Only Time Will Tell

This week's Photo Friday theme is "Famous." This photo has been on my site for a while, but it might be the most famous people I've met, or at least have given the bunny ears to...

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Likely To Be Misunderstood

For those who are new
I write haiku on Friday
And show them to you.

High on a rooftop
I wanted to scream out loud
But would you hear me?

I'll bust out my moves
If a dance can help stop war
I've danced for much less.

Do not awaken
That is what they said to me
Can it sleep too long?

Buy eight, get one free
A frequent customer card
Filled up in a week.

Where did I go wrong
How did this path go astray
Is there a way back?

So many commands
There in the Old Testament
This one I can keep.

Shortly after I posted the above, I learned of a friends passing...

It was moving day
We broke a desk together
Rest in peace my friend.

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We'll Have A Good Time Then

Today is Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work Day. Too bad I have the day off and can't take my kids... Whoops, did I just type that?

In other news, I'm finishing up my travel plans for the summer. I've spoken with more Russian speaking women in the last month than I ever have. If buying a ticket for travel through Russian speaking countries is this complicated, I can't imagine getting a Russian mail order bride is as easy as they tell me. Again, did I just type that for the world to see?

Well, I'm off to my coffee shop before I reveal too much information. If you have a problem (like you are thirsty), if no one else can help (or will buy you a drink), and if you can find me, maybe you can have a drink with me.

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Embarking On A New Regime

Like a hot summer day's ice cream
So melts away yet another dream
I could fight until I was out of steam
But would only lose any esteem
Is this part of a master scheme
Brought about by the Supreme?
That idea might be way too extreme
And it is just lessons I didn't deem.
To keep up with the self portrait theme
This is from the guy who did The Scream.

Taking A Break From All Your Worries

The last couple days I have been doing some searching and exploring. Quoth Bono, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for." But in my explorations I did discover a place that could rival my discovery of the Isle of Innisfree years ago. (By the way, anyone want to make a trip to the Isle in July?) For in my wanderings I discovered a coffee house to call home. This place not only has some dang good hot and cold chocolate beverages (me no drinky the coffee), but they already greet me by name. And perhaps in the end that what we are all looking for anyway.

And just like my previous discoveries outside bubbles, the same rules apply:
1. Cordell will show you were it is, but you buy the first drinks.
2. No work talk will be allowed.
3. You must seek permission before telling others about the place and location.
4. NEVER, NEVER tell the dorky guy who will end up taking his freaky fiance for dinner. Which then causes me to circle around in the parking lot until they leave.
5. Breaking any of these rules will caused you to be shunned and not told of any other cool locales Cordell might find.

In other news, this shocked me when it appeared on my personalized Google homepage.
After refreshing the page, the weather was back to the 60s with rain soon. Look close enough and you discover things like the last three words of the day: rebarbative, agog, and itinerant.

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One Syllable Words

On a long bike ride
Saw an eagle yesterday
Getting on a bus.

A crazy request.
She must have been amazing
For them to agree

Two weeks have gone by
The T.V. is still unplugged
I am reading more.

U.S commute time
Twenty five minute average
Me - thirty seconds.

A nice sunny day
Hanging with some forth graders
Kite flying is fun.

A new feature there ---------------->
Tells what my iTunes just played
Like you really care.

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No April Rain

Well, actually last night as I was just about to fall asleep, a fierce storm hit the city. I stood at my window watching the lightening criss cross the sky, and marveling at the power of nature. I remembered how much I miss a really good thunderstorm.

Today I feel the need to give some long distance dedications to a couple great friends who have made me a better person. And both of them celebrate birthdays this week. Something about great men born in the latter part of April...

One is my friend Ron, who I've mentioned here before. Two of my greatest road trips involved him. One was heading out to spend a week visiting him in California. The other was a trip to show him the Midwest, including a stop to "gawk at the Amish." I highly recommend adding his sermons to your podcasts. Good stuff!

The other is my friend Aaron, who I was in a couple bands together with. He continued with the music industry, while I decided to work my way around the world. And to keep with the driving memories... during our senior year we were in a Youth For Christ band. When ever it was my time to drive, I had a bad habit of leaving the heat off. It became a game to see how long it took Aaron to yell at me about the heat, or to just turn it on himself. Ah, good times.

And I end wishing you a Happy National High Five Day!

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Money's Too Tight

A video editing program I wanted to fight
When I was still working late last night
Heck, I think I saw dawn's first light.
As I tried to get the film just right,
Computer glitches continued to be my plight.
In the end I found a disturbance that is slight,
But it is magnified when it passes my sight.
Ending poems with self portraits might get trite,
But for now I present one by Joseph Wright.
And don't forget to check out my other site.

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A Hill Called Double Cure

Don't you worry kids
Haiku Friday has returned
Just for Good Friday...

A gesture of love
That kiss started in motion
The true sign of love.

We call this day Good
But those who were there that day
Might have disagreed.

A carpenter's son
Created great things from wood
The best from a cross

I say I love Him
Yet often I disown too
The rooster still crows

Three hung out to die
Two for crimes they did commit
One for all of us.

A stone rolled away
Like he said, he is risen
Now go tell others.

