It's Not Really Poetry, But It Is Pretty

I just got back from my sweatshop where I've got children writing haiku twenty-two hours a day. I warned them they better have some good stuff for this Haiku Friday, or their will be no lunch breaks for a month. I hope these appease you haiku-loving freaks out there.

Just one year ago
Walking the streets of Paris
Where my heart broke once.

Playing hearts online
Shot the moon twice in a row
My ratings went up.

Strawberry muesli
Makes a great snack anytime
Not just at breakfast.

Oh that MacGuyver
He could repair anything
With duct tape and gum.

Who needs to get drunk
That feeling can be obtained
With sleep inertia.

Man tries to kill mouse
The flames should have done him in
Should have used a cat

The cable was paid
Propped in front of the t.v.
That's just her mummy.

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john daker said...

i watched 2 episodes of macgyver on sunday. not a minute of time wasted...i'd like to see your sweatshop some day... did you really get your heart broke in paris?

red_rodeo said...

cordell...thanks for wishing me luck in the city of love...I am sure that's why things went so well for me! :) nothing like drinking champagne with some random people or having a mob of people running towards with riot police chasing them...or getting that new years kiss under the shadow of the eiffel tower!