Just Another Manic Monday

Just because there might be someone out there who is the least interested in knowning what my day looked like... I give you a run down of my last 24 hours or so.

0:00 - Yahoo Euchre - I won 7 of 9 games. Also during this time various light checks of my and other dorms
2:00 - Found my bed.
6:55 - Second alarm goes off. I toss on some clothes, exit my room, and proceed to wake up students.
7:15 - Breakfast
7:50 - Morning announcements
8:00 - Bust four students for sneaking food well after breakfast time was up. (see 7:15)
8:20 - Pick up paper for printers
8:30 - Test vents in dorm for aroma and smoke distrubution.
8:40 - Room checks
9:00 - Work on snack budget report. Discover I've spent over 1,000,000W on snacks.
10:00 - Ride with newly engaged couple to do dorm store shopping.
11:35 - Lunch - had a salad, dang I'm healthy.
13:00 - Bike ride
14:20 - Nap
14:30 - Shower
15:00 - Welcome kids home with news that most have to clean their rooms. Monitor cleaning of rooms. Make four students write the time of breakfast fifty times. (See 8:00)
17:30 - Dinner - Baked potatoes
18:00 - Order 35,000 W of kimbap for snack
20:00 - Moniter study hall/chatting oline with babes
21:00 - Pick up kimbap.
21:45 - Served snack to students
22:00 - Moniter chores
22:30 - Send the kids to bed - Lights out for half of the dorm students.
22:45 - Collect handphones from students.
23:00 - Lights out for the rest of the dorm.
11:30 - Surf the web pondering things like does everything sound like Coldplay now, do I need to start taking Panexa, how much caffeine would it take to kill a man of my size and what is going on?

Now I go to bed, knowing that tomorrow I can sleep in.

Currently listening to: Katie Melua -


chris said...

you were so busy that you couldnt answer my phone calls? huh?!!!! like at 11:03? and 11:09? dude, you gotta help me, everything i see appears to be a tootsie roll!!!

Lanney said...

FYI I can drink 294.18 cans of A&W Cream Soda or 155.11 cans of Mountain Dew before I would croak! That is kind of a really odd fact but hey!