Internet Searches And Prayer

I loves the internet. As an information junkie, I love the challenge of finding information as quick as possible. Like tonight, when a friend needed some help with an upcoming trip. Within seconds of them asking about something, I already had a links to the weather, what to wear, and a few choice tourist spots to visit. Heck, even before the question was even thought, I was providing a list of churches they could worship in, as well as the movies on their flight there and back.

Now I originally wrote that first paragraph to lead into giving you some information on a previous post. The domino toppling bird is going on display in a museum.

But as I was reading over what I typed, I was hit with a thought. Rarely do I compare myself with God. I know better. But in the first paragraph, I saw a dim reflection of God and his knowledge of our needs. He hears our prayers, but already knows what we need even before the sound escapes our mouth. Now I'm not saying God will always be as quick as some internet searches to respond to one's prayer, but he knows our need and he knows what is needed to fill that need. Sure sometimes it is a quick answer, but at times it is a slowly delivered answer. Sometimes we must wait on Him, sometimes he requires us to take action. I guess it is just comforting that he knows our needs, and is waiting to hear from us.

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Lanney said...

Good reminder and food to think on! My internet in my room now works!

i can see you from my window said...

heh. to kill or not to kill the bird.

The bird will be placed "on top of a box of dominoes, which seems appropriate," he said.

i like it.

um, see you in thailand? ^^;;