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Well, here are my favorite five for this weeks theme of Travel for Blogger Idol.

1. Jessie Smith
2. Cliff Between The Lines
3. Excogitation
4. Red Interior
5. M squared T

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Cheap Sleep

Well folks, the theme of Blogger Idol this week is "travel." (I missed last week's theme of First Dates, but then again it has been so long that I've forgotten any.

Getting back to this week's theme.... fans of The Terminal might enjoy this little story from my past. It actually happened in the same airport where true story that inspired the Terminal occured. See, I had been a complete idiot when I booked my flight home from Europe once, and instead of having an hour layover, I ended up with a thirteen hour layover in the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. (Tip #1: Always check to see if A.M. or P.M. are listed on the tickets) As I'm a cheap traveler, I decided to find a nice comfortable spot on the floor, hopefully in the corner. First I decided to scope out the whole airport, partially to kill some time and grow weary. After finding a decent spot that I felt was safe, I settled in for some sleep. So, there I was sleeping on a floor of an airport, and doing a pretty decent job of it. That was until some freak gal woke me up, as she decided to lay down perpendicular to me about three feet away. When she realized I was awake, she began to talk to me. This didn't go over too well, as I was tired, rudely awoken, and she was the cause of it. I managed to get back to sleep, for a while, until I was kicked by said annoying American gal. She again tried to talk to me. I don't remember saying much, other than answering her questions about my work shirt with some response that it was from my work-release program. All I could think of is why would some girl decide that of all the spots in a large airport to rest, the best one is next to a guy who looks like this:

Well to make a eight hour story short, morning finally came. I woke up with about three hours before my flight, so I decided to head over to the check-in counter. As I was gathering up my stuff, the gal had the nerve to see if I wanted to go grab breakfast with her. Yea, you've annoyed me all night, woken me up sevearl times, and possibly even bruised me, and you think I want to sit at McDonalds with you.

While I'm on the subject of free lodging, here are a couple other spots where I've slept for free: St. James Park - London, near the Trocadero in Paris, and several times at Stansted Airport.

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Jesus Commands Us To Boycott

You know, I'm having a hard time finding the parts of the Bible where Jesus talked about boycotting the local industry of a community. See, there is a growing uproar to boycott Target stores, all because they will not let the Salvation Army bell ringers ring their bells in front of their stores.
Now, I'm all about sticking it to those evil people at Target, who give over TWO MILLION DOLLARS a week to charity groups in their local communities. Can you believe that they only give that much? Those heartless people even give money to the Red Cross and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I don't know how they could live with themselves. No wonder we need to boycott them.

So, here is my question, and suggestion: Are these churches willing to have a Salvation Army bell ringer placed in front of their doors? If you are a bell ringer, take your bell next Sunday to a church who is boycotting Target, and ring you bell away, and then see what the response is. I've got a feeling you are not leaving with a full pot.

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For The Single Guys

Ok, it has been a while since I've given you all a really great site that could help change your lives. Well, to all the single guys out there I offer up the site, Wingwomen.com. Through this place they could hook you up with women that will help you meet women to hook up with. Yep, if you got troubles hanging with the ladies, you can hire some ladies to make it look like you've got no problems attracting ladies.

Don't worry gals, this link could also be handy for you, especially if you are looking for some part time work. Anyone want to join me in starting up a franchise?

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I'm All Out Of Love

I thought it was a joke when in one of my comment sections, Der Iron Chef first outed himself as an 80's rock fan. Then a friend of his informed us that he knew that Air Supply was in concert in Korea soon. I was shocked to find out that in fact there is a Christmas with Air Supply concert coming up on the 18th (including dinner) and the 19th (concert only). Why do I have a feeling they open up with the phrase, "Here I Am, the band you forgot, who you haven't heard of in so many days."

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What I Want For Christmas

Well folks the Blogger Idol is back, and this weeks topic is "All I Want For Christmas..."

If this was a perfect world, and I actually got what I listed, I think this is the list that would provide joy to more than just me.

1. A global ban on Old Navy ads.
2. A law in the music industry that requires all artists to play instruments and write over 2/3 of their albums. Extra airplay if they actually sound similiar live as they do on the album.
3. A sequel to any of the following movies: Red Dawn, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sneakers, or The Breakfast Club.
4. An end to all adds for cable on cable channels.
5. And end to most reality television. I'll make exceptions for the Amazing Race and Wife Swap.
6. Milka and Ritter Sport chocolate bars avaible at a reasonable price in America.
7. World peace.

Any suggestions?

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I've Seen It All

With at least three major music channels on television, I was shocked tonight to see as I was flipping through the channels Motley Crue reunified right there live on my screen. What shocked me was not the fact that they got back together, but they were being broadcast live on CNN's Larry King Live. My friends something is wrong when the first performance of "Dr. Feelgood" in years is covered not by MTV, MTV2, or MTV2000, but by CNN. And there once was a time I respected Larry King. As a student of broadcasting I admired his interviewing skills. But tonight as I heard him mention, "the Crue is now taking the stage," I realized that he now longer should be trusted or respected.

So fans of 80's glam rock get ready, as Motley Crue is coming to a town near you. I hear they are playing some of the larger nursing homes across America. But don't worry, they will rock you like a strong wind, seeing that, according to the article, their guitarist has had a hip replacement.

And keep watching CNN. I hear Larry King will be reuniting either RATT, Twisted Sister, or White Lion next month.

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Don't Expect Me To Log On

When I signed on to AOL tonight I found out that Ashlee Simpson is going to be playing live on AOL. Makes me want to cancel my free trail to AOL. Has this girl's fifteen minutes run up yet? Isn't it time that America focuses their poor musical tastes on the vocal performance of Lindsay Lohan, or at least preparing for the new season of American Idol?

As for me, I've officially decided to stop listening to pop/Top 40/Hits of Today radio stations.

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This is a reflective photo of the cabin I spent some time in this fall.

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