Takeoffs And Landings

I just got my new passport a couple weeks ago. While it is nice to no longer have to carry around a 1995 photo of myself to foreign lands, my passport is nice and empty. My old passport looks like a well traveled companion. It is full of stamps from around the world. With each stamp comes the stories of the people and places I encountered. It looks worn as it has traversed this globe with me for ten years. Oh yeah, it also took a spin through a German washing machine.
But now I have a nice and shiny passport. There are no extra pages added and only one stamp. One stamp that allows me multiple entries into Korea for a year.

But don't worry, as I've got plans and dreams to fill this passport up soon. In fact, my bags are already packed for the quest for the next stamp... Thailand. A few hours from now I'll be leaving for two weeks in Phuket with two great guys as colleagues in adventure.
I just wonder how many countries stamped in my new passport will no longer be in existence when I have to get my next passport?

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Mickie said...

My passport expired...EXPIRED. How could that have happened? Well, I wish you a quick filling up of the new one!