Where Ox And Ass Are Feeding

I am so childish sometimes. Today at church I thought one of the fun things about Christmas is being able to use the word "ass" in church. The best part is that it was used in not just one, but two songs this morning. Like I said, sometimes I can be childish.

Speaking of being childish, I had a good laugh on the plane the other day. The flight from Norita to Chicago was having some difficulties with their entertainment system. At first it was just audio. While they were trying to fix it, they began flipping the video channels between the various movies. Unfortunately, they stopped on a shower scene from some movie. Total nakedness for all the passengers to see. (Well, not everyone, as the little kid two seats over was still crying because he couldn't see over the seat in front of him.) But for a minute or so everyone got an anatomy lesson. Very soon after that Christmas music began pouring out of the overhead speaker system. It was followed by an announcement that the system was now fixed. My friend sitting next to me said something about "Christmas music and porn," and the laughter began. Interestingly enough, this makes the second year in a row where adult oriented material has been on open display on my flights at Christmas.

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Hooray Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday

The philosopher Kravitz once said, "I want to get away, I want to fly away." I know how he felt. Vacation came about twenty five minutes too late, but it is here. I've got my bags packed, the iPod charged, and the tickets and passport on the desk. In less than seven hours I will be on a bus heading to the airport. Barring any technicalities, soon I'll be walking along a remote beach with some good friends.

If I don't get a chance to find an internet connection between now and then, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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Friday Night Arrives Without A Suitcase

Instead of knocking
Upon your door to carol
I give you some links...

Bowie meets Crosby
To sing a Christmas duet
It is a classic.

I was expecting
Nice day for a white Christmas
From Billy Idol.

Nine days left to shop
Looking for the perfect gift?

This boy's got some heart
Too bad he is lacking some tone
But it is divine.

Think you got it tough
Finding the perfect present?
Buy for a Wookie.

Before they broke up
Wham gave us a Christmas song
That everyone loves.

Each word here a link
To a different Christmas song
For your enjoyment.

One haiku won't do.
There's so much Christmas music
On the internet.

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A Caution To The Birds

Ambushed is not just how I've felt lately, but also the theme of PhotoFriday this week. And for it I'm busting out one of my favorite photos. This was taken a few years ago in Venice. I had the students line up, poured out a bunch of corn, and then yelled "Run." It was time to show the birds who was boss.

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Friday Night And I Got Wings

As this Christmas nears
One job you don't want to have:
The eggnog tester.

Busting out the thread
Got to make some small repairs
Oh yeah, I can sew.

MP3 screw up
Some songs were combined somehow
It's driving me mad.

Learn from her mistake
Lay off the chili and beans
Before the big flight

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Take Your Protein Pills

Well, I posted recently about my mild concussion. After visiting with the nurse the next day she suggested I might want to see a doctor. As she didn't drive me there immediately, I decided I was good enough. The next day she saw me again, and told me that if I played the following week I had to wear a helmet. Fair enough I thought. When I told my friends that I would be showing up with protection, they just laughed. But the joke was on them. I've got my own card now!

On the back of this football card are the simple statistics:
Playing without dorky helmet - 0 first downs, 0 touchdowns
Playing with dorky helmet - 1 first down, 2 touchdowns

plus the trivial fact, "In the off-season he likes to travel by train to remote and unique destinations."

Now all I need is a helmet company that is in need of a spokesperson. I'd be willing to decorate the helmet with stickers and logos of any interested parties.

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Got His Own Jet Airplane

I usually have some time to kill in the office during the weekends. Often I find myself surfing around the web to find interesting and strange stories to share with others. This weekend, in my clicking I found something I could not help but question. I guess Benny Hinn is in desperate need of a private jet to help him spread the gospel. In fact he is in such a need, they have already taken possession of the plane. Unfortunately, they didn't have the money to purchase it yet. So he just needs 6000 people to donate $1000 to help with the DOWN PAYMENT.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the spreading of the true Gospel. (Although there is some question in terms of Mr. Hinn's version) In fact, I have been involved in that line of work for years, AND I FLY COACH! Sure, my work has basically been in one location, with only the need to fly about once a year for work projects. But again, I fly coach. During the years when I had to travel across America speaking at churches, I drove from place to place. There was no multi-million dollar plane to whisk me to the next church.

