Happy New Year

Want to wish all who are reading this a happy new year. I'm heading out the door to shoot off some fireworks purchased at the local grocery store . Dang, you got to love Germany. Where else can you pick up turkey breast, dish soap, Swiss chocolate, and a two and a half foot Roman candle that shoots 210 shots in 45 seconds?

Well, pyromania is calling, plus it is almost midnight here.

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Home Shopping Bloopers

I remember a few years ago a friend and I were watching one of those home shopping networks, out of pure boredom, and the lady could not get an electric train set to work. She even derailed it a couple times while on the air. Now that was nothing compared to this ladder fall. I know it is an older clip, but I still find it somewhat funny.

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What Would I Do Next?

You know it is funny, occasionally people ask me what I would do if I returned to the United States, or what I'm planning on doing next. It is almost like they don't expect me to stay long, although with the turn over rate in missions I can understand. But still, it is a little odd at times.

I've often said that I would probably find a job outside of the "professional Christian" industry. I might find some used CD store to work at for a while, try my luck at stand up comedy, or might even get back into radio. The question has always been what kind of radio might I return. Well, recently I read of a pioneer in radio that I think would be fun to work for. This guy found a nitch and ran with it. Check it out.

Also check out their collection of signs, including this one.

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About Time For A New Christmas Hit

Ok, I've talked about German television from time to time on this little blog. Well, tonight's little rant is about how one song from 20 years ago appears to be the most popular Christmas song. Even five days after Christmas, I have seen the video, not once, but twice in the span of ten minutes - although it was on two different channels. But come on, they don't even play the new Outkast or Black Eyed Peas' songs that much, and they are only about a month old at best.

What song is this you ask. Well, Andrew Ridgeley and his band mate tell the sad tale of how they gave their heart away on Christmas, only to be broken hearted on Boxing Day. For those who were not around in the 80's (or Europe every Christmas since) the song is Last Christmas by Wham. Not a bad tune, but come on, there has to be better Christmas tunes from the last five years at least that could be overplayed.

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Excited For A Moment

Well, I was shocked when I read the headline "German Firefighters Rescue Flock of Seagulls," but when I read the article I found out that some crazy haired guys singing "I Ran" were no where to be seen. Oh well.

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Those Crazy Missionary Kids

I've worked for six years now with what some call Missionary Kids, and others call them Third Culture Kids. I just call them what ever their parents named them at birth, except a couple that have cool nicknames. Well, if you don't know much about "missionary kids," they are youth that put their pants just like normal kids, but they live in a culture that is different that their passport country. See mom and dad moved to a foreign country to serve God, and either took them with them, or had them while they were there.

Often I am asked if the students are ever bitter about this. I usually respond by saying that some are, some are not. But then again I know just as many kids who were not happy in the fact that their parents raised them in Corn, Oklahoma, Tremont, Illinois, or Republic, Michigan. Heck, no kid gets to pick where they live as a child (except maybe child actors - but see the below blog entry for more on those.) Well, finally some of those missionary kids are doing something about it. As one who has many friends who were raised in foreign countries, I found this article very funny. So enjoy. While you are at Lark News be sure to check out some of their other "news" reports as well. You'll be glad you did.

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If It Hasn't Gone Too Far Already......

I've often wondered when the stupid lawsuits will end, and if there will ever be one that just pushes it too far. Well, I would think that a two year old suing for injuries on a playground might be that case. Come on, for goodness sake, a two year old is supposed to get injured playing from time to time. That is what band-aids are for. If these parents really want to cash in on their child, they should create a room in their home with no sharp objects, only purified oxygen pumped into it, and a healthy, yet not extravagant amount of sunshine provided. They could keep their child (or as I might guess they call him "sugarbaby") until they take him out to audition, so they don't have to have real jobs.

Part of me does hope they win a little cash, as their child will be needing some money to pay for therapy and bail money down the road.

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Free Money?

Hey, I'm as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to free money, but the people over at Save Karyn claim that if you sign up for an INGdirect account you can get $25, if you have been referred by someone. And that person gets $10 for referring you. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. In fact, so far, it appears to work. So if you are looking for a couple extra bucks for Christmas email me at webmaster at my website.

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Who Knew The Man Could Run, Hide, and Update His Weblog? ...until now

Unless the Geneva Convention allows for wireless access, I guess Saddam's Cyber Palace will not be seeing much activity soon. Well, I guess he had some fun posting his thought while it lasted.

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Saddam Captured

Well, I'm assuming that you have heard the news by now, but I' still want to know what was Saddam doing in Montana? And for the record, this puts him in third place in the Global Hide and Seek competion. The top prize is still in a dead heat between Osamma and D.B Cooper.

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Way To Go Oprah

You know, she could have had the Police, Toad The Wet Sproket, or I would have even settled for the Monkees, but why did she have to have the Backstreet Boys on her show? They are now saying that it was partially due to that experience that they are working on their next album. Hey, if she can get those guys back together, why don't we send her to the Middle East, Northern Ireland, the India/Pakistan boarder, or anywhere else there is strife in the world, and let her use her reunification powers for good, not to help bring about more cheesy pop songs. Just my $0.02.

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Christian Music

I think by now, most people who visit this site know that I have some respect for some artists, and not so much for others. While I once worked in the CCM world, I never fully embraced it. I prefer artists who are making stands for their convictions, not selling them on bracelets. I could go on, but I found another blogger who says it pretty well. Plus he recommends some artists who I fully recommend.

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Max Headroom Had Nothing On This Guy

Ok, I came across the coolest thing tonight. It is a virtual person who will say what ever you type. So I've been playing with it by typing in various song lyrics. Might I suggest one of the following songs.
1. Rappers Delight by Sugar Hill Gang
2. Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) by Scatman
3. We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel

I'm telling you this is too funny. That and I need to get out more.

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Here are the old comments.

Why I've Kept the Facial Hair

You know some people have wondered why I don't shave off my facial hair that often, and I flip flop between a goatee and beard from time to time. Is it because it is a styling look? Could it be that I'm just too lazy and those extra minutes of time could be used sleeping? Or perhaps I think the ladies dig it? No, no and no, the real reason is because Big Brother is watching. Yep, there are people out there tracking us men to see what we looking like and how often we purchase shaving equipment. So I have decided to do something about my privacy and let my facial hair grow.

Actually, it probably is more because of the lazy aspect. But the Big Brother thing makes you wonder. What you wonder is up to you.

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What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down?

Hey folks, as one who's work is based partially online, I often wonder what I would do if there was no internet. Often I actually secretly wish that the internet would self implode so we could go back to a more personal way of life. What ever your take on the whole thing, as one who uses the internet (and I know you do, don't ask me how I know) you should copy these tips on what to do if the internet should crash.

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Toys Selling Movies, Movies Selling Burgers, Burgers Selling Toys....

Ok, one of the perks of living overseas, is that the commercial tie ins with movies is not that big of a deal. Although I think part of it is that there is not a McDonalds or Buger King every twenty feet hocking some movie toy surprise in their meals. But as I surf the web from time to time, and find things like this I wonder if some of the merchandising has gone too far. Especially when there are already action figures from Lord of the Rings, do you need to get these too?

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