Time For Me To Fly

Before I leave for the week (see previous post) I want to give you my haiku for the week. They are not the best those kids in my haiku sweatshop have produced, so no cheap souvenirs from Philippines for them.

I've gone to build homes
And climb smallest volcano
See you in a week.

On a plane with kids
Remembering the model
Who made me laugh once.

Staying up too late
Taking a walk in the dark
Was it just a dream?

Classic Lucas film
Space creature saves planet Earth
It's Howard The Duck.

This man has a dream
He's dying to be in film
And that is the joke.

Please help me get free
Boss Man Ryan treats us bad
Makes us write haiku.

Whoops, how did that last one get in there... Oh well, there goes that one bag of dried mango I was going to bring those little kids.

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fenterson said...

hey man. i know youll be having a great time. will miss you here in the ole daejeon. see after sometime~~~~~