could eat on a regular basis. After lunch we headed over to a cool little coffee shop. They had me sample various Korean teas as we talked about the old days, what I liked about Korea, where people we knew were, and other random facts of life.

After a few hours of hanging out, it was back to the train station so I could make it back to work this evening. Needless to say, I would say today was one of the best days I've had here. I think it was the combination of connecting with old friends, experiencing a city with local people (not tourists), and some good food.

HBR guys at Seoul Station:

By the way, the comedian Lewis Black talks aboutThe End Of The Universe is where there are two Starbucks across from the street from each other. Well, I think I found something worse today. It is an Outback restaurant less than a block away from another Outback.

Oh, and before I left, my friends got me some bling for my hand phone. So now I have this guy attached to my phone.

I'm sooo fitting in here.

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Boy In A Tree

When I was a boy when I was growing up
Life was so simple then, life was so sweet
Now that I'm older I am wise as a fool
I keep breaking those golden, golden rules
- "Dolphins Make Me Cry" by Martyn Joseph

I've gone so far from my home
I've seen the world and I have known
So many secrets
I wish now I did not know
'Cause they have crept into my heart
They have left it cold and dark
Growing Young by Rich Mullins

My aunt sent me this photo recently....

I started thinking about that little boy in the tree. Back then he didn't have a care in the world. He knew nothing about student loans, car insurance, or the sting of rejection. He was content running around the neighborhood and finding new trees to climb. It would be years after he climbs down from that branch before he gets a job and learns about responsibility. Years before he discovers the pain of losing a friend. All he wanted to do was explore, yet he didn't know where his 'sploring would take him in the future.

Man, I miss that kid. I miss the innocence that once existed. I wish I could go back and give him some advice. Let him know a few people to trust more, a few to trust less. I'd tell him a few girls to acknowledge more, and few to avoid like the plague. He would hear about saving money, studying harder, and to avoid fast food.

But knowing that kid, it wouldn't help. Sure he would listen, but he would want to find out for himself. He might think twice about a few of the tips, and who knows it might save him some heartache or put some extra change in his pocket. And really, if he were to alter too much in his path, that boy might not turn out as well.

What am I saying? Who really knows? I guess I just want to be up in that tree right now. I want the feeling that all there is to life is spending time with friends, and seeing how high up a tree you can climb. I want to know that I haven't disappointed or abandoned the dreams of the little kid in the tree.

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Need A Ride??

Who doesn't want to own a really cool car? Check this fine classic automobile out. As an extra incentive for readers of this site, I can guarantee that I have placed my hands on this car. How cool is that? Oh, and can you guess what the current owner's favorite film is?

While you are checking out eBay, you might as well look at this odd auction.

In other news.... bed head is the new hotness.

Now go bid on that car.

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Some Artists Lack The Soul

So this is the problem with celebrities these days...   I'm making my birthday wish list now

Who's soul do you want to put on your shelf?

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