Let The Music Play On

Well, if you read my last post, you will be excited to know that the music last night went until just shy of 7 AM. Yes my friends, through out the evening (and morning) I was awoken several times as these hills were alive with the sound of music. I unfortunatly I missed my chance to hear "Highway To Hell," again, as I was asleep at 4:45 am. But I did wake up around 5:00 for the Hermes House Band version of "Take Me Home Country Roads," backed up by many Germans with many German beers in their system. Right now the music has been quiet, although I did get my fill of ABBA being played by a German brass band today. Who knows what the night will bring? I can only hope for some Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, or with my luck some Vengaboys.

By the way it is Der Iron Chef's birthday. Stop by his xanga site and wish him a happy birthday.


No Woman, No Cry

Well, today was the first day of English camp. I am amazed at how well it went. The kids were very well behaved, and even went to their rooms tonight with out a struggle. Don't know if that is a sign of great things to come, or the calm before the storm.

As with last years camp, it begins at the same time as the Marzell music festival, a small rival of the Montreux Jazz Festival. So far tonight we have heard several marches and the Neil Diamond classic "Sweet Caroline" performed by a brass band, and currently the speakers are sending Bob Marley across the hills in the area. This little fest will go for three days, and if it is anything like last years, I can expect little sleep. At one point last year during the wee hours of the morn I heard covers of "Highway to Hell," and "Knocking On Heaven's Door." It did make for an interesting devotional thought at the next morning's prayer time.

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Who You Gonna Call?

Tonight I was over hanging out with the Youngs. We were actually talking about blogs and the various reasons behind them, when a little friend poked his head out from behind on of the chairs. I announced the mouses entry into the field of view, and soon after the hunt was a foot. Lane and I chased him along one wall, then he back tracked and when all the way around to the opposite corner of the room. We thought we might be able to get him there, armed only with a broom. Well, the little rascal snuck by, and entered the hallway, the whole way protected by furniture. I ran down to the end of the hall way to stop him from exiting into the attic, and it was there I discovered my weapon of choice in this battle - the vaccuum. I plugged it in and began to hunt that little guy, but he headed back the other way and into the kitchen. A quick change of plug sockets, and I was again close enough to make the hunt exciting. Again, Lane and I had him cornered behind the refrigerator. As we pushed it out froma the wall a little, I noticed he had climbed up the whole backside of the unit. As I aimed the nozzle at him he dropped to the floor and headed again to the hallway. On his way toward the door, Lane dropped the broom on him, tossing him into the air, but it barely slowed him down. He soon took refuge in a basket full of backpacks, and we knew we had him trapped for good. Lane began taking out each bag, carefully examining for the little rodent. A couple bags later, the little guy made a break down the hallway, but was not as quick enough for the hoover. Seconds later he found himself traveling down a long shaft and into a bag full of dust and debris. He met had met his match, and the hunter could go home satisfied.

When it was all over, I said, "and that is what some people would put on their blog."

Photos hopefully will be coming soon, as the whole process was being documented.

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Lost In Germany

Don't worry kids, I'm not lost, I just have been stinkin' busy lately. But I can't say the same for everyone.

Twenty days from now I will be leaving this country and heading into the unknown. Mixed feelings on it right now.

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Celebrating Texan Style

Well kids, as you know today is the Fourth of July, which where I am is the day after the Third of July. But back where I'm from, it is our day of independence. Or as I like to call it, the day we got rid of those stinkin' soccer lovin' English overlords.

Just as I provided footage of a Canadian celebrating his national day, I decided it was only appropriate to give you a true blooded American busting his moves in honor of those who dumped the tea in the harbor and told the King he could keep his bland food.

Now go set of some cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or some other fireworks for me.

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Speaking Of Dancing

I forgot to wish all my Canadian readers a happy Canada Day. But in some ways it is a good thing that I waited, as I have footage of one of my favorite Canadians partying it up to celebrate his homeland. Enjoy.

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And We Danced

Last night I spent some time with the Hooters. No, not these hooters, but these Hooters. It was an incredible show, by a really tight band. In fact I was impressed by the range of instruments they all played. I would guess each member played at least three different instruments during the show. They busted out all their hits, and even pulled off three encores. Now before you make some crack about a has been or one hit wonder band, I highly recommend you catching these guys in concert. They really put on a great show. And to top it off, I can now add to the collection of concert memoribilia a Hohrner harmonika.

I recommend checking out the individual pages of the band memebers: Rob, Eric, Dave, and Fran.

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