Chasin' Mice Around

Occasionally we have drill in our dorm to prepare students on the proper procedures to take if an intruder enters the building. Just like with a fire or tornado drill, you want them to be ready, but hope you never have to use the information in a real emergency. Tonight that intruder came. Fortunately he was too small to set procedures into motion.

I was alerted to the tiny little guy's presence by the shrieks from the television room next to the office where I was. Instantly one of the guys told me there was a rat in the building. I sprung into action. We started to pull the sofas away from the wall to force the little guy out. The little guy was smarter than that, so we then started tossing the sofas on their sides to clear the space and hopefully flush him out. Again, he outfoxed us on this move too. We were about to give up when my dorm dad noticed him hiding between some cushions.

The mouse (not a rat) then took to the floor running. We began to chase him around, myself armed with a broom and my dorm dad armed with some sticky mouse traps. I recommended getting a vacuum for backup, so one was obtained as we continued in pursuit of the rodent. He kept running from corner to corner, using the various pieces of furniture as shields. Soon after the threat of being sucked into a great unknown became real, the mouse decided to make a break for the door.

Unfortunately for the little guy there was only one thing standing between him and the door, and it stood over six feet tall in a pair of size thirteen shoes. He had to get past me for freedom, and that was not going to be an option tonight. I still had the broom in my hand as he made his move. Thinking quickly, I abandoned the broom and put my right foot forward. The Nike Swoop was the last thing that mouse saw. Immediately the students watching let out cheers along with sounds of disgust as this was the first time some of them had seen a mouse dissected so quickly.

I walked out trumpeting my victory in my role of protector of the students. They will sleep well knowing that their RA will crush any threat they might have, at least the ones under four inches in length.

Song to go with this post: Megadeth - "Crush 'Em"

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Mickie said...

You are such a hero!