I wonder if Benny knows how many economy tickets he could buy with that $6,000,000 down payment? My rough guess says around 5500 to 6000 international tickets. If these are the last days as he claims, I don't see him needing that many, even if he takes some friends along.

You know what else could be done with that six million?
15625 children could be sponsored for a year.
12000 heifers could be donated to needy families.
300000 flocks of geese to provide eggs, meat, and down for those in need.
171,428 gardens could be planted.
15000 playgrounds assembled for children.
6000 wells dug and maintained.

Or you could provide me with a private jet so I don't have to wait in lines or have to continue to be profiled in my travels. Plus how am I expected to visit all the applicants from around the world?

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The Surface Won't Tell You

I've taken care of the Haiku Friday, now it is time for Photo Friday. This week's theme is "stillness." I took this photo a couple summers ago while spending some time at the lake. I could get lost in this photo for a while. in fact, I might just do that right now...

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The Weekend Starts Here

The decision was made
The paperwork handed in
I'll be here next year.

This war between us
It looks like you've won this time
How 'bout best of three?

By nurses orders
I'm allowed to play football
Only with helmet.

It was a good thought
But I second guess myself
I'm such a dummy.

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Chasin' Mice Around

Occasionally we have drill in our dorm to prepare students on the proper procedures to take if an intruder enters the building. Just like with a fire or tornado drill, you want them to be ready, but hope you never have to use the information in a real emergency. Tonight that intruder came. Fortunately he was too small to set procedures into motion.

I was alerted to the tiny little guy's presence by the shrieks from the television room next to the office where I was. Instantly one of the guys told me there was a rat in the building. I sprung into action. We started to pull the sofas away from the wall to force the little guy out. The little guy was smarter than that, so we then started tossing the sofas on their sides to clear the space and hopefully flush him out. Again, he outfoxed us on this move too. We were about to give up when my dorm dad noticed him hiding between some cushions.

The mouse (not a rat) then took to the floor running. We began to chase him around, myself armed with a broom and my dorm dad armed with some sticky mouse traps. I recommended getting a vacuum for backup, so one was obtained as we continued in pursuit of the rodent. He kept running from corner to corner, using the various pieces of furniture as shields. Soon after the threat of being sucked into a great unknown became real, the mouse decided to make a break for the door.

Unfortunately for the little guy there was only one thing standing between him and the door, and it stood over six feet tall in a pair of size thirteen shoes. He had to get past me for freedom, and that was not going to be an option tonight. I still had the broom in my hand as he made his move. Thinking quickly, I abandoned the broom and put my right foot forward. The Nike Swoop was the last thing that mouse saw. Immediately the students watching let out cheers along with sounds of disgust as this was the first time some of them had seen a mouse dissected so quickly.

I walked out trumpeting my victory in my role of protector of the students. They will sleep well knowing that their RA will crush any threat they might have, at least the ones under four inches in length.

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I'm In No Shape For Drivin'

I think I obtained my first concussion today. It was a beautiful play in the end zone as I was attempting to catch the football. I watched in slow motion as it bounced around my fingers as I was falling backwards towards earth. Unfortunately, it was knocked out of my hands seconds before the THUD of my head hitting the cold hard field reverberated though my head like something that reverberates a lot.

I think I am doing fine, although for a while this afternoon life was a blur. Like, I know I had a conversation with a friend on the street, but I do not remember much of what was said or even if I made any sense. Dinner wasn't much better, as I do not think I was tracking with most of the conversation.

But I'm getting better. I think I'll go for a walk. I feel happy. I feel happy.

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It's Been One Week

Earlier, I posted about how this has been one of the stranger weeks I have experienced. And those who know me well, know I have had some pretty strange weeks in this life. I was presented with options for my future that would not only impact me, but everyone in my small circle of friends. I was forced to make decisions between two decent options, both with their advantages and disadvantages. It was like the time when I had to decide between either seeing Wilco or The Hooters in concert one evening. OK, it wasn't exactly like that, but you get the point.

