So This Is My Cassette

In my cleaning process, I have come upon a large crate of cassette tapes from a time long ago. For those of you who do not know what a cassette tape is, it is what people used to listen to music before Ipods and even CDs, although not as far distant as the 8-track.

I want to see what is recorded on them before I either toss them or return them to storage. Unfortunately, most are unlabeled. So I have dusted off the old boom box, and am listening to all these tapes. I am hoping to find some of my long lost interviews with several artists, but so far I have found:

1. Answering machine tapes from both my brother and my machines during college.
2. A recording of 20 The Countdown's tribute to Rich Mullins
3. A recording of Jerry Springer's Dr. Talk.
4. A couple tapes where I am driving around talking into a recorder for no apparent reason.
5. My first broadcast on KLRC
6. My airchecks that I sent to radio stations in hope of a job.
7. The theme songs from 1991-1995 summer camps at Miracle Camp. Word!
8. Some salsa and meringue music from my time in Venezuela.
9. A tape I made of Christian music sped up to sound like the Chipmunks.
10. The KLRC Christmas greetings circa 1995 or 1996.

There are some gems that I might even transfer to MP3 for all to hear. But for now I must go back to cleaning.


We Have The Facts

The big craze sweeping through my friend list on Facebook is to post 25 random facts about oneself. You are then to tag 25 friends, who are to do the same. It is like a friendship knowledge Ponzi scheme. I figured I should post the list here as well, since some of my readers here are not my facebook friends. Yeah I'm talking to you, Fox's dad. So here are twenty-five random facts about myself that you may or may not have known. I know I have posted about a few of these. Enjoy.

1. I have three different valid drivers licenses in my wallet.
2. I have been to as many countries as years spent on this planet.
3. While I started my musical career on the French horn, I quickly switched to the tuba partially because I thought it would be more impressive to the ladies.
4. There have been few days in the last fifteen years when my face was completely shaved.
5. I am a big fan of the judge shows, especially People's Court, Judge Judy and Judge Mathis.
6. My name appeared in a list of thanks in a nationally released album.
7. I am a bit of a pistachio snob. If they are not Turkish, I will probably pass them up.
8. My minor in college was camping.
9. CNN has broadcast my face on at least two separate occasions.
10. I drive a twenty year old car that a friend gave to me. And I love it.
11. The last free car I owned, I totaled in Italy about a mile from the Mediterranean Sea. Bon Jovi was on the radio at the time.
12. Speaking of Bon Jovi, if you watch their Crush DVD close enough, you might see me in the crowd.
13. According to iTunes, you can listen to my music collection for one hundred days. That doesn't include the cassettes and records that have not be converted to mp3s.
14. I have consumed balut, dinuguan, and kimchi, yet still find banana to be the most disgusting taste I have encountered.
15. One of my favorite ways to sightsee is to wander around cities in the middle of night.
16. I have an amazing sense of direction. Sense of style still lacking.
17. When I travel, I like to read appropriate books. Romans in Rome, Ephesians in Ephesus, Dostoyevsky in Russia, Moby Dick while out at sea, etc.
18. Scuba Advanced Open Water certified
19. I am a sucker for street musicians. I have a collection of cds from some of my favorites.
20. I own the Marvin the Martian t-shirt and cape that Steve Zahn wore in Daddy Day Care.
21. I was picked up by the Chinese military near the Russian and North Korean borders with China.
22. Because of stories like that, some I know thought I wasn't really a missionary, but a spy.
23. I messed up some psychology tests because I love the solitude as much as the center of attention.
24. I had to talk to a counselor about those messed up tests. He looked just like Dr. Leo Marvin.
25. Someday I am going to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

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Sure Beats Raising Cattle

Costume is the theme this week at PhotoFriday. Last summer, I took my sister-in-law and nieces to Chick-fil-A for their Cow Appreciation Day. This guy was there to claim his free meal for dressing up like a cow. I only received a free sandwich, as I only wore a cow themed hat. Guess I just wasn't that committed to the cause.


Make A Bid On That

Ponch Action Figure, originally uploaded by rycordell.


I got some random stuff on Ebay, as I am trying to clean out my parents' basement. At this point there are some DVD sets, some CDs, some movie memorabilia I have collected over the years, and a few random action figures, including Ponch.

