Right Round Like A Record

Because taking care of twenty eight high school students is not enough to keep me busy, I decided to get some fish last night. Actually, I have been planning on getting them for about five months, but didn't want to have to flush them over the summer. Some of you will call me cruel, but I got them more because of the tank I have for them, than for any other reason.

As of now the six five* of them have no names, other than the collective, "Blender Fish." So if you have any suggestions for names, please leave them.

* Update: One fish got to test the plumbing in the building tonight. Luckily I was reminded of the words of a good friend, "There are more fish in the bowl."

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Scottiep said...

YES! I may not get eprops, but atleast I am linked!!!

on a more important note, I am glad to hear that there are more fish in your bowl.