I Keep It Under My Hat

I told you it was stinking hot over here in Korea... but I don't think I would go this far to keep cool.

BTW, tonight I saw Batman Begins with some friends. I left the theater saying that is how movies are supposed to be. It had everything I look for in a film, and I highly recommend it.

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The Heat Is On

I'm currently working at a camp here in Korea right now. So far it is going well, and I might write more about what I'm learning later. All I got to say right now is that it is soooooooo stinking hot in this country. Well, it is not so much the heat, but the humidity. Heck, who am I kidding, I don't care if it is the heat or the humidity, it is dang uncomfortable. All I can think is that in fifteen days I'll be enjoying sitting by a cool lake enjoying a little rest.


Gimme Stitches

Here is a photo to go along with today's post of my hospital visit.

And to give an update on the whole thing... The drugs they shot into my butt did some serious messing with my mind, including causing me to break down and cry over the most random thing. Also, I realized that almost every food served requires chopsticks, so I'm either going to go hungry for a while, learn to use my left hand, or carry a fork with me at all times. That or have to "show mommy how the piggies eat."

Doctor, Doctor Can't You See I'm Hurting

Today I got to visit the emergency room here in Korea. See I was doing some cleaning of the dorm, when the lid of a tin can decided to see how close to the nerves of my right thumb. As I was alone in the building, I easily expressed my feelings towards the can. I then proceeded to get to my room, rinse my thumb off, and try to figure out what to do next. Being in a foreign country, and not even knowing where the nearest hospital was, I decided to call a coworker. But since I was applying pressure to my thumb with my other hand, I only could only manage to redial the last number I called. When they didn't answer, I struggled for a bit to contact the second to last person I called, and they didn't answer either. As I beginning to think everyone is screening my calls, I made one more call to the first person again. They answered and quickly came to pick me up (although they first suggested I take a cab). We made it to the hospital, and they quickly ushered me into the emergency room. I think they hadn't seen a large white male in a while, as about five nurses and one doctor all took care of me.

After a couple shots and a couple stitches, I thought I was good to go. But before they let me go, they wanted to give me a shot in the butt. I had to kindly ask my female coworker to leave the room, before I dropped trau.

The doctor told me that it was just a superficial cut, although I swear I saw nerves exposed when he pulled back the skin. I just have to take some drugs for a couple days, and then in ten days I'll get the stitches out. All in all, I give a big thumbs up to the emergency room people... partially because their service... partially because I really can't bend it right now.

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A Year Old Post

Recently, I was going through some drafts of blog entries that never made it online. These were written but never posted for one reason or another. Exactly a year ago, I wrote the following entry, and I can't for the life of me remember why I didn't click publish. But after a discussion with a friend tonight, I thought it was only appropriate to dust it off, and let it finally see the light of day. To me, the following words are more appropriate today than they were a year ago. So enjoy this finely aged post...
Time is what I have come to fear the most
These hours, moments, all slip away
We can think we can control it by schedules
But it continues to pass on by
Carpe Diem they say, seize the day
But how can we seize what we can not hold?

Tonight I am saddened by the parting of a friend.
Tonight I wish I could stop time, not just for this one,
But for the many who have walked away,
And for those that I too will walk away from.

So to those friends who might come across this
I treasure the time we had
I long for the time we might have still
I am a better person for your part in my life.


Young Girl Get Out Of My Mind

I don't care what my friend says on his xanga site, the other day I was shocked when I caught him intently checking out the Virginia Department of Health's website.

If you ask him, he will probably tell you he was googling a friend's name. So he typed in "Young Virginia," and just stumbled into the site. After he left, I checked out the history to see what other pages he was looking at. I was shocked to find this site, this site, and the one that was on the screen when he snapped the photo that he posted.

I am starting to really wonder about the boy, as he told me that he is leaving to start his own business. Something about a job that would give him the freedom to travel, be able to set his own hours, and where he could work alone. All I know is I found an ad on sell.com and this page on eBay in his bookmarks.

I think it is time for an intervention. Who is in?

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Parental License

As I've worked with kids on three continents and read news stories from even more, I am continually reminded that if people have to have a license or permit to drive, build houses, carry guns, or shoot of fireworks, they should also have one to reproduce. Today I present the case of a child who was killed by a pit bull that his mom owned. In that article, she "feared the family dog," even though in this article she wasn't concerned about the dogs, saying "Never, never. They're not vicious." What is really sad is that she locked her kid in the basement room with a shovel blocking the door. Now in my dream world, that is what you do with the dog if you are concerned about it, not your kid.

Just to help prove my point on parental licenses, I submit yet another story of parenting gone bad. Nothing like teaching your kids about growing up by kicking them out with five dollars each.

So call me crazy if you want, but I've seen my share of messed up kids. Now if you had to have a course on parenting and had to pass a few basic tests on common sense before you were allowed to parent, I think things might be a little better.


