Time For Me To Fly

Before I leave for the week (see previous post) I want to give you my haiku for the week. They are not the best those kids in my haiku sweatshop have produced, so no cheap souvenirs from Philippines for them.

I've gone to build homes
And climb smallest volcano
See you in a week.

On a plane with kids
Remembering the model
Who made me laugh once.

Staying up too late
Taking a walk in the dark
Was it just a dream?

Classic Lucas film
Space creature saves planet Earth
It's Howard The Duck.

This man has a dream
He's dying to be in film
And that is the joke.

Please help me get free
Boss Man Ryan treats us bad
Makes us write haiku.

Whoops, how did that last one get in there... Oh well, there goes that one bag of dried mango I was going to bring those little kids.

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Working On The Building

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love this life that God has allowed me to live and experience. I'm thankful for the people he has put into my life to the places he has directed me. It has been a fun, crazy adventure so far...

Like tomorrow, when I will be boarding a plane for the Philippines. Four other adults and I will be leading thirteen students on a trip to work with Habitat For Humanity. For a week we will be building homes, very similar to what I did last spring break. This year instead of heading to Bohol, we are going to be around Tagaytay, home of the world's smallest active volcano.

There is something about taking kids out of their comfort zone to help others that excites me. I love these kinds of trips. Partially because it was a trip like this that got started in this life of ministry. Also it give me a chance to get to know the students better in a setting outside of the dorm or classrooms. These trips also allow us to see a country not as tourists, but as participants and helpers of local ministries. And most importantly, I'm always amazed at what God does through, in, and sometimes in spite of me on a trip like this. If you want to learn a little more you can read the latest letter I sent out to my prayer supporters.

Well, I've got to go pack now.

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It's Discord And Rhyme

In a few days some students and I will be
Building houses with Habitat for Humanity
Somewhere near the South China Sea
I'll get to ride in a cool jeepney
Near the smallest volcano one can see
And eat mangos right off the tree
Temperature gages will be above 80 degree
My iPod is packed with songs by Bill Mallonee
And many other of my favorite MP3
From this weather I'm ready to flee
I just wish you could come with me.

Did I mention on that volcano we will trek?
I just hope I don't get sunburnt on my neck
I should put on my iPod some music by Beck
And pack fifty two cards, you know a deck
My travel bag I got on a similar trip to the Czech
In Italy, I did have an automobile wreck
This poem should have ended, but what the heck
Here is a self portrait by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.


Winter Makes You Laugh A Little Slower

I'm in charge of snack time every night in the dorm. Thus part of my job is trying to stay on budget, while providing a variety of snacky goodness for the students. Luckily, every month the fine folks down in Lunch Lady Land will provide our dorm with a free cake. We usually try to schedule it around a birthday of one of the students. But this month we didn't have any birthdays, and I didn't think the kids would want to celebrate the births of Tiffani Amber Thiessen or Richard Dean Anderson. Did everyone born on this day get three names?

Back to the cake story... we decided, as we have some new students joining us this sememster, that we would have a welcome cake. When placing the cake order, they asked what should they put on the cake. Well, my dorm mom responded with, "Write welecome on it."

So tonight we welcomed our students to a new semester. We welcomed the new students to life in Stone Dorm. And we served them some free cake. We served them some great cake We served them some moist cake. We served them cake that said....

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The Electric Camel Drum

It is not every day that I see news online about the area I left. Yesterday, I was shocked to see my mother's home town was in the Yahoo News - Oddly Enough section. But then again, it is not every day a camel breaks loose in Havana, Illinois. There is so much I'd love to say about this whole incident or the town where it happened, but I'll refrain at this point...

Instead, I pose a question to all, and ask that you please leave your response in the comment section...

In the world of employment, is it better to love what you do or do what you love?

Discuss and leave your thoughts.


Say The Words

You know, when we were kicking the idea of posting haiku on Friday, it sounded like a good idea... now it is an obsession! I fear what will happen to this world if a Friday comes and there are no fresh haiku for you. But, alas, today we postpone that potential danger for yet antoher week...

Eating gelato
Going to try all flavors
Including the cheese.

Five thousand in coins
Batting cages at midnight
Driving the balls deep.

Talked to the parents
Was shocked to find out the news
They use the word blog.

New York crime fighter
Is he man or animal
Or just Manimal?

Talking birds are cool
They can even help fight crime
But can't keep secrets.

Robots on the way
They may strike at any time
Call Old Glory now!

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Slur To A Favorite Rhyme

When I was in Thailand I had a cough
And Mr. Flynn was a cool college prof.
With no eProps I show MrScottie my scoff
Even though he liked my entry about the Hoff.
The meat buffet makes you take your shoes off.

I've been told it will be one fine March day
When I finally get to ride the Daejon subway
And on that day I'll be riding it all the way.
My German insurance man wore a toupee
I once said every party needs a cheese tray
And when I dove I saw a few giant moray
I think this poem has hit a new level of disarray
But I'll finish it off with a self portrait of Monet.


Looking For Freedom

Many of you know that I mock the fact that people put too much stock into celebrity marriages. Many of you also know I love to toss a Hasselhoff link every now and then. Well, unfortunately, the two topics have collided.

I guess that good vacation to Cabo San Lucas wasn't as good as it could have been. Perhaps his wife found living with him was like Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical. And to think, she believed him when he was "hooked on a feeling." I guess he really isn't crazy for you. And as he sang as the Berlin Wall fell, he is currently looking for freedom.

