Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Another camp week
This time with some younger kids
For us to work with.

The power of youth
To harness their energy
Could power cities.

A king on the roof
A woman in a bath tub
The start of trouble.

Beijing to Moscow
Three guys riding on a train
The trip begins soon.

Heading to Kandern
A town known for it pretzels
To visit some friends.

A few days well spent
Seeing Biblical churches
Walking where Paul walked.

Three times this summer
Bouncing between continents
Cross the Bosphorus.

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Tickets For The War Game

A few weeks ago I added a little image in the left side bar of this blog that shows where people are visiting from. As I checked it as time went by, I could not help but think of War Games. For those not blessed with a knowledge of classic eighties films, it is a film about the potential start of a nuclear war. There were screens in the command center that showed potential targets, as well as missile silos.

So with that in mind, take a look at the visitor map of this page. You can also check out the same map, but with smaller clusters of visitors.

Call me crazy, or just bored, but sometimes I like to look at those maps and try to figure out how to get more red dots on it. And how do I get more in locations like Africa, South America, or even Alaska. Perhaps on my upcoming trip I'll just log on to my blog a couple times just to put a dot on the route.

Well, I should either go to bed, or continue my plans to take over the world.

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Of Bricks And Morter And Lime

It is once again that time
Where I create a stupid rhyme
That wouldn't be worth a dime.
I hate to admit I once was a mime.
Today's poem is far from prime.
Venkman was covered in slime.
Chagall's self portrait is sublime.

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Friday Night And Everyone's Moving

Showers are your friend
Just one of many lessons
That were taught at camp.

How much would it take
To fully submerge your head
In the camp's food waste?

Nine days till the trip
I still need to book a room
And plan the last week.

I wish I could say
Some of the things in my head
But would you listen?

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Shower The People

Two of my quotes from this morning...

"If you haven't showered yet this week, today would be a great day for one."

"If you've been wearing the same shirt all week, it is time for a new one."

You gotta love camp.


To Make My Father Proud

It is the story of movies... Boy from the big city moves to the small town. Falls for the farm girl from the outskirts of town. He convinces her to leave the farm and join his dream of changing the world, not knowing what the future will bring.

But this story I tell isn't the product of the film industry, but of real life. It is the story of a young boy, moving with his mother and sister from the heart of Chicago to the small farm town of Havana. It is the tale of a city boy falling for a gal who was literally born on the farm. After high school he took that gal from the farm and headed off to college. He dreamed of teaching. And taught he did. First in the classroom, then as a guidance counselor he made a difference in the lives of many. And he didn't just teach in the classroom. He had four of his own to raise, to mold, to impart what he knew, and then send off to the world. Even retirement didn't slow him down, as he just moved to higher education, and then to international education. Just he couldn't fully take the farm out of the gal, with him you couldn't take the desire to help youth out of him. And now he has another generation to help teach, a new task to add to his list of roles in life.
Dad at Work
On this Father's Day, I consider myself thankful to have the father I do. I do not know where I would be without the guidance and input he has had in my life. It is no mistake that I now sit in the shadow of a school building, spending most of my days working with students. I was shown a model of working with students that never gave up on anyone, no matter how tough the situation was. I only hope that I can live up to the example I was shown.

He also did his best to make sure that his kids had everything they needed to be successful, but not too much they were spoiled. He allowed a zoo to be kept in his home, sometimes I think to his dismay. He allowed his children to roam this world, all with the knowledge that if in any trouble he would be there if he could. (I guess that is why when one child wrecked a car in Italy, one of the first things he did was call home. While he couldn't make it to Italy to help, the two minutes on the phone before the card ran out, help calm the nerves of young explorer.)
Dad at island
Even Superman needed a place to hide... And just like Superman, he found a place in the north to serve as his fortress of solitude. A place he could take his family to retreat from the pressures of work and the busyness of life. There he taught them to enjoy nature, how to gut a fish, and to swim. There the four learned the importance of family, the bonds of being siblings, and that everyone needs somewhere they can call home.
Dad in the kayak
So Dad, if you are reading this. Thanks. You've done well raising the four of us. Just like the rocks you taught us to skip on the like, you've tossed us out into this world to make ripples. And those ripples continue to spread further and further. And just like that foundation we all helped you build a few years ago, you gave each of us a firm foundation of faith, love, and support. It was a honor to be considered a coworker with you on two continents (I'm assuming substitute teaching at MHS counts), and more so proud to call you father.

At the same time today, I can't help but think of some of my students over the years and friends who have not had the same positive experience with a dad. If you would like, you can borrow mine for a while. I'll give you his phone number or email. Although I should warn you, don't listen to all his advice. He told me years ago that I would never need German and that I should take Spanish instead. DANKE! Nunca he vivido en un pais de habla hispana.

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Slave To Friday

Vacation is here
Well at least for the students
I've got two more weeks.

Summer camps begin
Glad I picked up that minor
In my college days.

David had his chance
He could have killed Saul with ease
When he stopped to pee.

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Keep A Certain Bedtime

Times come when I don't really know what or if to write on this page. Sure a lot has been going on, but what exactly do you want to read. Better yet, what do I want you to read. I've started a few entries, only to navigate away to one of these pages.

Tonight I sit at this computer trying to figure out why I can't sleep. Perhaps it is because I've had the goofiest sleep patterns this week. It could be due to the fact that tomorrow is the last day of the school year, and there is so much that could have been done differently. Then there were those words I read the other day that are still tossing about my head. Maybe it is just the effects of a Gatorade float I created hours ago. Again, each of those things could fill an entry or two, but that isn't happening tonight.

I did send out a prayer letter recently, if you want to read that.

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Devotion And Some Appreciation

Last Friday several of my students had their graduation
And it was a time for offering words of congratulation
As they finished up this portion of their education.
We stayed up late at the coffee shop for a celebration,
Then a few hours later I was standing at the bus station
Barely awake enough to make any logical converstation.
Today I didn't feel good and debated some medication,
But figured it might just be from sleep deprivation.
Soon some friends and I are going on a crazy vacation
Where we will travel several modes of transportation.
We will be taking a train across the largest nation
And riding some animals that eat various vegetation.
In the end we are going for the trip, not the destination.
I still haven't figured out my self portrait fascination.

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A Fork Stuck In The Road

Happy birthday friend
My gift is helping you find
A wife in Russia.

We left Korea
Just for some Mexican food
On the US base.

Graduation day
Six guys from my dorm will walk
Know God goes with you.

It pays to have friends
When the dark storm clouds roll in
And for the good times.

He was too little
The armor did not fit him
But God was his strength

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My Mind Says Prepare

Sometimes life does not appear to be fair
You've been hit with news that brings despair.
While I know you have been tempted to swear
You have handled it all with a sense of flair.
A smile remains even with all that you bear.
The joy of the Lord you continue to declare
And the love of Christ you boldly do share.
While I wish I could be with you there,
Know that I am here with a heartfelt prayer.

Adding these last two lines to this poem is to err,
But here is a self portrait by a guy named Pierre.

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Home Alone On A Friday

The clueless ones say
It was on the internet
So I know it is true.

At times I have thought
We go around in circles
How 'bout one more lap?

Her name was catchy
Like a Flock Of Seagull's song
But in a good way.

Three trips to HomePlus
One solo and two with friends
That was my day off.

A voice in the night
Calling out to the young lad
Bad news for Eli.

The tickets are booked
The adventure awaits us
One month left to go.

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