If I Leave Here Tomorrow

There is part of me that wishes the tickets were dated for tomorrow. Alas, I meet the team in two hours to head to the airport. Don't get me wrong, I am excited about heading back to India. I just wish I could get a little more sleep, especially as we will have the fine entertainment system on Singapore Airlines. You do not want to miss that.

Honestly though, I am looking forward to returning to the orphanage. I think you can see by the smiles on the faces in my photos from previous trips, that the place is full of joy and love. It is too bad many of you could not join us to experience it firsthand. I have said it before, I think the kids are not the ones who get the most out of our visits. Often my mind and heart have been given a healthy dose of reality. I am not sure what God has in store for me on this trip, but I look forward to discovering it.

A few more items need to find their way into my luggage and I will be ready to roll. Speaking of rolling, enjoy this fun video of a rickshaw ride from last year's trip.

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Who Needs Sleep?

My sleep pattern has been goofy since returning from break. I know that the garbage man shows up at 4:30 most mornings. I know this not because he disturbs my sleep, but because often that is my sign that this body should really be in bed. I am just going to assume that it is my body just getting ready for the next adventure. In four days, I will be back in Bangalore, India. Right now it is 3:20 AM in Korea, but only 11:50 PM there. See, I am already on a good schedule. I am just in the wrong location.

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I Love My Radio

My external hard drive decided to quit last night. Sadly this housed most of my music collection. Due to my frustration, I haven't attempted to fix it. Yet, I still need me some music to listen to. So I decided to try the "Ryancordell's Neighbourhood" station at Last.fm. It takes all the music I have listened to, and mixes a station based around the information gathered. So far, I am impressed, and thinking that I have found my office station. Take it for a test drive, I think you might like it. (That is if you have an eclectic taste in music mixed with a strong dislike of most music labeled "Top 40")

And yes, I think it is cool to have a RyanCordell's Neighbourhood. Now if you would excuse me, I must change my shoes. Oh, I think I hear a trolley.

And now for something completely different, This makes me laugh


We Gotta Make A Decision

Should I continue
To post haiku on Friday?
Give me your feedback.

But Is It Fast Enough?

"The Machine" is the theme at PhotoFriday this week. Above is the 1989 Toyota Camry that was kindly donated to me this summer. Thanks Dave! I do not know if reasoning was as an easy way to get rid of the car, or because he secretly wanted me to end up broken down along the side of a highway. I was impressed with how well that car performed. It made it all the way from Los Angeles, CA to Marquette, MI without any issues. It did not even take the shortest route, much to the chagrin of a Texan police officer, who told me I should not be driving in his state. That was right before he did a thorough drug search of the car and those riding it in.

Now it sits in storage, awaiting the next big adventure. In fact, last night my dad was asking me if I thought it would make another trip to the west coast and back. Not sure, but I would be game to find out.

I also like this photo of the car, taken by one of my friends who decided to join me for a week of the road trip.


You Can Put The Past Away

One of my pet peeves is when people post their "best of the year" lists before the year ends. It is like they have given hope for anything appearing in the last few weeks that might amaze them. Had I made my list before the year was out, I would have failed to included what was possibly the best concert I saw this year. So, now that the books have been cooked on 2007, I can give you my favorites of the year in the following categories:

Books: (read for the first time this year)
1. Travels With Charley - John Steinbeck
2. Under The Big Top - Bruce Feiler
3. Walk On - Steve Stockman
4. The Culturally Savvy Christian - Dick Staub
5. OverClocked - Cory Doctorow (yeah, I am shocked too Dave - just proves I need to read more)

Movies: (Seen on the big screen)
1. Once
2. Into The Wild
3. Stardust
4. Bourne Ultimatum
5. Live Free Or Die Hard

Although I didn't see it in the theater, I must give an honorable mention to Hot Fuzz.

1. The Frames with Sunflower Caravan - Dublin, Ireland (video)
2. Calexico - Fukuoka, Japan
3. Eric Clapton - Seoul, Korea
4. Scorpions - Seoul, Korea
5. Boney M. - Taejon, Korea (video)

Worst Concert - Beach Boys - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Music: This is a tough one, as I obtained a good amount thanks to emusic.com.
1. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - "Once (Music from the Motion Picture)"
2. Over The Rhine - "The Trumpet Child"
3. Romantica - "America"
4. Athlete - "Beyond the Neighbourhood"
5. Dolores O'Riordan - "Are You Listening?"

Honorable mention - Michael Hearst - "Songs for Ice Cream Trucks," Jackson Waters - "Come Undone," Ken Oak Band - "Vienna to Venice," 林凡 (Freya) - "Love Songs," and The Perishers - "Victorious."

And now we begin working on next year's list. Seeing that the Frames concert was a New Year's Eve show, I got a feeling it might make next year's list as well. Especially with the only concert prospects at this point being Bjork, Celine Dion, Helloween and James Blunt. Although, if they were to appear at the same time, I might be interested. Just imagine that collaboration.

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Long Live The Car Crash

I am back from break, and trying to get back into posting again. This week's theme at PhotoFriday is "Disastrous." I dug up this photo of the first car I owned in Europe. It was a great car, but unfortunately an Italian guardrail was no match for the Mazda. The funny part was that two weeks after I had left in an Italian junk yard, one of my coworkers, who was a complete mooch, called me up asking to borrow it.


Sitting Waiting Wishing

Dave, I waited right where you requested, but you never showed up. I do not know if I can trust you again.

I finally gave up and finished the rest of my trip. You and others, can see more of my photos on my Flickr pages.

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We Can Go Where We Want To

It has been great to be back in Europe again. It is great to be able to wander around Dublin or Basel without a map. It has also been fun to have people give reference points like statues to meet up at, and know exactly where they are talking about. I even had one friend give me the wrong address for the Indian diner, but I knew exactly where he meant. I have been asked by several people for directions, and have been able to point them in the right direction. The oddest request was a man who asked me how to get to Trinity College about a fifty yards from the entrance to the college. I pointed to the building right across the street, and laughed as he walked off.

Besides knowing my way around, I also feel at home with the German radio stations. It appears they have not changed their song lists since the day I left. I have actually heard "Anything For Love" by Meatloaf twice in the last two days of driving around the Black Forest. And when Men Without Hats told me, "I could leave my friends behind," I almost had to pull over to do the "Safety Dance." Makes me wonder why I even left this audio wonderland.