It's Official

I'm officially certified as an Open Water diver. And while I was excited on my drive back to the dive shop after our last dives today, I heard some humbling news on the radio. Dick Clark informed me and the rest of his listeners that the song, "Always Something There To Remind Me," by Naked Eyes was a hit twenty two years ago. TWENTY TWO YEARS!!! Dang I'm old. I can still remember listening to that song as my siblings and I were forced to pick strawberries in the fields of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Dang mom and her need to make pies.

I really enjoying the new Nick Hornby book. To be honest, I was a little let down by his "How To Be Good" book, but have enjoyed all his other works. But the subject matter and way the story is told is very unique. I'm very appreciative of a Swiss German speaking British Doctor for tipping me off to this author.

Speaking of the Swiss, I want to wish all a happy Swiss National Day to all. While in Europe this was one of my favorite holidays (up there with Faschnacht, Sylvester and April 24th). There is nothing like sitting on the Rhine river in Basel watching fireworks. So if anyone is reading this in the greater Basel area, celebrate the Swiss with a Feldschlosschen or Calanda for me.

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Move Over Scuba Steve

Well, I spent about an hour in the cool waters of Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake to never be under communist rule (as one reader pointed out). While we were switching tanks, my folks arrived to check on their boy, and take some photos.

That's all I got for today. Later to all.

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The Usual

Today when I entered Blimpie for my use of their free internet, the gal behind the counter asked if I wanted "The Usual." Once again I've made it, as I feel it is a great honor to be able to walk into a place and ask for the usual, and the people really know what you are talking about. Either that or they welcome you by name when you walk in. So far I've had about six to ten places like that. My favorite place still has to be the Isle of Innisfree in Germany. Bah and Jespersen if you are reading this, we need to meet there soon!! (Most anyone else is welcome too, but those were the ones who spent the most time with me there.)

I just overheard a very large and tattooed man use the words "sparkly and shiney" on his cell phone. Did I mention he also had a mullett and a denim shirt with the sleeves ripped off? Luckily, I'm smart enough not to laugh out loud.

Someone wondered how remote is the place I'm living in this summer. Well, to give you an idea, during the last thirty minutes of my drive home, I saw more animals than people in vehicles. I almost even pegged a porcupine with the pickup. And that was before I turned off onto the dirt road portion of the trip.

Someone else asked about the class I'm taking right now. Well, I've been learning to scuba dive at Diver Down in Marquette. Sure, it might not be as academic as some might have thought, but it has been fun. Although the last class about kicked my butt. We had to do laps in the pool and then tread water. I have passed the class portion of the test. Now I just have to complete the open water dives this weekend. They shouldn't be too hard, although they take place in Lake Superior, the largest and coldest fresh water lake in the world.

So anyone wanna be my dive buddy?

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No Man Is An Island

But many live on them... I'm off the island yet again for class. Luckily tonight is the last class. Although I still have to make three more trips to town later this week to take some tests to officially pass the class and be certified.

I'm was debating venturing out to see Starship featuring Mickey Thomas this weekend (not to be confused with Jefferson Starship, but I just found out that their show was canceled. I guess this area just wasn't ready to hear about cities built on rock and roll.

I really got nothing. Time for class.


Checkin' In

I've ventured into the big city of Marquette for yet another class and check of email. Not too much new to report. I did forget to mention that last Saturday night, my little brother and I set off a huge amount of fireworks to celebrate my older brother's wedding. Actually we just claimed that is why we were doing it, the real reason is that we are pyromaniacs. Several around the lake have stated that they were the best fireworks they have seen in a while. Luckily we saved a few back, so if you are wandering the north woods again this weekend, look to the skies to see some bling going bang.

Oh, and I finished the latest Harry Potter book. It took me about two days. In fact my ten year old niece and I bought it at the same time, and she hasn't made it halfway yet. Yeah, I can read faster than a ten year old, so I got that going for me.

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Meet The Cordells

This weekend my older brother got married. He decided to have the wedding on the little island we are inhabitating. This brought over forty people to this small piece of land to celebrate. With this brought the feeling that I was in a movie mix of Father of the Bride, Meet the Parents, and The Harlem Globtrotters On Gilligan's Island. I had money going that my little brother would burn down the wedding arch.

Soon after most of the wedding guests left on Monday, God sent a sign to us all that we would not have to host that many people here for at least another year.

In other news... yesterday I snuck into town to help return some stuff and check some emails. While I was at the public library I sat across from the Hungry Cyclist. Unfortunately, I was overloaded with meeting people from the weekend, and I didn't bother to talk to him. I only figured out who he was after I left the building. I'm betting he has some great stories, and if I only took the time to talk, we could have talked for a while. Perhaps next time our paths cross.

