Haiku For You

First I would like to say that anyone with a blog, journal, website or even one of them cool sky-writing planes is welcome to join in the fun of Haiku Friday. So far it is just Chris and I, as far as I know. This week I'm feeling generous so I give you two personal haiku and my pop culture haiku for the week....

Retreat this weekend
They tell us there are no beds
I hope they are wrong.

Questions in my life
I know I have to decide
The unknown scares me

Small town highschoolers
Fighting to save their country
They were Wolverines

Mad props to those who can name the movie refrenced in the pop culture haiku.

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New T-shirt Idea

I don't want anyone to take this idea, but I'm thinking of making a shirt that says, "Your stupidity is wearing me down." And I want to wear it RIGHT NOW!!!

In other news I've used the word seismologist and tributary in discussions this week. Why do I tell you? I have no real clue... I'm just bored.

It has been a good week. I had a good solo bike ride to an area of town that felt like a ghost town , grilled some Johnsonville Brats in the sunshine, cruised with a friend in his sweet van, I've finished a couple books, went on a good walk with a friend, hot water returned to my shower, and the local McDonald's is closing on Friday. Yes, I might be the only white person in this country excited about this, but what can I say?

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It is Haiku Friday Somewhere

Here are my weekly poetry attempts... (first a personal one, then the routine pop culture haiku.)

Living in new place
Not too bad by all accounts
Still need internet.

Life moves pretty fast
Got to stop and look around
Said Ferris Bueller.


Almost Like Home

I've almost have my new apartment set up, and it has been quite the experience doing so. The other day I was upset, as I had to walk a few blocks to my old apartment for a shower. Well, on the way there, I passed a man on the street who was washing himself from a basin of water behind a grocery store. And if that wasn't humbling enough, I was also debating the fact I had to walk to campus to use a toilet, when I saw a mother holding her young child in her arms so he could relieve himself on the side of the road. A touching, yet a bit disturbing, display of love.

Tomorrow is a day off, and I think a good chunk will be spent hanging things on walls, setting up my office area, and cleaning the mess. Yippie.

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Moving On Up

I'm back from Seoul, and have officially moved into my new apartment. This means no more roommate, no more commuting to work, no more carrying my laptop back and forth everyday... But this also means, no shower, cable, internet or air conditioning for a few days until things are completed. Which begs the question, which of those four could you go the longest without?

Seoul was good... stories and photos will come soon. But until then, my travel tip for tonight is don't expect things to be open during a major holiday weekend. You think I'd have learned this before, but noooooo.

Now I must return to my room to continue the unpacking. It is in times like this, I hate having stuff.

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Haiku Friday

My personal haiku for today:

On a train for Seoul
Adventures are awaiting
Long weekends are great.

and the (new - as the originally posted one stunk) pop culture haiku:

Girl from Who's The Boss
Tried to have a music job
Nice try Alyssa.


The Light

I have a pet peeve when it comes to weblogs. It is when people post complete lyrics to a song. Sure a quote or two is alright, but posting the whole song is just silly. But tonight I have the urge to do just that. But instead, I'll just put a couple of the lines, and give the link to the full lyrics. This song came on my iPod a couple weeks ago, and I had to listen to it a couple times. It is amazing how often my iPod shuffle appears to know what song I need at the right time... (As I type this - Lovesong by The Cure) Well, The Light by the Proclaimers came at just the right time, and has been stuck in my head. If you are not a fan of the Proclaimers, you are missing out on some great music. And no it isn't all about walking 500 miles.

So what are the lyrics that are still being tossed about my head?

You say it lights every pathway
Shows me how to live life
For the rest of my days
But I can't put my faith in
Your words and demands
I believe in God alright
It's folk like you I just can't stand

You don't have to try and scare me
To reinforce my faith sir
'cos I know that one day
I'll stand before my maker

And if I'm found wanting
When my case is heard
It'll be by the author
Not some interpreter of his words

Please feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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What's Brunch?

Today, as with many Saturdays, there is a brunch served in the cafeteria. The funny thing is that I've had to describe what brunch is to several different people in the last twenty hours, and they are not all students. I want to respond with "You'll love it. It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would get at breakfast, but you get a good meal." Can anyone tell me the source, sans google usage?

My future dive buddy has declared all Fridays as Haiku Friday. I'm going to join him from time to time in this quest to produce a new haiku each week. So this week I give you two. One based on real life, the other to add to my collection of haikus about pop culture:

Subway sandwiches
Three flavors of gelato
Thursday night dinner

Fun toy in the box
When done my milk is purple
Booberry breakfast

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Farewell, Little Buddy

Sad news in the world of shipwreck fans...Gilligan has left the island.

I think I'm going to go home and watch:


Fun Fact

A fun little fact I learned in the last 24 hours is that the Everglades is the only place in the world where aligators and crocidiles live together.

And to prove my last post true, the typhoon has changed path and is not heading to Korea.

I've got nothing...

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Blame It On The Weatherman

This week I discovered a job I have no abilities to fill.... that of a weather forcaster. It started on Wednesday when I was asked by a friend if I had heard about any hurricanes heading toward Korea. I said that I doubt it, and it would first travel over Japan, and would weaken before it even made it to this side of Korea. Well, kids, I was partially true... there are no hurricanes heading this way, but there is a typhoon. In fact Nabi just got downgraded from a Super Typhoon, and at the time of this post is a catagory 4 storm that should hit Korea Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then on Thursday a friend asked if they should continue to carry an umbrella back and forth to work. As it had been clear the last few days, I informed said person to leave it at work. Well, when before I even made it to my front door on Friday, I could hear the rain pouring down, and when I say pouring down, I mean I could have almost swam to work. Needless to say, Ryan felt like a complete idiot, which he sometimes is.