Last night I encountered a bat in my room. At first I thought I would just try to sleep through it, then it occured to me that they are nocturnal and would be up all night. Add to that the fact that they can see better than I in the dark puts him at the advantage. Toss in the information that a rabid bat was discovered in the area, and you see why I decided to sleep somewhere else last night.

Before this I spent a good amount of time sitting watching an amazing lightening storm over the lake. Between the sky lighting up, and the reflection off the water, it was quite a show. Then after it was over the stars began appearing. God sure knows what he is doing with this whole nature thing.

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Another Local Story

As I've explained to many of you, I'm currently living out in the middle of no where. I'm there for at least a couple more weeks, doing some rest, reading, and trying to figure out what to do next with this life of mine.

Now while it is over 20 minutes to the nearest gas station or store 45 minutes by car to the nearest McDonald's, I'm not lacking for entertainment. Besides my books, a external hard drive that contains my entire CD collection, and a few DVDs, there are plenty of interesting people around to meet with.

In fact the other week, my parents had a gather of some of the neighbors, as well as family. Besides having a national ski jumping champion, one of the guests brought his guitar out and sang several songs by Da Yoopers, which he performed with for years. Nothing like your very own concert, complete with the songs Rusty Chevrolet, The Second Week Of Deer Camp, and Beer Gut.

Drew and Bah, you guys would have loved it. In fact, if you guys ever come to visit, I'll see about getting a repeat performance.

Now, I'm heading back to the woods.

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I'm Already Fitting In

Hey there all. Today I leave the woods to celebrate my parents 40th wedding aniversary with them. It was yesterday, but the weather was better for working then. So a quick check of email, some laundry, dinner, stocking up on supplies, and then back to the woods. As for those who have sent emails, I've read them, just not good at responding.

A quick story for you all. The other day we had to go drop some stuff off in town, get some gas for the boat, and then were going to have dinner at Mt. Shasta, which was used in the movie Anatomy of a Murder with Jimmy Stewart. (He was in the movie, not having dinner with us.)
Well, as we sat their waiting for our food, on of the local residents walked in and said, "Well, hello," in that I recognize you sort of way. This shocked my family, as they thought I had already become a local after just a week. I was the only one who recognized the lady from one of the stores we had been at earlier.

Well back to the woods soon.

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Stopping By To Say Hi

Had to come out of the woods for some supplies, as well as to check emails, as I was told there was a job offer for me in one of my emails. I don't know if they were talking about this email, but some guy wants me to help manage his money. It is a rather large sum of money, and he is willing to give me a large part of it for helping him. Sounds like a good deal.

An update on life in the woods- Running water has been hooked up, so indoor plumbing is ready to use (althought I still prefer the outhouse). The deck is finished, except for the railings. Spent a good amount of time in the last few days digging dirt for a lower level. And the power was out last night for several hours due to a huge storm. That caused for a lack of shower and a cold room last night.

In A Galaxy Real Close...

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to think that Mr. Lucas knew more about what really was happening out there. See, the Cassini Huygens space probe took this photo, and if you ask me, it looks a lot like a certain Death Star that was rumored to be destroyed a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Hmmmm.


Into the Woods

Well folks, if you have picked up the audio on the last couple messages, you know I'm heading off to an area free of internet access (at least for the most part). I'm out in the middle of nowhere hanging out with my family. It is not all vacation and sleeping in either, as I'm already spent a good part of the time building a deck. If the weather would get better, we will finish that deck soon. Then you would be welcome to join me, as I sit out on it and listen to the loons on the lake. (By the way Drew, I broke out the Buddha last night, and thought of you, if you know what I mean.)

If you want to know a little of where I am it is like the place Yeats wrote about in his poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree." This is also the name of my favorite pub back in Germany.

I want to write more, but the internet terminal I'm on is about to poop out. So I must end and head back out to the woods.