I Would Walk 500 Miles

Lately in the name of fun and exploration I've been wandering the mean streets of Taejeon. Unfortunatly my camera is usually left behind when I need it most. Like today, when I passed a home furnishing store and out in their garbage was a box for an electric fireplace. The model name was the "Chicago Electric Fire." Who would name a fireplace something that probably would be shortened to the "Chicago Fire." As one who had a relative involved in the construction of one of the buildings lost in the Great Chicago Fire, I took a little offense at this, as I was laughing at the same time. I also passed Kahn Chicken - which just begs for a Star Trek joke... especially if you get some bad chicken, thus getting the Wrath of Kahn.

In my exploring I've also discovered what could be the best gelato stand between Florence and Venice - if you take the long way around the earth. So far all the flavors sampled (in the name of informative investigation) have been great, that is except cheese. Who makes cheese flavored gelato? I highly doubt that you can't find it at Vivoli, even if it is claimed to be the best gelato in the world.

So tonight after about five hours of wandering, the only place I think my feet would want to take me is this place (which I discovered on one of last weeks wanderings):

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