Out Of The Island

I ventured off the lake for a little bit of last minute shopping and internet checking. Think I will return there until my departure Sunday. That is unless Northwest cancels my flight. More and more, I wish I did not have to fly on Northwest Airlines. They are like the Best Buy of the airline industry.

Just a reminder to give a listen to 105.9, The Lazer, this week for a special surprise. You can either listen online, or drive to the greater Lawrence, Kansas area to tune in. If you listen in and think you hear what I am talking about, leave a hint in the comments.


Another Postcard From The Highway

The car is still rolling down the highway. It has three more states left to enter before it can get a good rest. I am also looking for some rest too. It would be nice not to have to get into the car, fill the gas tank, or spend hours scanning the FM dial looking for good tunes. But it has been an excellent trip so far. I think the stories will be posted later, as well as more photos and videos.

Here are a few more things I have learned on the road.

1. Everyone loves a parade.
2. Steak and Shake is always a good place to find interesting characters.
3. Slightly inebriated college students have no clue about Swiss geography.
4. Never trust a gas station attendant for directions in Topeka, Kansas.
5. The Douglas County 4-H fair is more than you can imagine.
6. Ratt's "Round and Round" is the most overplayed rock song from the 80s.
7. There is a highway dedicated to submarine veterans in the middle of Kansas.
8. Tim got a new job! (I didn't know he was even looking for one, or who he was to be honest.)
9. A higher woman to man ratio at a concert does not always increase your chances.
10. Once is the best film I have seen in a long time.

This could be my last post before Korea. If so, let me encourage you to listen to the Lazer between June 29th and August 3rd. I am not going to say why, but just know you might get a good laugh. (It might have something to do with #5 above.)


There Was Sand And Hills

"Barren" is this week's theme at PhotoFriday. After two days in the desert, I think I saw plenty of barren land. Here is one of the photos from the road.

I've posted some more photos from the first part of the trip. Chris has also has posted his photos. Check them all out.


My Way Or The Highway

Just wanted to drop a quick update on the road trip. I'm currently in College Station, Texas. The wagon is about to start heading north on the highways and back roads of America. So far all is going well with the trip and the car.

Here are a few things I've learned so far along the way:

1. Abraham Lincoln was very fascinated with the process of embalming.
2. Phoenix is way too hot in the summer time for my liking.
3. The Alamo does not have a basement.
4. Astro fans hate Carlos Beltran.
5. Tumbleweeds and fireworks are just a couple hazards you need to watch for when driving on Texan highways.
6. Baseball games that go to seventeen innings have two seventh inning stretches.
7. Everybody claims their child "never usually acts this way."
8. Always double check the team's schedule to see if it is an away game.
9. The greatest product of space exploration is freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.
10. Avril Lavigne does not like my new girlfriend.

I guess that is all for now. I hope to see more of you soon on the road.