Some items are ending in the next day, and there will be more posted in the next few days. Heck, if there is something I own you would like in your possession, give me a call or leave a comment, and I might just put it up for bids. I am trying to clean out the closet, so you just never know what I am willing to get rid of. Who would have thought I would have put Ponch up for bids?

So get on over to Ebay and get yourself a deal on a piece of Ryan Cordell history.


Shiny Happy People

This week the theme at PhotoFriday is iconic. I took this photo on my last trip to California. This statue is located on the campus/compound of the Crystal Cathedral. My friend Dave and I both were puzzled by the metallic baby Jesus. I think I made the joke that he looks less like the son of God, and more like the son of Destro. Cobra-la-la-la-la-la-la!


Don't Sleep In The Subway

This week's theme at PhotoFriday is Meditation. This is a photo taken during my last few weeks in Korea.


Know It's Only Words

Sometimes I am amazed at the things people announce to the world. A few months ago I posted about the lady at the Grand Canyon who couldn't wait to see what her photos would look like on the computer. I honestly thought it would be a while before I had something as golden to pass along.

Well, tonight it happened again. I overheard another phrase that made me wonder if there are too many chemicals in the foods we consume. This evening I had a ticket to see Spamalot. As a fan of both Monty Python and tolerator of musical theater, I figured I was in for a good time. I was not disappointed. It is a funny show, so funny I think the guy a couple seats over laughed to the point of wetting one's self. But the line that made me laugh the most was not from the show, but the couple behind me. At intermission, one turned to the other and said,

"I did not know this was a comedy"

Think about this for a second. A couple paid money for seats to a musical written by a comedian based on a comedic movie that he and other members of his very famous comedy troupe wrote and stared in. Even the title sounds humorous. Spamalot! Or were they expecting a sad tale about someone's email inbox and while they did find cheap drugs, ways to increase their size, and helped a widow transfer her late husband's great fortune out of the country that killed him, they could never find true love?

And if that wasn't bad enough, I heard a similar sentiment from someone else near me as well. This made me wonder if these people have extra money laying around and will go to see anything playing at the local civic center. Is it that hard to use the Google to find out if Spamalot is a comedy? But most of all, did they need to announce to the people in the cheap seats that they probably should have stayed home and watched American Idol? Really people, sometimes it is best to not verbalize all your thoughts. But I guess I have to thank those who do give me a good laugh once in a while with their clueless comments. So there you go.

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When I Think Of Winter

It has been a while since I have been online on a Friday for PhotoFriday. This week's theme is White. I chose one of the photos I took last month while I was wandering around the frozen lake. This was from one of the sunnier days. Part of me wishes I was back up there, although I hear it is bitter cold. But that is what the wood stove is for, right?


Enjoy The Silence

Once in a while someone comes up with an idea so stupid it might just work. Today, I came across this report about a silent radio station. Every couple minutes it sends your computer or phone gets a message with the title of some potential earworm. I'm guessing it ranges from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and It's A Small World to Ice, Ice Baby and Hey Ya. (Thank me later for getting that combo of songs stuck in your head.)

So now that that idea is taken, I guess the only thing to do is Christianize* it. Just think of it now, all the great Christian songs broadcast in silence to your computer or phone. I imagine it now. "You just heard Sandi Patty sing Love In Any Language, here is Michael W. Smith with Friends, followed by The Champion by Carman. And don't forget Psalty Saturdays, with twice the Psalty every hour."

Hmmm, maybe it could work.

* Christianize in this case has nothing to do with Christ, but with the Christian Subculture, which according to some really should have more to do with Christ.


So This Is The New Year

Did you miss me? Cause I missed you. It has been a few weeks since I have posted. The funny thing is that I have had a steady internet connection during most of that time. In fact, I think since I left my hermit ways in the woods, I have had less social interaction with people outside my family than I did before. That could be a sad commentary on my life, but I'll just say it was due to the holidays.

So now I am still in civilization and trying to figure out what to do next. Do I return to the woods? Do I use my frequent flier miles and travel somewhere fun? Or do I try to find a job? So many choices, so many directions.

I do know I am hoping to do some house cleaning. Both online and off. I just renewed this domain for a few more years, so I would like to revamp this site. I am also planning on cleaning out a lot of junk I have collected over the years in the material world. I will probably be posting links to eBay soon.

So stay tuned, you never know what is next.

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