The Rhythm of Life

It is time for another Blogger Idol entry, and I highly recommend all who have a blog of their own to join in the fun of Blogger Idol. This week's theme is "The Rhythm of Life," and here is my spin on that theme (you might need this page open for the definitions of some words):

When I first thought of "The Rhythm of Life," I could not help but think about my friend who is a Ricky Martin impersonator. For it was Ricky who brought us the song by the same name as the theme this week. But as I pondered on the subject longer, I thought how many people think of the rhythm of life as a song. Just as Ricky gave us this upbeat tempo that makes you want to get off your seat and dance with reckless abandonment, many would see the rhythm of life as a fast tempo tune.

This may come as a shock to many of my friends, but I think it is a shame that most people don't listen to classical music regularly. See I think the composers of old knew about the rhythm of life. They knew that there were many facets and emotions. A complete song, just like a complete life, has its fast tempo moments, but they also contain the slow and dark movements as well. The allegro and adagio share the same page. Sometimes the rhythm is labeled by words like "vivace", or "scherzando", yet other times it is "placido" or "pesante." There is a completeness to it.

Right now, I feel my rhythm of life has hit the retard. The ending of my time here in Germany has brought about a sadness felt in my heart. I feel the need to be alone, to be quiet, to listen to Johnny Cash's voice singing about the pains and struggles of life. I know that like the great compositions of old, that this is just a phase. Ahead is a sign that says "animato," but for now this is my rhythm of life.

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