Naked Chef Meets The Queen

Recently the Naked Chef received a royal honor. Don't worry, I'm not promoting anything sketchy, but if you haven't seen the Naked Chef or Jamie Oliver's other shows, you are truely missing out. This guy not only can cook, but he is actually quite funny. I've found myself watching this show just for the laughs, over many "sit-coms" out there. Check it out.

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Just When You Thought You Had Read It All

There is a new report out warning of the dangers of second hand gas. So go easy on the chilli this winter.

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Too Lazy To Update My Own Site

Hey, for a while I've been thinking about putting up some new photos from the last few months on my site, but dang it, I've just gotten too busy doing things like breathing. But if you are hoping to see some photos of my recent trip to Italy, and just can't wait for me to post them on this site, please feel free to stop by that other little site that I help operate and check out the photos from the trip. I promise that I'll get more up of me on this site soon.

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And You Didn't Expect This?

So a family has had to move because the street they lived on for the last 15 months has become butt of too many jokes I just wonder, didn't they take that into consideration when they moved in?

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The Rerun Has Finished

Sad news from the world of entertainment from my youth, Fred "Rerun" Berry has passed away. What the article fails to mention is that he released a Christian music album back in the late 80s. The other cool thing is that he was working at Hollywood Is Calling a service where you can get various actors to call a friend or family to give them a seasonal greeting, motivational speech, or just say hi. How cool is that. And if anyone is interested in dropping some money, I'd love to have Todd Bridges or Ron Palillo give me a call. Email me for my number.

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Is Stupidity Illegal?

Well, this week a man was the first to survive going over Niagara Falls without any safety device. What I'm curious about is why police were seen walking him away in handcuffs. Is it illegal to go over the falls? Did he cross the Canadian/American boarder without a passport? Or was he drinking and swimming?

The other interesting item to the story is that it talks about a dozen daredevils who have attempted the plunge, and the unknown numbers of suicides. So what separates the daredevil and the suicidal person, besides a fancy outfit of course?

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Song Stuck in Your Head?

Who would have thought that someone actually is doind studies on songs getting stuck in one's head? well, they concluded there is no cure for songs stuck in your head. To most people this could be a frustration, but I see it as a welcome thing. In fact, I'm always looking for a new song to get stuck there.

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There Are Signs

What do you do if you have posted speed limit signs and no one is obeying them? Well, a N.J. town is having fun with speed limit signs, but will it work. It kind of reminds me of one sign I saw when I was driving that said, "Please obey road signs." If I failed to obey all the rest, why would this one make me start?

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Big Lights in the Big Sky

So, I'm reading about lidar testing going on over the skys of Montana. Which in itself sounds cool, but then I gets to thinking, as I am sometimes prone to do. I ask myself a few questions, which thankfully, I have not come to answer - Cause then I would just look like I'm crazy.

But really, if crazy lights are being shot into space over a major city in Montana, don't you think more than 50 people would show up. Isn't this the same concept as a used car dealer putting a giant spotlight in their lot to attract people?

Also, the first line says, "if you saw a strange light in the sky over Bozeman Tuesday or Thursday night it's OK to talk about it. Your weren't hallucinating." Does this mean that people in Bozeman are prone to hallucinate and see strange lights on a regular basis, but Tuesday and Thursday they had a real reason to see lights?

And finally, how big is the campus of MSU, if they won't give a specific location, to make the search for the lights "more fun." Haven't they taken out some of the fun already by narrowing it down that much?

Wait, I have one more question. I was re-reading this, and it says, "Bromenshenk has trained bees to detect mines, and the laser can detect the bees..." Could we not just skip the bees, and train lasers to detect mines?

I guess in the end, that is why I didn't study science, but radio broadcasting. Not too many brains required to play music. And speaking of music.....

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Knock Knock. Who's There? The Artist Formerly Known As......

Imagine if you will, you are sitting at home watching some "Must See TV" and there is a knock at the door (although who knocks in our high tech world of doorbells?). So you go to see who is there and low and behold it is a Preacher formerly known as Prince. He is there to convince you that the Jehovah's Witness way is the way to go. Although I don't agree with the system of belief, I would think it was cool to have him at my doorstep. In fact, if it happened, I would probably "party like it was 1999." Makes me wonder when the last time Amy Grant went door to door.

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Makes you wonder?

Read the second paragraph of this article, and then ask yourself Who leaked the story about ending leaked stories? Doesn't this pretty much defeat the purpose?

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Cub Fans Unite - Boycott Holiday Inn

Ok, I'm upset as much as the next guy that the Cubs got so stinking close, but then blew it. And yes, it was upsetting that a Cub fan might have had something to do with the demise of the team in some peoples opinion, but I don't think that guy should be hunted down, targeted, or made to feel shame the rest of his life.

At the same time, I don't think he should be able to profit on his mistake. Yet, Florida, and their leader Jeb Bush have offered asylum to the guy. In fact the Holiday Inn has offered free airfare, lodging, meals, and more for three months. Three months for what? Hello, get me tickets for any major game, and I'll disrupt play for that.

But at the end of the day, I don't think Cub fans should be upset with the fan, but with Holiday Inn, Florida, and Jeb Bush for rewarding this guy. So, do you part and avoid any or all of these, to show your support of the Cubs.

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More Proof Cloning Must Be Stopped

OK, if you have not already thought the cloning of humans was a potential danger, there is new news that will make you think so. Rodney Dangerfield seeks Clonaid's services. Sure you may think "Back To School" was funny, but that was the eighties. And if he is successful, just think what other entertainers will jump on board. Can we (not to mention future generations) handle clones from people like Carrottop, John Tesh, the two guys from Right Said Fred, or I even shudder to think, Michael Jackson? So I say do what it takes to stop this trend before it gets out of hand.

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