Passing On

Long time readers of this stupid little blog might have noticed that I have an odd responsibility to pass on the news of people's death, especially ones who had some small impact on my life... like that of Bozo, Pat Morita, or the latest Stan Berenstain. For those who were not literate as small children, he was the creater of the Berenstain Bears, a delightful family who tough us values and other key things needed in life.

Speaking of death, this story gave me a little chill. It appears that a young gal died after a kiss from her boyfriend. Talk about literally taking one's breath away with a kiss.

Well, I really don't have anything really worth posting tonight, but wanted something new to take the place of all those haiku. I have posted some new photos over at flickr. You can see some previews over to the right -------> Most are from a trip to Italy I was fortunate to take. For some reason tonight I was sort of wishing I was back on the beach outside of Rome. Once you see the photo, you might want to join me.

Some of my students need to read:


fenter the queen taker said...

yo man. i agree. we should put that book in as part of our dorm manual. but we still might have a chance. berenstain bears is airing with korean voice-overs these days on tv.

on a side note... i ordered your christmas present. heres the site:

fenter again said...

ps... go to that website's FAQ page... and scroll through checking out their stuff... then make sure you read the very last one. heh. um. and adlkfjasldkjfaf for giving me that queen last night. ^^

Carrie C said...

Ah ha. I some pretty good educated guesses as to which students need to read that book.

snifflingsal said...

i'm weeping in my chai as i type... i loved 'em little bears.

Mickie said...

Wow, I haven't seen your photo work...you're pretty good!