Songs to go with the post:
B. Bennett, D. Daugherty & J. Miller - Beautiful Scandalous Night
Keith Green - Easter Song
Delirious? - Message of the Cross
Third Day - Thief


Running Up That Hill

I'll be the first to admit that waking up in the morning and running a marathon just isn't my idea of fun. The thought of doing that six times in a week would make me consider my sanity. Toss the idea of doing this crazy running in the Sahara desert and I personally would be begging for mercy.

But that is just what two of my friends are doing right now. Albert and Mattheiu are out running the Marathon des Sables. It is a 243 kilometer race across the Saraha that goes from April 7-13. If that is not crazy enough, each runner has to carry all the supplies they need for the race, only to be supplied extra water at each check point. This explains why they are asking people to pray for them on this adventure.

Both of these guys are doing it to raise money and awareness for medical ministries in India and Nigeria, so I would encourage you to check out their individual blogs. And if you want you can even drop them a note. (They are number 282 and 299).

Did I mention that the next stage they run is double the distance? They will be running 82 kilometers in a day. Heck, I haven't even driven that far in a while.

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Where Angels Fear to Tread

At four in the morning I should be in bed.
But something interesting in a book I read,
Plus some words that were recently said
Are still running through my tired head.
This lack of sleep I would like to shed
And to be horizontal on my pillow instead.
Here is a self portrait by guy named Fred.
Why do British call the last letter a zed?


What Do You See?

I must thank you all for the feedback I got from my India posts. Perhaps more of the journals will show up later, including some of the passages that prove it wasn't all great thoughts hitting the page.

So this weekend, I continued to process what I learned and continue to learn from the trip. Thanks to some amazing friends who were kind enough to listen to me ramble and even caused me to think deeper. Sure, I might blame one great conversation for my lack of sleep and a stubbed toe. But even in the lack of sleep, I found ways to be challenged, and to challenge others. Isn't that what it is about?

In all this, I decided to start TV turn-off week a little early. It might come as a surprise that I unplugged the television and shut down my torrent program. Do I really need to know who wins the Amazing Race? Do I need to watch yet another episode of Law & Order? And eternally speaking, does it really matter what is on that island? GASP - did he just say that?

When I explained this to my parents, my mother told me not to get too radical. I don't think I'm going too radical, but I am tired of being too complacent.

So who is with me?

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I'll Remember

I have really been trying to figure out what is the best way to explain the week I had in India. I've read the accounts of three friends who were there, and wondered why can't I express similiar thoughts.

So, instead of trying to come up with new words, I decided to post some of the thoughts I scribbled out in a little journal I kept during the week. I've posted them on the dates that they were written to keep them separate. And for the curious, not all my thoughts and writings are being posted. There are some things I'm still not ready to openly admit on such a public forum. But I do think I've tossed enough out for you to really see what was happening around me, and in me...

Here are the posts in order: The Chase is On, Don't Leak, Don't Speak, I Don't Have A Reason Anymore, I Am Poor, He Said It With Devotion, Come With Me, I'm A Legal Alien. And be sure to look at the photos. Oh those photos still bring tears to my eyes.

Finally, thanks to my friend Dave for letting me pour out my thoughts the other night. You are a good man. And as you can see I wimped out when it came to the poetry. Perhaps it will show up later.

Those of you who are not Dave, take the time to read his thoughts based on our conversation. For this is what I'm hoping the posts from the trips cause... people to stop and think for a minute or more, because that is what I've been doing for two weeks now.

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Thank You India

I'm back and still processing everything that occurred this last week. Words can only scratch the surface of all that I saw, felt, thought, and experienced under the Indian sky. Photos might do a little better at giving you a feel for this last week of my life.

For hours I've tried to make this post more than the three sentences above, but at this point that is all I have. My heart grows heavy looking back on those photos, and I can not find words to tell the stories. Maybe tomorrow...

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I'm A Legal Alien

I've got two hours before we meet and I would be content spending it here with my trusty cup of chai. Sure it would be nice if someone would join me and chai, but for now I enjoy the solitude. Cup number two arrives. The services is great, the music pleasing, and for the moment I'm the only foreign looking person in the joint.

There is something I really enjoy about being a foreigner. Even more so when it is starkly noticeable. Sure it was nice to blend into the crowd in Europe, only to be outed by my accent. But here and in Korea, I don't have to do anything to tip people off. My large build and whiteness broadcast it. I still enjoy it though when Korean children walk up behind me to compare how tall they are to me, or when they get that shocked look on their face when they first see me. I love that kids in India and Philippines have called me "Big Show."

Oh sure it would be nice to fit in, to speak the language, to buy the clothes off the rack, to fit into the shoes, but that just won't happen soon.

Perhaps I love this feeling because it reminds me that this place is not my home. The countries I'm in are not home, and never will be. And it is a good reminder that until I end up on heaven's shores, I'll never be home. I'm just an alien and stranger in this land. My nomadic life, my vagabond attitude puts me in good company of Biblical characters who also longed for a home. I just wish I longed even more for that heavenly home...

Songs to go with this post: Rich Mullins - What Susan Said,
Johnny Cash - I Am a Pilgrim