Holiday Haiku

For the holiday weekend, I'm serving up an extra helping of Haiku Friday like a fine turkey dinner... with extra stuffing. So sit back, loosen up your belt, and feast on these...

I feel like a kid
Stuck in the basement to eat
At least I got pie.

iPod hard drive crash
Replacement comes in the mail
Yeah for warranty.

Two Thai teas to drink
Set the spice level to four
In my red curry.

The East versus West
Paulie gets a gift robot
If he dies, he dies.

Four pounds of turkey
One hundred pounds of woman
Twelve minute pig out

Parade loving folk
Sent into a mass panic
When balloons attack

The drug tryptophan
In pure form makes one sleepy
But not in turkey

Wax on and wax off
The karate kid was taught
The teacher is gone

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Anonymous said...

man, you were on a haiku roll! nicesuh!

Autumn said...

You are amusing! Have a great Saturday :o)

Carrie C said...

Scary. Unless I am mistaken most of that made sense to me. So you got stuck in the lower caf for Thanksgiving dinner huh?