Freedom Friday Haiku

Break is almost here
While I wish I was skiing
The beach will be nice.

Last week I was asked to explain the Habitat For Humanity trip to a potential leader. I gave them the response in the 5-7-5 form I've been addicted to lately...

Build homes for poor
Take a bunch of kids with you
Go or be a jerk.

B-4 and B-5
Dang you sunk my battleship
Always lost the pegs.

Falling from the sky
Above where I went to school
Gonna be a mom.


There in Big Bird's Nest
Not what you thought would be there
I think he was framed

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john daker said...

jump start? let's talk about submitting blogs at 3:44 and 3:50 am. is that a jump start- or an all nighter? no mr. cordell- i submitted my haiku on thursday because if i wait i usually don't get it done until later on Friday, and by that time all of the haiku readers have all but forgotten about their duties as "haiku friday" readers. then i get "comment leftovers" which are really just patronizing and hurtful.