Haiku A Plenty

The calendar on the wall tells me it is time once again to set free some haiku on to this world.

Asked out on a date
A cute gal with Coldplay tix
Too bad I can't go.

White stick with a flame
Causes much trouble for kids
When will they wise up?

Bounces like a ball
Lifts image from the paper
The Silly Putty.

Not heaven or hell
A waiting zone for the dead
Is now in limbo

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fenter said...

i cant believe the native americans
are selling out...


von native?!!

fenter said...

ps. ive told others and i'll say it again... youre one of the best haiku writers i know. jinjja. 진짜.

너는 이것을 쓸수있어?

Mickie said...

My actions made it into a haiku...I'm so excited to be commemorated this way!