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I was excited a few weeks ago when I learned of the World Baseball Classic - like the World Cup, but they use more than just their feet. But today, I read the news that Cuba is being denied the opportunity to play, and my interest faded a little. Is America so threatened by a team of baseball players? Are we afraid they will beat us on the field, or even worse, cause us to rethink our political system and go communist? But then again, it can't be the political thing, as the largest Communist country in the world, and a statistical leader in human rights violations is allowed to play. And we all know China can't even make a quality cigar, so what is up with that?

So when the games come around, if I even watch, I'll be rooting for Korea.

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der iron chef said...

Ahhhh, just another fine example of the USA's wonderful foreign "policy"! "Loves it"...or not.

I will root for Korea, too.