Did We Have To Import It All

Ok, I have a problem with bumper sticker theology. What is that you ask? It is when people think that a cleverly worded bumper sticker can save the soul of some guy stuck behind them in traffic. I have yet to hear a case where this has occurred. Usually it just shows the other drivers, that the idiot that cut them off also goes to church.

Well, now it appears that these stickers are not just all over America. No we had to export them. And they are not working in the powerful ways some might have expected.

So here is my idea. Take the sticker off your SUV, car, or Big Wheel, and just live out your faith before those who don't believe. Give it a try and see what happens. Plus you won't feel as guilty speeding and cutting people off.

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The Godfather in Germany

Toinght as I was flipping channels, after seeing enough boxing for the week, I discovered that the Godfather of Soul, James Brown was performing on on of popular German talk shows. He was performing Sex Machine and I Feel Good. And even though when I started watching watching he was performing sitting down (he is 70, and is only second to Elvis for number one hits, so give him a break), he did get up and do some of his signature dancing moves.

The kicker is that right after he was done, they showed some clip of a some sci-fi festival with someone dressed up as Gallium.

Again proving that German television is so cool and bizzare. Reminds me of when I saw Lenny Kravitz and Dustin Hoffman performing a duet one night.

Just thought you might like to know.

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Safety First

If there is one thing I love it is a good safety video. And there is nothing better than a German forklift safety video. Even if you don't understand what they are saying, I think you will think twice before getting behind the contols of a forklift again. Watch it for your sake, and your coworkers.

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Hymns V. Worship Music

I like to check out other people's blogs to see what they are writing. I came across one girl's take on worship music, and had to agree. Check it out.

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Innocent or Guilty, Who Cares?

Well, I don't know what kind of a media circus is going on in the states, but I do know that while bombs were going off in Turkey, CNN broke away to cover "Breaking News" regarding Michael Jackson. Over here in Europe all I've seen is a few news clips, most showing various people standing outside Neverland Ranch offering support for MJ. I did read one good take on it.

Now, as a fan of the music of the 80's, I have to admit that I own some of his music. As a human, I hope the truth comes out. As a person of the world, I wish the news would not put some much time regarding this issue.

But if you want my two cents, guilty or not, I do wonder about the parents who drop their kids off at Neverland Ranch for Michael Jackson's day care, including the mom in this story. (Also check out the photo for a good laugh) I'd bet if Charles Manson were set free, there would be parents letting their kids hang out at his place if he owned a small zoo.

I do find it funny that I've heard more of his music on the radio over here in Germany lately. Some of the lyrics take on different meanings in light of it all, like "tell them that it's human nature." Also ironic in the whole thing... on his newest album is a song written by R. Kelly.

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We hear the playback and it seems so long ago

OK, you 80s lovers out there (those who love the eighties like me, not 80 year old..., well you get the point.) You need to swing on over and check
out this 80's music quiz. I scored an 89, but I think I should have gotten about five more points, as I put an "s" on a couple answers. So be specific. Good luck, and let me know what your score is.

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You Are Getting Sleepy

OK, sometimes you hear (or read) something that you just can't believe is possible. Well, there is a guy out there who claims that he can hypnotize you over the internet. Well, I checked it out, and I can only say, it is worth a visit. Even if it only to read about him, while you hear him talk. So turn up the sound, and let the good doctor put you under.

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Surfing The Midwest

As one who learned to ski in Iowa, I was not totally surprised to read this article about Surfing in Sheboygan, but it still is rather funny. First of all, yes, I said that right, I learned to ski on a valley between a bunch of farms in Iowa. Needless to say, I've come a long way, as I've been known to ski between some farms in Switzerland, but they are seperated by Alps.

But getting back to the story, there is a group of people who feel that Wisconsin provides a good place to catch some surfing. And I'm not talking about surfing the internet, but the waves of Lake Michigan. Think I've got another reason to visit my sister, so see all those people frozen to a surf board crashing up on the shores of Wisconsin.

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Hell Is Breaking Loose Tonight

Alright folks, toinght on the Wheaton College campus students will be attending a dance!!! Yep, you heard it. After 143 years of no dancing, they will be dancing, and oh how will they dance.

Now go read the article real quick and answer me one of my questions
1. It mentions "sinfully erotic or harmfully violent" dancing. I question is there a way to dance in a non-sinfully erotic way? That and how many mosh pits break out at a swing dance?
2. Also what is with the phrase "ready to deal with the real world," especially with the links to real world stuff? Are they getting the students ready for an MTV show that should have been stopped a few years ago?

Well, if any of my Wheaton friends are reading this, drop me a line or leave a comment to let me know how the dance went. Were you a wallflower, or did you shake your grove thang? And did they play the YMCA?

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I'd Hate To Have This Title

Ok, just a couple weeks ago Mitoyo Kawate was declared the world's oldest person. You have to know that is a title someone can hold on to too long. Needless to say Ura Koyama is now the world's oldest person, for now. I continue to search for a way to get into the Guinness World Records, and be able to enjoy my success for more than a month.

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Here are the old comments old comments


A Single Person's Identity

As yet another person has made some comment that I should consider getting married, I thought I would track down this article from John Fischer, an author who I admire. It is called A Single Person's Identity. Check it out. You might also want to check out one of his many books, like Fearless Faith: Living Beyond the Walls of Safe Christianity, 12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (Like Me), Real Christians Don't Dance or Saint Ben/ the Saints and Angels Song. You will not be disappointed.

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Down Here It Is Our Time

It could be a happy day for fans of classic 80's movies. According to the news, Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg are working on Goonies 2. And it looks like they will be reuniting the whole crew. Heck, I'd almost camp out for tickets to the opening for this film.

Now if they could only make quality sequel to these other fine 80's films: The Last Starfighter, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Red Dawn.

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Light The Fire In My Heart Again.....

That phrase is alright in a praise song, but just don't light the fire in my apartment again. See last week I had a small fire in my bedroom due to a candle that got out of control. It caused very little damage, basically just some nasty smoke and melted my record player, which it was sitting on. The big loss was my 77's self-titled record from 1987, and a tape by a central Illinois based band named Rope. (If anyone has a copy of either they would like to give up, you know who to contact.) The plus side of the whole ordeal is that my room now looks cleaner than it has in a long time.

Needless to say, tonight I warn you to be careful with fire. And kids, keep the vinyl far away from it, as it melts quickly.

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Seen One, Seen Them All

Ok, since the invention of email, I think there is are several things that this single guy has found rather annoying. Besides the everyday things like spam, I have on my list of annoying things the photos of babies of friends. Don't get me wrong, I really like my friends. And I am excited about them having a child. But as a single guy, I'm not that concerned about what the child looks like minutes after birth. To me, they all look pretty much the same. Also, I can say without much shock to many that weight and length of the child don't mean much to me either. Just give me the date of birth, the name of the child, gender (if it can't be determined by name), and the health status, if it is something that is of concern.

Speaking of babies, here is a really cool story of twins born during Daylight Savings Time. So technically one is older than the other, but not really. Wrap your head around that one.

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