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I saw a link recently with the phrase, "Last night I didn't fall asleep until early in the morning. And I've got a long day ahead of me. So, what the heck is making me smile at 7:35 in the morning?" It reminded me of one of my mornings last week, so I had to click it. What I found was a hilarious short film. Check it out, and I'd recommend watching it twice to get the full effect.

BTW... Cordell's got a new number... No matter where I am in the world, you can now reach me at (309) BAN-HAMS. Yep, the days working in the butcher shop still make me shudder when I see ham in the lunch line. But if you processed two ton of ham a week, you'd feel the same.

Spam lovers can also reach me at (309) CAN-HAMS. And Bah, if you stutter you can reach me at (309) A-am I COP.

I had the chance to get (309) CAM-GIRLS, but didn't think that would look so good on the resume.

And before you even attempt a call, check this site to see what time it might be where I am.

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Haiku Friday

This Haiku finds the theme of Korea running through all my haiku. As usual here are the personal, pop culture and current news haiku for the week.

At Korean park
Statues for every surname
Could not find Cordell.


Bart, Homer and Marge
The great cartoon family
Come to life in Seoul


Fermented cabbage
It comes with every dish here
But how safe is it?

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Jesus Shuffles

Just when you thought that religious attire and merchandising couldn't get any worse... Here comes the iBelieve, a great way to listen to your favorite Christian music. And while you are strutting to some DC Talk, you can live out 2 Corinthians 2:13-15, by giving off the aroma of Christ with the help of His Essence Hand lotion. Don't forget that the fragrance of Christ is also available in a candle. But be warned of imitations and false candles.

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It's The Great Pumpkin Tree, Charlie Brown

There is nothing too exciting going on right now in the world of Ryan Cordell. So I'll share a couple photos of the amazing pumpkin trees of Korea. As one who grew up in the Pumpkin Capital of the World, I was shocked to see pumpkins growing in trees over here. But I guess if you have limited space, you do what you can.

Apples and Pumpkins - all your pie needs in one tree.

Two different trees, two different pumpkins.

A great quote I heard this weekend by Ron Merrell... "Friendships determine the quality and direction of your life." Think about it... and where are your friendships taking you?

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Retro Photo

This week at Photo Friday, the theme is Retro. I decided to get into the WABAC machine and set the dial to "retro." And the result is a photo of a young Ryan out in his boat.


Haiku Viernes

Time once again for the fun that is known as Haiku Friday. I now present a personal, pop culture, and current news haiku for this day.

Bike ride across town
Skipping stones in the river
Had to let off steam


Never get them wet
Food after midnight is bad
Do not show bright light.


"Bud Pong" not for beer
But drinking game with water
Sure we believe you.


I'm adding an extra current news haiku

The numbers are bad
Ask the people on island
Don't use them in life.

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Got A Number Two Pencil?

So I was bored earlier tonight and decided to make another quiz that you can take and test your knowledge of me. Then check out how well you know me, compared to others. If you haven't already, or want to try again, you can take the first and second quiz I made.

But soon after I finished the quiz, the pace of life picked up... It is almost 2:30 and I'm just about to go to bed, or so I hope. You never know what to expect when you live with a bunch of high school students.

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Words Are All I've Got

Someone approached me the other day to ask me about my personal haiku on Friday...
Many things to say
Fear is holding back the tongue
Got to find courage.

They thought they knew the meaning of it, but wasn't sure. I told them that when I wrote it I thought I knew what I was saying. But after it was composed and before it was posted, my interpretation of it changed too. We then had a conversation of the many times in day to day life that I refrain from saying something that should be said. It got me thinking. How many students have I failed to give that encouraging word to? How many coworkers have I not given the proper encouragement? How many family members have I neglected to express my concern or love? How many times have I failed to openly communicate with my God? The list goes on and on... until I find that courage or what ever it takes to speak openly.

On a less thought provoking theme, there is a funny clip of a youth pastor who slipped up some words. Thanks to Craig for alerting me to this one.

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Haiku Freitag

Time again for my personal, pop culture, and current event haiku for the week:

Many things to say
Fear is holding back the tongue
Got to find courage.