When presented with the options, I asked for time to really think about things and pray. And pray I did. I even sent out a letter to many of my supporters to be praying for my wisdom in decision making. While I did not feel one hundred percent one way or another, I had a feeling what my decision was going to be. My personal feelings were leaning one way, but I wanted to be sure that they also aligned with God's direction.

Now here is the funny/strange/interesting part... before I even planned on delivering my decision, I was approached by those I was in negotiating with. They informed me that they did not think that proceeding forward was the best option at this time. Now this was the direction I was feeling as well, but I did not even have to utter it. God clearly made the decision for me, as well as made that decision clear to me.

So needless to say, I will not be moving to any new countries in the next year.

This morning, I decided to skip church. Not something I recommend doing often, but once in a while I think it is a needed thing. Instead, I spent some time in the Word and listening to a message by Ron Merrell. Amazingly, it was exactly what I needed to hear. He talked about choices and the moments that they are made in. He talked about "having faith that God is bigger than your moment." Again some backing up from God about the choices that have been made by me and for me.

Now hopefully life will return to some normalcy, at least my usual levels of normal.

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The Naive Simpleton So Immature

Immature is the theme of this week's PhotoFriday. I kept seeing these hot dog stands around Moscow this summer. Every time I had to laugh a little, as I thought they had a rather strange name. Guess it was only the font that makes it look bad, as in Russian it is pronounced, "Stardogs." Yep, I can be so immature.

Song to go with this post: Michael Jackson - "Stranger in Moscow"


I'm The Leftover Turkey

This week presented
Two offers for my future
Think I'll pass on both.

The order was wrong
Football, nap, and then turkey
This Thanksgiving day.

The pistachios
I smuggled back from Turkey
Are almost finished.

It has been too long
Turkey day with family
Has it been nine years?

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A Strange Cup Of Tea

Lately has anyone had the feeling their life has been a crazy mix of songs by Genesis and Richard Marx, a poem by Robert Frost, a couple John Cusack films, and a nineteenth century Russian novel?

Yeah, me neither.

There hasn't been any Marx in the mix.

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Cause It's Friday Night Again

Students sneaking out
Never expected me there
Watching like a hawk.

Set the trap for mice
But I couldn't help but laugh
When it caught a dog.

Darwin had a point
Survival of the fittest
Happens now and then.

Making mixed CDs
Like programming a jukebox
Without the quarters.

Proverbs Thirty-one
Everyone thinks of the gals
Not about the guys.

Time for the question
Should I stay or should I go
Any suggestions?

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An Albino, A Mosquito

Evil is the theme at Photo Friday.

It was a cold and rainy day in Russia. We were on a hike several kilometers from a small remote town. It was bad enough that my mind started playing tricks on me, causing me to think that this was going to be where I would die. But evil was taken up a step when the mosquitoes began to swarm.

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But He Keeps On Trying

I know I've said it before, but if the rich and famous can not find true and lasting love, how is a average guy like me to have any hope?

While we are on the subject of relationships... A while ago I was standing with two people who have some influence in my life. We were talking about some student issues. At one point one informed me I was doing a good job, but he was concerned about my eyesight. I had heard this line of joking before, but the others around had not. He clarified the joke by saying that he was concerned that there were all these eligible women working around me, and I am not doing anything about it. This reminded me of a friend years ago who was told by a coworker, "just pick one." Like it is just that easy.

Usually this line of thought is dismissed by some random joke from me like, "there is a reason most pandas do not mate in captivity... everyone is watching." For some reason on this particular evening, I thought I would defend my honor (what little there might be), and perhaps the honor of those who find themselves in similar situations. I started by telling him that I agree I have worked with many quality gals during my years in international education. I then informed him that I felt my eyesight, as well as most of my male coworkers, was pretty good, and that it could be the reasoning of some of those ladies that should be in question. I told him that I know of a few of those ladies that have been approached by some of the guys, but for one reason or another they have passed on those chances. Perhaps they have just taken the wise advice of Annie Lennox.

