Take Your Protein Pills

Well, I posted recently about my mild concussion. After visiting with the nurse the next day she suggested I might want to see a doctor. As she didn't drive me there immediately, I decided I was good enough. The next day she saw me again, and told me that if I played the following week I had to wear a helmet. Fair enough I thought. When I told my friends that I would be showing up with protection, they just laughed. But the joke was on them. I've got my own card now!

On the back of this football card are the simple statistics:
Playing without dorky helmet - 0 first downs, 0 touchdowns
Playing with dorky helmet - 1 first down, 2 touchdowns

plus the trivial fact, "In the off-season he likes to travel by train to remote and unique destinations."

Now all I need is a helmet company that is in need of a spokesperson. I'd be willing to decorate the helmet with stickers and logos of any interested parties.

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Dave T said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Bolton Tea Party said...

You're not looking much better, though!

You would have needed that helmet that evening you smashed your head on the Basel parking sign...