What a Week In Music

What is up with them British? This week the group Coldplay released their long awaited single on to the charts. For months they have been talking about their new album, X&Y, and most think it will be as good if not better than what they have given us so far... But did the single go to number one on the charts? NO, it was beaten by a Frog. And not just any frog, but an annoying Crazy Frog that makes a rambling sound that resembles a two stroke engine, and then they mixed it with the classic song Axel F. You know the tune from Beverly Hills Cop. And if that doesn't sound annoying yet to you, I assume you didn't watch television in Germany during 2004. To get an idea of the annoyance level I reached, I suggest watching the video

Well, you can finally do something about that Crazy Frog. See how far you can send him - my record is just shy of 90.
Can you do better?

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Ryan said...

Ok, while going back and checking links, I beat my record. I hit 91.5. Top that suckers.