We had a couple good laughs about the whole situation. It then segued into a good talk about how life in a fishbowl is not easy for either gender. I think, as people who arrived in this situation married, they didn't fully understand some of the added pressures the single people among them face. Sure, some of those pressures are self imposed, but some are put on them by the people around them. And again, it does not help that everyone is watching.

Soon I had to leave to check up on some students. But at least I knew that I would not be questioned about my lack of vision. Although my lack of action could still be in question or does this count?

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Find My Place Up On The Map

I used to think that this map was the coolest, as it showed where people were looking at my site from. Well, a week or so ago, I discovered that Flickr now has a map feature. So now you can see where in the world my photos have been taken. I have been going through some old photos, like this one, hoping to fill up the map. This actually has caused great excitement, as now can I not only tell the story behind the photo, but I can show exactly where it happened... even down to the exactly city block in some cases.

Perhaps the next step will be to get people to spell out my name in every country...

Speaking of travels, I came across Rick Steves' ten tips for sleeping cheap in Europe. I'd like to add my very own tips. All links show places I've spent a night free of charge.

1. Sleep in city parks.
2. Don't be afraid to sleep outside.
3. Park benches make great beds.
4. Airports are not just for moving through.

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Things Ain't Cooking In My Kitchen

Out hunting for food
Walking across the city
Just to make a meal.

Onions and chicken
Garlic, beans and green peppers
Made a fine chili.

This week had a few
Meetings about my future
Wish I knew the way.

I wrote a haiku
But I got scared to publish it
So this took its place.

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Walking Round The Room Singing

This is a great weather week. Yesterday I was awoken by an amazing thunderstorm. Last night I walked under a perfectly clear sky complete with a full moon. Tonight as I head to my bed it is snowing outside my window. Too bad it isn't sticking, as I would be tempted to have a snowman standing by the back gate to welcome all to school. Alas, there will only be two or three of us who actually were aware snow was falling tonight.

Tonight I went to see The Prestige. I'm telling you this has to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend, and that is all I am going to say about this film. Wow, I just got a feeling of deja vu.

In other news, I work with some crazy people. I have the text messages to prove it.

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In Short Supply

When the third one broke
I vowed to ban the iPods
But I caved this week.

In the next five months
Three international flights
Not counting returns.

I'd write more haiku
But I've got things to get done
So look at this chart.

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Just Like A Sacred Cow

I was looking through some old photos on my computer today. I came across this one that also fits in the theme of "Light" on PhotoFriday. This was taken at the morning Fashnact parade in Basel in 2004.

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Pre-wrapped Sausages and Things

I have discovered there is an exciting feeling about walking up to a bank teller and sliding a piece of paper requesting a few million to be withdrawn from your account. Even better is when she does it without flinching. She asked me if I wanted it in cash or check. As I would be walking across town to another bank, I decided check, although I was really tempted with the feeling of walking out of the bank with a stash of bills. A few hours later, I got to enjoy dropping a few million on the desk when the teller asked me how much I wanted to transfer. Yeah kids, I'm a high roller. Before you start sending me requests for charity, remember I live in a country where a bag of chips costs a thousand.

Last night, I had dinner with some friends to celebrate the upcoming birthday of this guy. Two of us then went to see The Prestige. I'm telling you this has to be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend, and that is all I am going to say about this film.

Speaking of entertainment. I discovered a good sign you have been living overseas too long is when you get excited that Who's The Boss is on television. And speaking of Who's the Boss, do you what my favorite kind of cookies are?

Alyssa Milano Cookies

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Friday On My Mind

Making kids dress up
Just to get some free candy
I love my job sometimes.

I am not a prince
But sometimes I do wonder
Am I like Myshkin?

One less friend in town
The coffee gals will be sad
Vaya con Dios.

Looking at my pay
I'm glad I got that degree
For I would be broke.

I stink at tennis
The ball is in your court now
I fear your return.

Forget bombs and drugs
There's a greater threat out there
It's called Vegemite.

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Runaway Train

Accidental is the theme at PhotoFriday this week. I was trying to get a photo of the Mongolian countryside from out my train window. Unfortunately, when I hit the button on my camera another train was passing by. This is what I got...