My Travel Type

I took a little travel quiz over at World66 and found out that I'm:

Your travel type: Rough guy

When the going gets tough, the rough guy gets going! Sleep outside, hike up mountains, eat raw lizards for breakfast, that's his perfect holiday. Ten days of hiking through unspoilt jungle between Colombia and Panama, that kind of thing.

top destinations:

Alice Springs
Ciudad Perdida

stay away from:

Las Vegas
get your own travel profile

I only wish I had found this out sooner, as I've had a couple bad experiences in Paris, including a broken heart... but that is a story for another time and another place. Should I be concerned that I will be in Tokyo twice in the next two months? Or does it not count if I don't leave the airport?


Looking 4 A Substitute Or 2

Hey, I'm going to be stepping away from the computer in a few weeks, and am looking for a couple people who might be interested in being guest bloggers here on this site... Think about it, this could be your chance to be somewhat famous. You could use part of your time to write about your favorite story with me, to correct any stories I've wrongly told about you, post a photo of yourself, promote your own website or blog, or what ever you feel like doing... within reason of course.

So if you are interested, either leave me a comment or email me. I'm willing to give several people the shot at this... and who knows, it might become a regualar thing.

Basically, I'd like to keep something fresh on this site, while I'm out enjoying this view...


I Would Walk 500 Miles

Lately in the name of fun and exploration I've been wandering the mean streets of Taejeon. Unfortunatly my camera is usually left behind when I need it most. Like today, when I passed a home furnishing store and out in their garbage was a box for an electric fireplace. The model name was the "Chicago Electric Fire." Who would name a fireplace something that probably would be shortened to the "Chicago Fire." As one who had a relative involved in the construction of one of the buildings lost in the Great Chicago Fire, I took a little offense at this, as I was laughing at the same time. I also passed Kahn Chicken - which just begs for a Star Trek joke... especially if you get some bad chicken, thus getting the Wrath of Kahn.

In my exploring I've also discovered what could be the best gelato stand between Florence and Venice - if you take the long way around the earth. So far all the flavors sampled (in the name of informative investigation) have been great, that is except cheese. Who makes cheese flavored gelato? I highly doubt that you can't find it at Vivoli, even if it is claimed to be the best gelato in the world.

So tonight after about five hours of wandering, the only place I think my feet would want to take me is this place (which I discovered on one of last weeks wanderings):

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Don't Worry

If my mom is reading this, don't worry... the U.S. government is saying that the North Korea situation has nothing to do with them deploying a bunch of stealth fighters into this little country I'm living in. Now where is my tinfoil hat and kevlar underwear?

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Mission Trips, Judges, And Pigs

I found this very funny. They say there is a little truth to every joke... well, I know a couple people who could have been interviewed for that article.

This article made me laugh as well. But then again I was a bit addicted to the court antics of Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, and Judge Joseph Wapner, although I don't really care for Judge Larry Joe Wait a minute... do you have to be named Joe to become a famous male TV judge? I think I'm on to something here...

Finally, I drew a pig. You should too. When you do, drop a link to it in the comment section.



The theme for Photo Friday this week is "Rare." So I present a photo I took on my work trip to the Philippines of the Tarsier, a rare primate located only on the island of Bohol.

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Funny Dorm Phrases

Tonight I heard what could make the top ten humorous phrases I've heard or said in a dorm... The phrase of the evening was, "There are two dogs outside having intercourse." Unfortunately, I didn't hear correctly, and asked the student to repeat it, so he did - twice. (he was yelling this to me from two floors up) Soon every student was either hanging out a window, looking over the edge of the roof, or running out the front door to see the dogs.

What is worse is that this is the dog that has been talked about by my coworker here and here. This dog has disturbed way too many people's sleep patterns. He/she/it should have not been allowed to reproduce.
If I had money to spare, I might put a few of these around the area.

She's Been Found

Dang, she was a tricky gal to find, but she has turned up in Africa. Leave it to Google to find the ones that no one else can find.

What a Week In Music

What is up with them British? This week the group Coldplay released their long awaited single on to the charts. For months they have been talking about their new album, X&Y, and most think it will be as good if not better than what they have given us so far... But did the single go to number one on the charts? NO, it was beaten by a Frog. And not just any frog, but an annoying Crazy Frog that makes a rambling sound that resembles a two stroke engine, and then they mixed it with the classic song Axel F. You know the tune from Beverly Hills Cop. And if that doesn't sound annoying yet to you, I assume you didn't watch television in Germany during 2004. To get an idea of the annoyance level I reached, I suggest watching the video

Well, you can finally do something about that Crazy Frog. See how far you can send him - my record is just shy of 90.
Can you do better?

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Testing The Brain

Today I had to take yet more psychological tests, this time for a Pre-Field Orientation I am attending in a month. I took the MBTI and FIRO personality inventories online, which in some ways were a hard way to take them. Call me crazy, but taking these tests online felt too close to taking those "which Spice Girl, cheese, video game character, genocidal maniac or Grunty Caveman am I tests".

And for the record, I am Ginger, cheddar, Pacman, Nggghhaahhh, and Stalin.

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