And if those video links were not good enough for you... try this one.

I've given you more Hasselhoff links than the average person can take, but you my reader are above average. In fact, I bet you could even use one more Hoff link.

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It's Not Really Poetry, But It Is Pretty

I just got back from my sweatshop where I've got children writing haiku twenty-two hours a day. I warned them they better have some good stuff for this Haiku Friday, or their will be no lunch breaks for a month. I hope these appease you haiku-loving freaks out there.

Just one year ago
Walking the streets of Paris
Where my heart broke once.

Playing hearts online
Shot the moon twice in a row
My ratings went up.

Strawberry muesli
Makes a great snack anytime
Not just at breakfast.

Oh that MacGuyver
He could repair anything
With duct tape and gum.

Who needs to get drunk
That feeling can be obtained
With sleep inertia.

Man tries to kill mouse
The flames should have done him in
Should have used a cat

The cable was paid
Propped in front of the t.v.
That's just her mummy.

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Istanbul, Not Constantinople

Am I the only one who read the headline wrong that said, "Turky Scrambles to Contain Flu Outbreak?" I'm not sure what is usually in a Turkey Scramble, but I'll take mine without the Avian Flu, please.

Call me crazy, but if the region were still called the Ottoman Empire would they be dealing with the bird flu?

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Old Fashioned Story Book Rhyme

If you are a young boy or a senora
A doctor or breader of angroa
Or one who loves to wear a fedora
There is a cool music site called Pandora
Who's collection could be called a plethora.

In Thailand some mistook me for a European
While I was there I ate like an epicurean
Even though I am just a mere peon
My friend helped me work on my Korean
This is a self portrait of Rembrant van Rijn.

It's Not Easy To Be Me

The other night I went to watch Narnia, and one of the previews was for the new Superman Returns movie. I was shocked as I heard the voice over. Is Hollywood targeting the new film towards the religious crowd? Or did was it a mere coincidence that I heard something that sounded very much like the Gospel message? Check out the trailer, and you decide. I did find this interesting read about the original Superman movie.

And if you are like me, I must apologize and say how sorry I am. But if you are like me, you will find this website very helpful, dangerous, addictive, informative, and your new best friend. You suggest a favorite artist or song and in seconds you have an online station based on similar artists or songs. How stinkin' cool is that?

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I Don't Like Mondays

Vacation is over. Officially, I guess I still have about seven hours, but that time should be sleeping. As I've looked back on my photos from the last couple weeks, I realized I either didn't take as many as I thought. I'll give you two tonight and I've put a few others up at my flikr site.

This is where they filmed The Beach. I did my night dive in this bay.
This is me with a former student from BFA. We met up in Seoul, where I actually got to show him around a little.

Well, time to sleep and dream of just a little more vacation time.

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Here Comes The Haiku

It is Friday. And regular visitors to this page know that is when another crop of haiku is harvested by the migrant workers I employ. They take out the pits, clean them up, and deliver them to me, along with some freshly squeezed lemonade. I then pick the best looking haiku to place on this display case of life. Enjoy.

He arrived early
The first son of a farmer
They named him Ryan.

Traveling backwards
To meet a friend from the past
But looking ahead.

Vacation schedule
Going to bed at seven
Steak after midnight.

Olivier likes slugs
He saw a big octopus
Told Chris not to dive.

Yellow and black tights
Rock and roll with a God theme
They covered Friends well.

Bird flu got you down
Eat plenty of sauerkraut
Or get some kimchi.

Some people eat fish
others make pets out of them
Then there is this gal.

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Best Of The 2005

Well, it time once again for my list of favorites for the year that has just passed. As I looked back over this year, I again was reminded how lucky, spoiled, and/or blessed I am to live this crazy life. In the year that was 2005 I touched three continents, completely circumnavigated the globe, and learned to scuba dive. And along the way, I've met some great people who I now consider friends.

But on to the lists (in no particular order):

1. The Man Called CASH : The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend
2. Take Me With You
3. A Long Way Down
4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
5. The Unbelievable Origin of Superspiff & The Toothpick Kid

1. Millions
2. Batman Begins
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

1. Blue Merle - Burning in the Sun
2. A Girl Called Eddy - A Girl Called Eddy
3. Over The Rhine - Drunkard's Prayer
4. Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful
5. Bill Mallonee - Dear Life
6. Spoon - Gimme Fiction
7. Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
8. Moby - Hotel
9. Kaiser Cheifs - Employment
10. Mae - The Everglow
11. Say Hi To Your Mom - Ferocious Mopes

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Sometimes They Rhyme

Oh the places I did roam
In a tuk tuk with some chrome
But now I'm back home
Where I left my comb.

The trip to Phuket is done
And all in all we had some fun
Now I'm back spending won
And fearing my neighbor's airgun.


Take Me Home

A few of my readers might be interested to know that I ushered in the New Year by watching two soccer matches on a big screen. And to one of my readers, I ask the question: "is not the basic idea of soccer (or football as you might call it) to kick the ball into the goal that your team is not defending?" Whoops.

And that my friends was the highlight of my New Year Celebration. Blame it on the unsafe feeling of random people shooting off dangerous amounts of pyrotechnics in the streets. Perhaps it is that I've grown tired of seeing a lot of white men with Thai girls about half their age walking arm in arm. Or maybe, it is just that I'm ready to head back to Korea. Either way, I'm ready to pack the bags and kiss Phuket good-bye.

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