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It's Better To Burn Out

So last night I took a walk over to the local batting cages. On the way I saw a shooting star fly over campus. For a brief period of time all the lights of this city did not compare to a piece of rock burning up overhead. As I walked on several thoughts went through my head. I wondered how many others even saw it. I thought of my friend who claimed they have never seen one. I made a childish wish that I doubt will come true. I even began to compile a list of my favorite shooting stars I've witnessed.

As I arrived at the cages, there were seven college students in various stages of inebriation cheering on their friend in one cage. I stepped into the open cage, dropped the coinage in the slot, and grabbed the bat. As I started connecting batt to ball, the two guys in the cage next to me stopped and watched, as did the rest of their posse. They began to gasp, cheer, and yell out things like, "home run," "very good," "teach me," and "McGwire." (Funny thing is that my students in the states used to call me McGuire.) When my turn ran out, I turned to see three girls' faces pressed up against the fence, chanting "go again." I dropped another coin in, and put on another show. Sometimes a guy just needs a little boost to the ego.

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Friday Wasn't My Day

Been drinking green tea
Like it is going out of style
At least it is cheap.

Nuclear concerns
This is the eve of the end
In the Twilight Zone.

False alarm not nice
Cause I stayed up way too late
Watching CSI.

Miyagi's two rules
Karate defense only
Learn rule number one.

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Bring Me A Big Umbrella

This week's theme at PhotoFriday is Innocence. I took this on the streets of Moscow this summer.

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In An Air Raid Drill

Today Korea started testing air raid drills again. For fifteen minutes alarms were sounded, announcements were made on speakers around town, and fighter jets flew over head. For those of us who had no clue what was going on it was a rather tense time of worrying about how soon the radiation cloud would appear. Oh who am I kidding, I actually found out about the drill from an email a few hours later. This afternoon while people were exhibiting their disaster awareness preparations, I was deep in napland, dreaming away, oblivious to the world around me.

In other news, the Chinese are claiming they are building fences along the border with North Korea. To think that just a couple weeks ago, I was right there, filming stupid videos and joking about swimming across to North Korea. Should I be concerned that eight years ago, I traveled through a civil war in Europe that six months later escalated to a major war, and now I've stumbled into another hot spot?

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Wish It Wasn't The Thirteenth

When traveling the globe
It is always western food
That has knocked me down.

Too many new discs
Too little time to listen
What's a boy to do?

The greater the risk
Gives one the greater rewards
Is what he told me.

The sunset looked nice
Could it be from the fallout
From last week's big test?


See The Soldier With His Gun

I guess this would be a good time to tell the story of how I was recently captured by the Chinese military along the North Korean border.

It all started when a tour bus broke down along the Tumen River. We had just left the observation tower, where one can see North Korea, Russia, and the East Sea from a vantage point in China. The sun was setting over the North Korean hills and it would be a few hours before our replacement bus would arrive. Once we figured there was time to kill the group I was with started walking towards a UN statue up the road. After a little bit of walking, it was decided to return to the bus, as it would be too dark for a photo. Being the ever explorer, I asked if it would be fine if I walked a little further up the road. I was given the go ahead, and easily convinced two of my fellow travelers to join me.

As we walked along we talked about how cool it was we were in an area where three major communist countries converged. We wondered why there wasn't more security in the area. We walked along taking photos of sunsets, cows, and a staged photo of "our escape into China", with North Korea in the background. Oh, we even shot a short video of our escape. And then we kept on walking.

A few minutes later the dogs started barking. Then two guys came out of a building. We continued to walk, although a little slower, until they waved at us. The from behind us a military vehicle approached. It passed us before coming to a halt. One of the soldiers opened up a window and said, "Go back!" One of us asked, "To the bus?" The reply was, "Go back."

So being intelligent people that we are, we turned and started to walk back the two or three miles to where the bus still sat. As the soldiers drove away, I turned to one of the guys and asked him if he would let me beat him up a little, so when we got back we could tell a story about how he mouthed off to the soldiers. He did not like that idea. We continued walking for a few minutes, when one of the guys noticed the vehicle was returning. Out loud I uttered, "I hope they pick us up." I am not too sure the other guys were sharing this same idea.

