My Past - On Ebay

If you go to this Ebay listing you can get a piece of my history. I'm just upset that the random photo of the students didn't include me, as that would have been cool. Hurry up, there are only a few more hours to bid. If you get it, I'll autograph it for you. Unless I already autographed it, of course.


What A Weekend

I just got back from a very fun weekend in the greater Chicago area, as opposed the the lesser Chicago area. I traveled up there on Friday to join in a small gathering of BFA alumni in the Wheaton area. I was amazed to see the amount of people who showed up from all over the country to hang out. All in all it was a great time of hanging out with some people I once had authority over, but now consider my peers and friends. Made a few trips into downtown Chicago, including a visit at the Christkindlmarkt and enjoy some of the warm beverages. Another highlight was seeing that several of the students had not lost their soccer skills they picked up living overseas. Well, I'm tired right now, and will hopefully post a few photos in the next day or two from the weekend.

A special thanks to all the students who let the old fart hang with them this weekend.

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Still Only One

Today I went to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning. I will have to say I think the technology is getting better in the world of teeth care. There were more flavors of teeth cleaning materials (cherry, cinnamon, mint, and I think bubblegum) They also used some water based cleaning tool, that I don't remember having as a kid. Although I still think there has to be a safer way to check for cavities. Something about having a twenty pound lead apron put over my vital parts and the dental assistant leaving the room before they zap me with the x-ray machine, just does not put my mind at ease. But.... I still only have one cavity in these fine teeth of mine, so I've got that going.

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Where Will I End Up Next?

Well kids, today I woke up in Denver. A few days ago, I thought I was going to be heading back to Illinois, but I recieved an offer to travel with a friend to Denver. As I have several friends in the area, I decided what the heck, might as well go. So now I'm in the Mile High City. Don't know exactly how long I'm here, but if you are around Denver, give me a call, or try to find me. I'm beginning to feel a lot like Waldo, always showing up in the most random of places.


Can't Go North

Well, for all those who were hoping for a difference in election results, or are fearing a potential draft, you should start making your trip north about a year ago, as that is how long the article says it will take to immigrate into Canada.

As for me, I'll just head to Arkansas and Kansas for the weekend. If anyone is down that way and reading this, I'll be visiting friends at John Brown University for a few days, and then off to speak at Grace Community Church on the weekend.

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Democracy Is Great

Ok, I know it is probably too late to change anyone's vote, but I must say I've grown sadly disappointed in the American church mentality. At least the one that votes soley on one or two main issues, but ignore the rest. Who cares the person's view on death penality or the environment, as long as they claim they care about the unborn baby. Another one of the issues that I think many votes have been led astray over involves this document. I'd challenge any true believer to read this and then whole heartedly support this war on terror. But then again, most voters have already made up their mind, or have blindly accepted someone elses mind.

In other news, 13,000 Florida votes are already being recounted. Ain't democracy great.

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