Get On The Peace Plane

Ok, so the guy who sang "Peace Train" and "Morning Has Broken" was listed as a potential terrorist and not allowed to fly into America. Or at least that is what the Government is telling you.

But if you check out this article you will see there is more to the story. Read the article and then ask yourself these questions:

1. If the guy is on a no fly-list, how did he get on the plane?
2. If he is a threat an is not allowed in America, why did the plane land in Maine?
3. If he is threat to our American ways, why "while in Washington last May, met with officials of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives "to talk about philanthropic work," according to White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan."???

Some one once said,
"I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware....
Baby, it's a wild world."

Boy was he right.


I Was Mistaken

An update, and admittance of my weekly error....

Yesterday, I wrote about the rat game. I guess since I left the country they have changed the game a little. It now consists of a wheel with the letters A-Z (That is pronounced Zed for my British and Canadian readers.) So you place your quarter on the letter you think the little rat will head towards.

In other fun festival news, last night while dining with the family and friends, we noticed a unique site. Traditionally at an event like this there are many helium balloons around. Some are used to have contests to see how far they will fly, some are used to remind you to vote for the politician running for office, some just to placate a small child. Well, last night we saw what I thought was humourous use of balloons. I'm assuming some high schoolers, instead of inhaling the air out of the balloons to talk funny, had attached at least fifteen to twenty balloons together, and then attached one of those fish in a plastic bags that you can win at fairs like this. So there about fifty feet above our table was a fish heading off into the atmosphere. Rough guess would put him somewhere over Indianapolis by this afternoon.

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Insanity, I Tell You

I'm back in Morton, Illinois. See it is time for their big annual Pumpkin Festival. According to statistics this town packages over 85% of the world's canned pumpkin. Dang that is a lot of pumpkin, or at least until you learn that most of the world does not have access to canned pumpkin.

The parade is one of the highlights of the festival every year for most people. In fact it is so popular that although the parade does not happen until Saturday morning, already by midnight last night an estimated 1/6 of the parade route had been staked out by people. There are lawn chairs marking and reserving people's preferred viewing areas. Insanity, I tell you. (Although, I was compelled to put out my own chairs to make sure I get a prime spot for all the candy throwing and politician heckling.)

But to a few of us the parade is not the highlight of the grand festivities. No it is a little spot on the corner of First Street and Adams, right behind the basketball courts where I played as a child. Yes, my friends, that is where the crazy rat spinning game has been set up for years. For those who know nothing of the crazy rat spinning game, it works like this.... A giant spinning wheel is set up on a table, similar to a roulette wheel. That wheel is marked off in ten to fifteen different colors, as well as each color has a small hole in the board. After people place down their quarters on their choice color, the carnie places a rat under a bucket in the center of the wheel, and proceeds to spin the wheel. The bucket is then lifted, and the fun begins, as the dizzy and confused rat heads towards one of the holes on the color wheel. And if he enters the colored hole you picked, you win a prize. Now that, my friends, is pure entertainment.

So, if you are looking for me this weekend, I should be along a parade route, enjoying some pumpkin pie or an elephant ear, or most likely betting on crazy rats.


Singing My Praises

A friend told me he was singing my praises the other day. While I try to discourage this practice, I do request that if you must sing my praises, please do it in the key of F# and in 7/8 time. That is all.

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Another Day In Paradise

Today I stepped out of the wilderness. I did it partially because I wanted to stock up the emptying fridge. I also did it to help out with the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon on the local television station. I did it as I had a good friend who was one of Jerry's kids. He has left a huge impact on my life, and I want to be able to do my part to help. I met some really cool people from the area, including one kid with MD.

After that it was a quick stop for some Chinese food, some supplies, and back to the wild.

Oh, and while the networks were trying to sucker everyone into watching their new fall programs the other night, I was out watching some otters and beavers swim around one of the bays. Sure it might not have had the cool special effects those shows might have, but when one full sized male beaver slaps his tail down as a warning to you to get the heck out of his area, it gets the point across.

Until another day...

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Life In The Wild

How many of you have had a school of fish swim up to you while you were washing your hair? That was one of many wilderness experiences this week. I feel like I'm becoming a little like Grizzly Adams, all I need now is a bear cub.

And don't worry, I'm not just sitting around watching animals all day. I spent a good amount of time the other day working on the building. My job was mixing cement as we poured the footings for a pump house. I think I impressed the guy, as he didn't expect me be able to mix it as well as I did.

To those who question my addition of technology to my wilderness experience... I decided since I'm only leaving the woods about once a week or two, I need to be able to check my emails every couple days. This way I don't miss any great job offers, engagement announcements, or the opportunity to help some Nigerian transfer money out of his country. Plus I need to keep all the fans up to date on my life.

In final news, I've just sent out my latest prayer letter to update people.

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