Tale of love and war
Andre the Giant a star
Dream of large women


They are short and blue
Now bombs are falling on them
It is about time

Feel free to join the fun of Haiku Friday over at xanga, or by posting a link in the comment section below.

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He Calls Me Bubba

Earlier this week I mentioned how I have some amazing friends... Well, tonight I must give some made props to yet another friend of mine. The man who I once called Francis, but most know him as Ron Merrell. We met in front of a building called California in Arkansas where he and his friend proceeded to kick my tail in football. Since then we have had many great adventures from gawking at the Amish to attending the world premiere of Spice World. But don't judge him just yet... He is also an amazing preachin' man. You can find a couple of his messages on his church's website. I listened to his Father's Day message today and was in tears a couple times. I highly recommend you take a half hour out of your day today to give it a listen. If you are not challenged, encouraged, or moved by what you hear I'll send you a Korean coin.

Although you must forgive him of his obsession with Hanson, who he informed me just released another album, The Best of Hanson Live and Electric.

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Better Than Ice Cream

I'm becoming a regular at the local gelato place. The other day when I was picking up some gelato, I came across a flyer there that started with the phrase, "If you are a young and beautiful somebody ready to challenge for something brand-new. You will find out it in Terre de Glace. Low fat! Low calorie! Low spices! Low coloring!" This made me think their website might have other classic lines, and I was right. You must check out their flavors and benefits for eating each one, like yogurt - "for constipation and beauty," or red bean - "good for hangover." My personal favorites are Watermellon, Sweet Potato, Persimmon and Cherry, but save Cherry for last for the comedic effect.

So who's joinin' my next gelato run?

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Drinking, Smoking, Chimps and Chumps

I've noticed that I haven't posted as much lately. In fact I posted more this summer when I only had internet for a few hours a week. I don't know if it is because there isn't much going on in my life, or if there is too much going on. Needless to say, I might try to toss a few more random thoughts out there soon, at least here are some fun links for now.

Leave it to Germany to find a way to help people quit smoking... by drinking. Although the Chinese are proving that a simple change in diet and increased entertainment can at least stop chimps from smoking.

In other strange news, there is a special place for in prisons for guys like this... it is called a library.


Dock On A Lake

This week's theme at Photo Friday is "Five." I searched through my photos to find one that would apply. I found this one of a well weathered dock on a very clear lake.

Friday de Haiku

The respsonse to Haiku Friday has been so good that over in Xangaland a blogring has been formed. You can join the fun there, or if you don't use the xanga, leave a comment with a link to where you keep your haiku. Give it a try, it is more fun than you remember from high school poetry. Now on with the madness....

Seeking some answers
I often get in the way
Listening to God


Prince Adam would shout
By the power of Greyskull
I have the power.

And today I give you a current news haiku:

Hunter with a gun
Large goose without a weapon
Who got the last laugh?

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Trapped, Pandas and Books

Today I have been trapped in my dorm. Why, you ask? For some reason the people doing the construction thought it would be wise to pour concrete today. In doing so, they chose to pour both the front entry way and the back parking lot, thus blocking both exits.

While I wait for the concrete to dry, here are a couple random thoughts that have been bouncing through my head lately...

I recently made a comment about the reason that people don't date in communities like the ones I've been living in the last eight years is the same reason that Giant Pandas have a hard time mating in captivity: It is like people are watching to see what happens when singles are together like some sick science project. Enough already, and stop tapping on the glass. And yes, this is my excuse for now as why I'm still single.

I've been blessed with some cool friends. One of them, a fellow named Dave Thompson just won a prize over at Pariah Publishing. They chose his chapter of Fallen Horizon as their Grand Prize Winner. I'm so proud of the boy, even if the story is a little dark compared to his first book I read.

And finally, I've heard that my site is blocked at a couple schools and churches. There goes The Man keeping me down again with crazy censorship Don't know if I should be proud or ashamed.

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Though I See The Darkness

I know I'm a couple days late getting my entry for Photo Friday up, but what can I say, I've been busy sleeping on floors in Korea. This week's theme is "Darkness," and my photo is from this summer. What I would give to be able to see darkness at night from time to time...

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