The vehicle stopped in front of us again, and the back door flew open. One of the soldiers motioned for us to enter. I quickly jumped in, followed by the other two guys. The last one was given a little shove as he entered the vehicle. The two of them sat on a bench with two soldiers on one side of the vehicle. I sat on the wheel well next to a soldier on the other side. All three of them had machine guns. We did not.

They drove us back to our bus, and dropped us off. As we exited the vehicle many of those we were with were laughing at us. I quickly said it wasn't a laughing matter. But couldn't help but laugh as well, because I had been freakin' detained by the Chinese military. At this point, one of the two soldiers in the front of the vehicle stepped out and began yelling at our bus driver and guides. I guess he was making it clear that this is a highly sensitive area, a dangerous area, and stupid people should not be walking around under the cover of darkness in this area. After a little bit of muscle flexing, he got back in the vehicle and they drove away. We had two more hours to hang out and tell our story to others until that replacement bus arrived.

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This Is Where The Summer Ends

The news is reporting that North Korea has tested their nukes today. According to the report, it created a tremor that has been confirmed. So I decided to see where this actually happened, so I checked out the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program. This is where I got this map, to show my family and fans how close I am.
For those who have not been keeping score at home, I am in Taejon. The little orange box is where the man with the crazy hair decided to flex his muscles today. I feel the need to go change my tin foil hat to lead based.

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Chickity China

I'm big in China
Several wanted my photo
Should have charged a yuan.

It was like Frogger
But you only get one life
When crossing the streets.

Asking a girl out
Can be more frightening than
Guys with machine guns.

A broken down bus
Along the Tumen river
The setting for fun.

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See China Right In Front Of You

Just wanted to post a quick update to let you all know that I made it back safely from China. One of the highlights was spending some time atop Baekdu Mountain, which lies on the Chinese and North Korean border. Here is a short video that does not even come close to doing the actual view justice.

There are many more videos, photos, and stories to come. Including one that answers a friend's recent question about what is the most potentially dangerous situation I have been in. I think my answer has changed, thanks to the Chinese military.

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I Travel The World

Could be Bali bound
To hang with four cool ladies
But I chose China.

You might think I'm dumb
For making a choice like that
Like getting cheap tea.

Seeing crater lakes
Could be my new travel task
As I plan my trips.

Still no Christmas plans
Do I go home or elsewhere,
Any suggestions?

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Just A Yellow Lemon

I've heard it said, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, if Amazon recommends lemons, make fun of it.

While I'm posting random stuff, a friend asked for a more personal update. So here are some random thoughts and items that you may or may not care about.

1. There once were several fish that had my attention, but now only one remains. I guess I might be responsible for most of them passing on, but one did commit suicide. I found it five feet from the bowl. Guess it did not consider the all the costs of trying to get away.
2. I need to improve my Connect Four game.
3. My year old passport already needs new pages added soon. This makes me happy.
4. Proverbs 30:18-19 gives me comfort, yet some despair.
5. I have come to understand if I were to write too personal of a post, I might either hurt or offend someone, scare others, or just leave too much of myself exposed for my own good. Often I think some of the events of my life are too funny, ironic, or just bazaar that I should share with the public. Yet, upon further thought, at least while I'm in such a small bubble, it is best to keep it vague and obscure. So if you really want to know more about my life, email me, call me, or invite me over to hang out. That includes you Dave!

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Right Round Like A Record

Because taking care of twenty eight high school students is not enough to keep me busy, I decided to get some fish last night. Actually, I have been planning on getting them for about five months, but didn't want to have to flush them over the summer. Some of you will call me cruel, but I got them more because of the tank I have for them, than for any other reason.

As of now the six five* of them have no names, other than the collective, "Blender Fish." So if you have any suggestions for names, please leave them.

* Update: One fish got to test the plumbing in the building tonight. Luckily I was reminded of the words of a good friend, "There are more fish in the bowl."

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