And The Winner Is

It is now time to announce the winner of the Gmail invitation. With so many great offers, how does one decide? Here is a brief look into my head as I sorted through the offers...

Lynn - Thanks, but you offer me something I already have access to. Unless you are committing to removing the phones and leaving the cell phones at home.

Peter - Again, another offer of something I have. Thanks to the very generous people at Yahoo, I actually have 200MB of space divided over two accounts. But it is still no 1GB

Doug -
Creative idea
but I own many haikus
or is it haiki

Beck - wow, while toilet paper is handy and useful, I have stocked up on a large supply of Happy End Toilet Paper. Plus, knowing you, you'd probably buy that one ply stuff. And nice try sneaking in an extra entry. Although the haiku about not having a haiku was good.

Heidi - While a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana is the dream of many, a Harry Connick Jr. is the nightmare of many. Personally, I have Right Said Fred, David Hasselhoff, and Milli Vanilli on the list of artists I would see before Mr. Connick Jr.

Maestro - Mmmmm, Mashed Potato. While this would be flattering, I saw what happened to Roy Neary when he began to mold things out of mashed potato. I would hate for you to snap, quit everything and head to the location of my head.

Felix - An hours worth of scribbling on a napkin? I have sweatshops of kids that will do that for me. And I would never subject anyone to either the singing or listening of 99 Bottles of Beer. But thanks for the offer.

Bah - You gave me good advice, and you made me laugh. So you win, but as per your advice, I think I will offer the invitation I was going to send to you to the gal who sends in the hottest photo. Cause as Bah says, "a smile from some eye-candy can keep you going for a long time." Actually check your email.

Currently listening to: Duncan Sheik - cover

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