The Rantings Of A Mad Man

I've had a couple posts I've started to write, but never fully finished... today, I'm tossing them out in their roughest form.

Last week, I took a trip across town to see the latest film in the Harry Potter series. I'll admit, I've read all the books and have now seen all the films in the series. I know that among some Christian circles this carries the same stigma of admitting you made change in the offering plate, attended a Marilyn Manson concert, or shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

At the same time, I've heard most of the arguements against the film, and I think the whole thing about kids wanting to be wizards and casting spells is just a smoke screen for many parents... they are really afraid of is their kids falling to the alure of life in a boarding school. Yep, you've probably read it first here... My theory of why parents hate the Potter is the appeal of life away from parents. They fear their kids will see the perks of living in a setting away from their immediate parental control and will be signing up to attend one of many boarding schools in this world. Oh, and what perks there are. For example, having a roommate your own age, instead of your bratty little brother. Or when you want to get a game of basketball together, you just ask the guys on the hall.

As one who has worked in boarding schools for the last eight years, I can give you a list of names of people who wouldn't think it is all fun and games.

I'm concerned... if the beautiful, rich and famous can't keep their engagements or marriages together, how in the world is it to work for us common folk?

Finally, what in the world are these churches thinking? Closing on Christmas, because it falls on a Sunday? Wow, what a great idea. Heaven forbid that this is part of the central focus of why have a church in the first place. I know several people that Christmas is the only time they actually attend church. I guess they will have to find a new place to go. And what about all those who are in need of some form of family or stability on what some claim is the loneliest time of the year?

By the way, if anybody from the mega-churches are reading this... I hope you know Easter will be falling on a Sunday this year as well. Are you guys going to be closing down for that holiday too?

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Carrie C said...

I am extremely pleased to announce that my megachurch isn't shutting down on Christmas day. I guess the pastor didn't get the memo that was the trendy thing to do this year...I think I'll love him all the more for not being cool.