Brothers And Sisters... Dance, Dance, Dance!

Lately there has been a craze in the dorms with the DDR pads hooked up to the Playstation machine. For those not in the know, this is a large mat on the floor that tracks one's movements and processes them into a video game where one is judged based on their dance movements. It is very similiar to the Nintendo Power Pad of days gone by.

As one who was raised far from the dance halls and discotechs, I feel inadequate when my coworkers get together. I feel shame at my lack of rhythm. But what is worse, is that I'm offended by the lyrics of the songs that these folks are dancing to. Can I honestly object my impressionable mind to the likes of M.A.R.R.'s - "Pump Up The Volume?"

But thanks to the fine folks at Digital Praise, I can now bust out my lack of skills with music that will lift my spirit up. They have released a Christian version of the dance pad. It comes complete with songs by Steven Curtis Chapman, ZOEgirl, Earthsuit, and tobyMAC. And very much like their counterparts, the new dance pad is set up with a cross in middle of the pad. How more godly can it be? I'd bet that if King David had one of these, he wouldn't have gone dancing naked!!

Now if there were only a Spiritualized version of Soul Calibur II, Silent Scope, or PSP Grand Theft Auto. And what scares me the most is that there is probably someone working on a Christian version of Playboy the Mansion ... where you tour the heavenly mansions and help build them for those who come after you.

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Anonymous said...

speaking of Christianized stuff, did you ever play the game Spiritual Warfare for the classic NES? It was one of the few games my mom let me play as a kid and it was suprisingly good.