Here Comes The Haiku

It is Friday. And regular visitors to this page know that is when another crop of haiku is harvested by the migrant workers I employ. They take out the pits, clean them up, and deliver them to me, along with some freshly squeezed lemonade. I then pick the best looking haiku to place on this display case of life. Enjoy.

He arrived early
The first son of a farmer
They named him Ryan.

Traveling backwards
To meet a friend from the past
But looking ahead.

Vacation schedule
Going to bed at seven
Steak after midnight.

Olivier likes slugs
He saw a big octopus
Told Chris not to dive.

Yellow and black tights
Rock and roll with a God theme
They covered Friends well.

Bird flu got you down
Eat plenty of sauerkraut
Or get some kimchi.

Some people eat fish
others make pets out of them
Then there is this gal.

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Sal said...

just got in...don't have the energy to write a haiku, but i enjoyed yours. see ya soon!