I Am An Island

Or at least going to be living on one for a while. As I started my drive north yesterday, Paul and Art were singing that song. I guess it is a sign, or at least an odd coincidence.

Well, I have now stocked up at Costco. There is twenty pounds of rice and enough pancake batter to feed one person for months. All that is left is to make the final drive north.

So, until my next update, stay safe, go Cubs, and don't miss me too much.

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Look At This Photograph

After my last post, Mickie asked for photos. While I am assuming that she was hoping for ones of the baby, I figured I better cover all the areas I mentioned. So here you go.

Cubs v. Astros at Miller Park

Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show

Avery and Uncle Ryan

There are plenty more photos on my flickr pages. Looking at those should kill some time. Enjoy.

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Finally Got Something To Say

I have been quiet on this blog lately. I really do not know why, other than I just have been a little lazy. It is not like cool things have not been happening worth telling. There have been things like getting to see the Cubs play the Astros in Miller Park, allowing me to cross another stadium visited. Or how about getting to hear one of the correspondents from the Daily Show talk about the behind the scenes stuff of the show? That was cool. I guess the biggest news is that I now have a nephew.

Just thought I would share. And now back to more blog silence for the time being.


I Should Be On That Train And Gone

The time has come to once again say goodbye to California and all my friends out here. And once again, I am about to board a train heading east. It has been a good week out here, perhaps one of the best I have spent on this side of the continent. But every good thing must come to an end, and every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. I am just not sure if this is some other beginning's end, or somewhere in the middle. Only time will tell.

But now, I must take the Mustang for one more good drive on the highway before I drop it off. Then it is a bus to Union Station, and a train to the middle of Illinois. Perhaps I will find someone near a train station with their Linksys open. Otherwise, I will post from the other side.


I'm Amazed, I'm Confused

Today I decided to head to the Hollywood area to check out a couple events I had seen online. Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys was going to be autographing his latest CD at Amoeba Records. I also noticed that Howie Mandel was going to be getting his star on the Walk of Fame. Sadly, the holiday on Monday has even thrown off the schedule of this unemployed guy, as the Wilson thing was yesterday, and Howie doesn't get his star until tomorrow. Whoops.

I really hope there is not anything else I am missing or forgetting about that is more important that watching Howie get his star.