But He Keeps On Trying

I know I've said it before, but if the rich and famous can not find true and lasting love, how is a average guy like me to have any hope?

While we are on the subject of relationships... A while ago I was standing with two people who have some influence in my life. We were talking about some student issues. At one point one informed me I was doing a good job, but he was concerned about my eyesight. I had heard this line of joking before, but the others around had not. He clarified the joke by saying that he was concerned that there were all these eligible women working around me, and I am not doing anything about it. This reminded me of a friend years ago who was told by a coworker, "just pick one." Like it is just that easy.

Usually this line of thought is dismissed by some random joke from me like, "there is a reason most pandas do not mate in captivity... everyone is watching." For some reason on this particular evening, I thought I would defend my honor (what little there might be), and perhaps the honor of those who find themselves in similar situations. I started by telling him that I agree I have worked with many quality gals during my years in international education. I then informed him that I felt my eyesight, as well as most of my male coworkers, was pretty good, and that it could be the reasoning of some of those ladies that should be in question. I told him that I know of a few of those ladies that have been approached by some of the guys, but for one reason or another they have passed on those chances. Perhaps they have just taken the wise advice of Annie Lennox.

We had a couple good laughs about the whole situation. It then segued into a good talk about how life in a fishbowl is not easy for either gender. I think, as people who arrived in this situation married, they didn't fully understand some of the added pressures the single people among them face. Sure, some of those pressures are self imposed, but some are put on them by the people around them. And again, it does not help that everyone is watching.

Soon I had to leave to check up on some students. But at least I knew that I would not be questioned about my lack of vision. Although my lack of action could still be in question or does this count?

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Danni said...

Are there actually girls who have kissed dating goodbye? While I'm sometimes tempted, I don't think I could ever go that route.

I checked out your application and just barely made the 20+ cut. Is there room in your life for a girl who's job forces her to spend most nights out?

Ryan said...

Sorry Danni, but I forgot to update that age thing... it has been a long time since I first posted that form.