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Living On The Edge

I'm back in the big town of Marquette for my second class session. On the way to class on Tuesday I discovered that the Blimpies offers free wireless internet. Two birds are now killed with one stone. I get my pre-class dinner and I check my email and messenger lists. (by the way - if anyone wants to chat I'm going to be on around 5-5:45 Eastern US Time - Tuesday's and Thursdays for the next couple weeks. Unless I'm ingoring you.)

Not too much else to report at this point, as I'm on stinkin' vacation. And while I sometimes think I could live like this for a while, I have thought about some of my friends I work with and even some of the students, and look forward to getting back to Korea to see them. Although I'm not changing my flight back to be any sooner. I'm not crazy.

Well, if I don't log off I'm going to be late for class, and when there are only three students in the class, you can't sneak in easily. So later.

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If He Never Saw An Eagle Fly

Well, it is not a Rocky Mountain High I've got right now, but I'm enjoying being out in the woods again. After living the last six months in a concrete jungle where I only saw on average three stars in the night sky, it is good to be back under a wide open sky. It actually makes me sad to think that when most people read Genesis 15:4-6 they don't get the full effect, as they have never seen a sky with thousands, if not millions of stars above them. I also find it funny that while I hate being woken from sleep by a dog or a chicken in Korea, I find it peaceful to awake to the sounds of loons here in Michigan.

And to top my nature experience off... yesterday as I swam in the clear lake an eagle soared above me for at least twenty minutes... never flapping his wings.

Today, I ventured out of the woods for a class I'm taking. Plus I've got to buy some lighters to set off a huge amount of fireworks that have been purchased for a celebration this weekend. If you are in the north woods on Saturday night, look to the skies for a million stars and things going boom.

Until my next escape from the woods....


It's A Small World After All

So I'm out in the middle of nowhere New York at Houghton College attending a Pre-Field Orientation for people working with Third Culture Kids. For those of you keeping score at home, you will realize that I've already been on the field, but that is another story.

It has been great to meet many new people, including several people I'll be working with at TCIS - like this guy. While I knew I would meet them, as well as the amazing Coach Foster, who I worked with at BFA, I didn't realize how small my world is.

See, I've been sitting in classrooms with people who: are realated to a gal I worked four summers with, have a daughter I went to Ireland with, are best friends with people I worked with at BFA with, went to college with guys from my BFA dorm, worked at English camps with me in Germany, are dating a friend of mine, or are parents of one of my current coworkers. I guess the longer you are in this industry, the smaller your world gets.

In other news: two days until I get to cruise around in my kayak.
My dad in my kayak.

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Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Is there a better way to celebrate the days between Canada Day and Independence Day than to spend some time in the Niagara Falls area? Probably, but that is what I did yesterday. Since I hadn't had enough travel lately, I hopped in a bus for a three hour trip.

I have to say that although the US has the waterfalls, them Canadians have the better view of it. Plus their town is a whole lot nicer to wander around. (Take note America, we got some work to do.) Heck, couldn't we at least get the WWE souvenir stand?

In my boredom after wandering around the US side of things, I ended up walking into the Niagara River less than 100 yards from the falls. I guess that will be added to the list of stupid things I've done just for the potential story. (Have I mentioned the running of the bulls here?) If I had lost my footing, I would have been seen somewhere in this view:

Kids, don't follow in Ryan's footsteps. Live by the motto, "Safety first, last, and always."

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Back In The USA

Well, I've made it back and so far jet lag has no effect on this boy. In fact, I'm almost willing to say that jet lag is for the weak. That or I was born to travel internationally.

Speaking of my travels, yet again, I discovered more reasons to strongly dislike Northwest Airlines. This weeks reasons include:
  • No individuals screens on the flight from Japan to Detroit.
  • They actually thought people would enjoy The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel.
  • Free porn on selected flights.

Yes my friends, that last one is not a joke. As we were flying to Japan, another passenger pointed out the fact that the flight attendant/air steward/plane boy or what ever you call them these days was reading an "adult magazine." I was shocked to see this guy openly reading it, especially as there were three rows of young kids right in front of him. And the guy wasn't even hiding the fact that he liked the ladies sans clothing. I wanted to get a photo of the guy, but my camera was tucked away in the overhead compartment and the pilot had turned on the seat belt sign.

And as to the movie... if you call a movie The Pacifier, it is only just that many people might use the word suck when describing it.

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tonight, or more like this morning, I'm finishing up cleaning my apartment and packing my stuff for yet another move. Over the summer, my new dorm is being built, so I must have everything packed up and ready to move.

In a few hours I'll be leaving for the airport to make yet another international flight. I'm hoping for a bump into first class. At this point, I'd even go for a flight trhough Europe like I had to endure on the way to Korea a few months ago.

So if all goes well, I'll be in New York sometime tomorrow night. And in a little over a week, my final destination for the summer... somewhere near this body of water...

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