Looking For Freedom

Many of you know that I mock the fact that people put too much stock into celebrity marriages. Many of you also know I love to toss a Hasselhoff link every now and then. Well, unfortunately, the two topics have collided.

I guess that good vacation to Cabo San Lucas wasn't as good as it could have been. Perhaps his wife found living with him was like Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical. And to think, she believed him when he was "hooked on a feeling." I guess he really isn't crazy for you. And as he sang as the Berlin Wall fell, he is currently looking for freedom.

And if those video links were not good enough for you... try this one.

I've given you more Hasselhoff links than the average person can take, but you my reader are above average. In fact, I bet you could even use one more Hoff link.

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Scottiep said...

This potentially could be one of the greatest posts I have ever read!!! I may be going out on a limb here, but to me the musical genius of the Hoff is up there with Rod Stewart and Ray Boltz. pure genius. I was emotionally and spiritually moved by those music videos. I wasn't hooked on a feeling, but I AM NOW!

Britboy said...

Can't believe you missed this one:

Anonymous said...

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