Flying High

Today was my day off, and I delcare it good. Woke up this morning and had a decent chat with my roommate. I then headed off on a hike across town. Stopped for some gelato. I went with the Kiwi/Pineapple, Cherry, and Mango flavors, as I still can not get myself to try the corn or cheese flavors. Then it was off to the batting cages, where I feel I did pretty well. And then the final destination of the walk was Walmart. There I purchased a bike and some gear to go with it. I then proceeded to ride back home. The night consisted of dinner with a good friend, and a movie with some others.

But the kicker was on my way back to the dorm after the movie, I flipped over the handle bars of my new bike. Basically it was a combination of hill, pothole at bottom of hill, and too much front brake. Other than a brief moment of panic, I rather enjoyed the experience. It made me feel alive.

In older news, I finally put the photos from the storm that delayed my arrival in Korea. And thanks to all who commented on my recent attempt at poetry, perhaps more will come.

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And I Didn't Even Know It

In a moment of complete boredom recently, I penned the following poem. I don't think it is going to put me in the ranks of Emily Dickenson, Shel Silverstein, or William Shakespeare, but I felt it was at least good enough to share with you all. I call it....

"Dangerously Beautiful"

Twenty-five miles to go down this long highway,
She sits beside me sleeping so peaceful and serene.
Knowing what a tough day her weary body has seen,
I only imagine the dreams running through her mind,
Hoping that I make at least an appearance from time to time.
One can see how the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty came to be
With a glance at the smile that graces here face.
Afraid to wake her I sit quietly admiring the sight,
But seriously questioning why I let her drive tonight.

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Reality Television

Just when you think television can't get any worse, people like this guy remind us that idiots have been on the air for a long time. Poor television is nothing new.

For those who don't know, this week Pat publically stated on his "religious, Christian, or what ever you want to call it" show that the US should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president. This coming from a guy who publically has commented on the sanctity of life for years. But don't hold that against him, he has also claimed that Hindu and Muslim judges should not serve at a federal level. He even was part of an interview on his own show shortly after September 11, 2001, informed their audience that "the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians" helped the terrorists. Man, you look at some of the other things this guy has done or said, and I'm ready to send in my cash to keep the 700 club running.

Once again, I ask the question, do true followers of Christ really wonder why some people think that Christians are crazy? Now, I know I'm no way perfect, but I do my best to not run my mouth with brain disconnected when I've got a microphone in front of me. Guess that is something that my broadcasting degree is good for. I wonder if you compared the number who are lead into the kingdom by the televangelists to the number of those who are turned away... Petra said it best, "All God's children should be seen and not heard."

By the way, his personal webiste is blocked by the internet security program on this computer due to "hate speach." Ironic, don't you think? A little too ironic, I really do think.

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What's Up?

Last night I was forced to take some abuse in a skit to explain the rules. I was shot in the crotch with a watergun, hit over the head with a box, sprayed down with Fabreeze, put into a harness, and had chocolate pudding thrown into my face so hard, about a pint went up my nose. The things I do for kids.

And while that might have been the most fun thing the kids saw that evening, my moment of pure fun came earlier when those who heaped the abuse on me and I met for dinner. We chose to eat at the new chicken and pizza place that opened a couple nights ago. While I waited for the guys to arrive, I had fun reading the menu. They have quite the selection of tasty treats. If you look closely at the photo you can see both what I thought was funny, and my reflection (which I also find funny at times). I've been told the Korean translation is even better than the English.

EDIT (Sept 4,2005) - I've decided to post this link onto the Photo Friday list under "Order." Maybe because when I read order I was hungry, and thought about ordering food... either way...

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Life's A Beach

Today I got to play some football (American style) on a beach in Korea with some of the new students. It reminded me of several games I played almost two years ago on a beach near Rome. For a few moments I missed Brucato, Zub and Terrell, as well as a few other guys who enjoyed that Italian beach. I couldn't think too long about it all, as I would have been eating some sand and losing ground for our team.

Tonight all the new students are pretty well orientated, this guy returns to join our boarding team, and the returning students are dreaming of their arrival tomorrow. All in all, life is good or pretty darn close.

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Games And Books

I've been a bit swamped lately with getting stuff ready for the school year, and hanging out with some good friends. Caught a Eagles baseball game the other night. It had to be on the highest scoring games I've been to with the final score being 13 to 11, with the Kia Tigers having less people cross the plate. The game was so intense and exciting that the fans actually started doing the wave... something I had yet to see at the Hanbat Stadium. The only downside was some friends left when it was 4-3. I heard them saying something about leaving because the park being out of corndogs or something.

Last night I helped a friend setup her classroom. I sorted many boxes of books for her fifth grade class. I forgot how much I loved the Encyclopedia Brown series and Ronald Dahl books. I could have sorted the books quicker, had I not stopped to read a few pages here and there.

I guess I should get back to work. There are plenty of things to do before all the kids get back, and I just got my frist text message from a student. Let the good times roll.

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I'm Back

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've made it safely back in Taejeon. The first thing I did after I made it to my room was head to HomePlus to buy a fan. It is so stinkin' hot and muggy over here right now. I know that the FinnGrandFest in Marquette is having the world's largest sauna this week, but right now I feel like Korea might have them beat.

And if any of my friends over here are reading this, I could seriously go for some mandu soon. So give me a call or just look for me at the chinese diner.


Escaped The Island

Just wanted everyone to know I've made it out of the woods, and have checked in for my first flight towards Korea. See some of you soon, others not so soon. More stories and photos of the last few days will be coming soon. Just know that I can now add "surviving a hurricane" to my list of things accomplished. Didn't know it would have happened in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.



So I'm now in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where just this weekend at the Brat Fest, thislittle lady broke the bratwurst eating record by pounding down 35 brats in 10 minutes. That's some quick eatin' by a lady who clocks in under 100 pounds. I'm assuming that after she was done eating she headed over to catch Night Ranger in all their 80's glory. I think their concert was down on the corner of Sentimental Street in the afternoon.

In 48 hours I'll be on a plane.

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I'm back in Illinois right now, as I attended my denomination's annual convention and will be speaking at my home church on Sunday evening. It was good to see many people from many of the churches that have been supporting me over the last few years. It was good to hear how God is working around this country through those churches and individuals, as well as around the world through other missionaries our churches support. I still have to work on what I'm going to share tomorrow night though... good think I do well at impromptu speaking.

Tonight, I got to hang with my little brother and the Jeep club he is a part of. They did a cruise-in, where they basically drive around a town in a line up of their Jeeps. It was followed by standing around the vehicles enjoying ice cream and telling stories. Now I sit at an cafe with free internet wondering why none of my friends are online.

I can't believe that I return to Korea in four days. To be honest, I'm so ready to be on that plane. Ok, I just checked the airline's website, and I guess I'm not completely ready to be on that plane. They are showing "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous" and "Beauty Shop." Why can't they show good films on international flights? Cause it sure isn't easy or recommended to walk out on a bad film at 35,000 feet.

I've got a really good story from the last couple days, but I don't want to share it right now... I think I'm going to let it simmer for a few days, until it is really good. Heck, it might be a better told than read story anyway.... But trust me, it is good. Might even be the best story of the summer.

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